You Can Increase Intimacy and Love in Your Relationship With the Tarot

Posted on March 26, 2017

Of all the questions that we get here at Astrology Answers, inquiries about love and intimacy are the most popular! Everyone seems to want to be in love or to know more about their relationship. It is one of the areas where the tarot can provide some amazing insight, too. Although, you have to be conscious of how you approach it, or you might get a very different question answered, indeed!

How to Ask the Question

Many people simply ask, “Do they love me.” That seems fairly straightforward, but if you start to break it down, it really isn′t. There are many different types of love (in fact, the Sanskrit language has 96 different words for love!) Yet in English, there′s only one, which complicates things for tarot card readers.

It′s always best to ask an open-ended question, rather than a ‘yes′ or ‘no′ one. Think of the cards as an entity and you can have a dialogue with it. If you were opening a conversation, how would you word things? Some suggestions are listed below, but I′m sure that you can think of others once you get going.

What are the chances of this relationship succeeding?

What are the strengths of this relationship?

What are the challenges of this relationship?

What do I need to do to improve things in this relationship?

It′s also a good idea if you′re doing your own tarot layout to keep a journal of your readings, so you′re able to look back on them and see how things are progressing. You will be able to see any patterns that are developing in your readings and also see how much your understanding of the tarot is growing.

What to Look for in the Cards

While there really isn′t any one card in the tarot that indicates intimacy or love, there are some cards that are all definite relationship pointers. Exactly what they mean will all depend on where they fall in your tarot layout, and also whether they′re upright or reversed.

Remember that the tarot is never a ‘one size fits all,′ and a good reader will not just use the images on the cards, but also psychic insight, to provide you with guidance. Sometimes it′s best to get someone else to read the cards for you because it′s often difficult to detach yourself and be objective.

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