Tarot & Your Angels: How They Work Together

The tarot is full of answers to your deepest and most personal questions — on love, compatibility, financial success and almost any other area of your... Read More »

Benefits of Having a Friend Read Your Tarot Cards

We all need a little guidance sometimes. Guidance in love, in our careers or with our relationships. And we seek it out in different ways:... Read More »

What to Do if Tarot Gives You Bad News

Bad news is hard to swallow. Nobody wants to hear of illness in their family or be reminded of their relationship problems, so many people... Read More »

Divination Tools Series II:  The Astrology Connection - Do You Believe in Magic?

When it comes to astrology, answers are always available from the stars. Whether you find those answers on your birth chart, in your solar return... Read More »

Divination Tools Series I:  Pendulum Exercises to Cleanse and Charge Your Divination Tools

Divination tools are frequently used when making astrology predictions or seeking astrology answers. Everything is connected. And anybody can learn. We get asked about divination... Read More »

How to Plan a Month of Holidays Using the Tarot (and get real answers!)

Are you feeling stressed over the holiday season? Who isn’t. Even people that don’t celebrate it are feeling stressed because everybody else around... Read More »

Reiki Benefits:  How to Enhance Psychic Gifts With Reiki Healing

Have you been working on developing your psychic gifts? It can be a frustrating task. And a lot of people give up because they don’... Read More »

Chakra Check: How to Use Tarot to Discover What Chakras Need Work

We talk a lot about chakra work here, and we hope you have been taking advantage of that. Chakra work is of course work that... Read More »

How to Get an Instant Yes or No Answer From a Tarot Reading

Have you ever needed an immediate answer to a question? And doesn’t it seem sometimes that you need those immediate answers at the most... Read More »

5 Long Term Benefits of Reiki Stones Healing You Don’t Want to Miss

Have you ever needed an instant stress relief? If you are human, the answer is yes. Who hasn’t? Most of the time we know... Read More »

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