All About Libra


Born: September 22 to October 20

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Venus

As the Cardinal Air Sign, Libra you are a born leader in the fields of communication and higher intellectual thought. You are driven by a strong sense of justice in the world, and your verbal scores are usually through the roof. This can land you in trouble sometimes, but you always find a way to get out of any scrapes you find yourself in. Being a Cardinal Sign means you are an excellent leader. You are great at starting things, whether they are relationships or new jobs, but your follow through needs some support. At the end of the day however, harmony and peace are your middle name, and you are the zodiac diplomat as a result.

Libra in love & relationships

Libra loves to be partnered up in everything, whether you are just running to the grocery store or making a life long commitment. Being ruled by Venus, you are never short of partners when you want them, and your love life is usually very saucy and passionate as a result. And when you find someone you love, they get everything their heart desires as a result. When you are single you are often at your worst, because being alone is the worst thing in the world for you. So when you do find someone, you like to mate for life. You prefer romance over physical affection, though you are never short of that in love. And because you are ruled by Air, communication is never a problem for you in relationships. Your relationships are usually very harmonious as a result, and are built to stand the test of time.

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Libra and careers

Being a Cardinal Air Sign, you are best suited for careers that require a lot of paperwork or communication. You are also an excellent writer, and have a flawless attention to detail in your work. Some might think you are a perfectionist, but you just prefer to do it right the first time, or you’d rather not do it at all. Jobs like accounting, justice, the legal world, or anything that requires a lot of paper shuffling are jobs that may bore others, but excite you to the core of your soul.

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Libra and the peace keeper….

There is nothing you loathe more than drama, Libra, and this is why you are the zodiac diplomat. You will work things out and quickly in almost any area of your life. You are the one that people call when they need someone to restore harmony and balance in their own life, and your high intellect born by your Air Sign nature is adept at problem solving and restoring just the harmony people need in life. You would rather find a diplomatic solution to life, than letting one party win or take all. And those in your world love you for it!

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