All About Cancer


Born: June 21 - July 22
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Moon

Cancers (Cancerians) are walking contradictions. You’re either too hard on the outside or too soft on the inside, much like the crab that represents this zodiac sign. If you’re aware of this conflict, you can be very independent and successful. But if you’re still in a self-discovery phase, there is a danger of becoming co-dependent on others.

Cancer in love & relationships

You’re usually at your best with a few close friends or family members around you, and you’re very loyal and supportive in return. Cancerians are the caregivers of the zodiac, and you know how to make others appreciate themselves and feel valued. People know you will be there, listening to their troubles and holding up a metaphorical mirror so that they can find the solutions to their problems.

One of the reasons you’re such a good friend is that you are complex yourself, and you understand the need for encouragement. Your temperament is likely to be fragile, and because Cancer is ruled by Earth’s Moon — an indicator of your emotional self — you are prone to mood swings. It’s easy to hurt your feelings and for you to wear that hurt on your sleeve.

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Cancer and trust

It’s hard for Cancerians to learn to trust people. You want to love and care, but you’re frightened of being hurt, so you withdraw. You would do well to take a bit of time each day to find the beauty in the world and the good in people, to avoid becoming cynical. It’s easy for Cancerians to live in the past and hard to cultivate an optimistic vision for the future. You’re likely to be very intuitive and live your life not by what you see or what you hear, but what you feel.

Cancer and careers

You can be quite shrewd in your career, for you seem to have a sixth sense for finding creative solutions to issues, and can handle money well. This can make you very successful in your profession, which is important because Cancerians need stability to feel secure.

With your hard shell and your soft interior, you may seem like a walking contradiction until people get to know you. Once you’ve made a friend, then little by little you let your secret out; that you are both helpful yet crabby, forceful yet calm, confident yet insecure. Your sensitivity is both your strongest quality and your worst enemy. Bring it into balance, and you can achieve truly great things.

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