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War and Peace: Navigating Mars Retrograde in Libra Through the Zodiac Signs

Hello again friends, it’s time for another reality check. But don’t groan yet! This is one of the very most helpful variety. As I speak about often, when it comes to astrology, universe is a Continue Reading

Your Checklist for the Full Moon in Virgo this March 16

Well, it’s that time again. Can you believe it? Seems like just yesterday we were talking about a Full Moon, and here we are again. My how time flies. This month’s gift from the universe Continue Reading

Love Compatibility Check With Venus in Aquarius Through the Zodiac Signs

Hello again friends, how is your March going? Did it come in like a lamb for you, or more like a lion? How about like a Water Bearer? A LOT of Pisces and Aquarius energy coming from univers Continue Reading


Just like a job has requirements to fill a position you can build your Love Application for the perfect love candidate. We all have: 1. Pure Love = lasting = absolute feelings of “lov Continue Reading

Your Checklist for the Visionary Venus in Aquarius

Well, the time has arrived. We have been talking QUITE a bit for almost half a year about how to navigate one of the lengthiest transits we have had in a while. That of course would be Venus Continue Reading

Your Top 3 Compatible Star Signs This Valentine’s Day

With almost 7 BILLION people in the world, it can be quite difficult to find “The One”. But, did you know that the tools provided by Astrology can help you narrow that number down? Continue Reading

10 Love Tips From Astrology That Actually Work. Even if you’re a skeptic

Does the term “Valentine’s Day” make you cringe? Do you slowly walk away and “look busy” whenever the topic of weekend romance crops up around the water cooler? Does your love life Continue Reading

Love Horoscopes for the Singles for Valentine’s Day!

Okay singles, this one’s for you. We spend a lot of time exploring love compatibility and love horoscopes and compatibility checks for all of the couples amongst us, don’t we? But we don Continue Reading

Love Compatibility Using Destiny Numbers Series: Destiny Number Two

Compatibility in love is a question on many of our minds at any time of year. There are several methods using astrology, tarot, and numerology to help gauge the level of compatibility two pe Continue Reading

Love Compatibility Using Destiny Numbers Series: Destiny Number One

​ Questions about love compatibility wander in our minds at this time of year… For some singles, it can be a time to wonder about their romantic future. People in long-term relationship Continue Reading
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