All About Pisces


Born: February 19 to March 20

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Oh Pisces you are a dreamy and psychic one, and this is due to your combined energies of the Water Sign that you are, and the watery planet Neptune that rules you. If you can dream it or fantasize about it, then you are a success. So you may not be the biggest doer of the zodiac, but you are definitely one of the most creative, and also one of the most psychic. As the Mutable Water Sign, you are also extremely flexible, and fill up the vessel of whatever environment you are in. Your emotions though can be a bit all over the map, and you are known to retreat to the cave if the emotions run too high. Sensitivity is for sure your middle name. And this is not understood by many. However when you use sensitivities as your super power, you can create epic success.

Pisces in love & relationships

Anyone that has ever loved a Pisces knows just how lucky they are. Because you are without question the most romantic sign of the zodiac. You are embodied by the Knight of Cups in the Tarot, because big overt gestures of romance are your favorite thing to do. You love to sit and talk about love for hours, and if it’s romantic, you are all over it. You love love! You have an empathy bone that is unmatched in the zodiac, because your Watery nature has you soaking up every emotion around you like a sponge. Your lovers and partners are grateful for this. Their pain is your pain, and you will do whatever it takes to ease it. As a Mutable Sign however you do have a bit of a tendency to wander in love and romance. If there is any complaint from your partners that would be the one. As a Water Sign however, you are in it for the long haul. All you need is a partner that can satisfy your ever changing needs, and show you constant gratitude for the dreamy romantic fantasizer that you are.

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Pisces and careers

You aren’t the leader of anything, and you are okay with that, especially when it comes to work. It’s not that you are lazy, it’s just that too much responsibility stresses you out. In most careers, emotions are considered a weakness. But you can find a way to use them to make money, since you are emotional and feeling things, all of the time. You’re best at creating. You are by nature a visionary. Express those visions in writing, poetry, art, music, acting or other creative ways, and you can find a way to make bank from them. You’ve got a natural way of expressing yourself so that you pull at the heartstrings of others. That is your key to success. Make sure you are not looking for the easy road, though. Your success is likely to come by hard work, and many Pisceans will never live up to what they could achieve, because of their own self-doubts and inhibitions. Work in theater, communication, writing, or the arts, will help you tap into your dreamy and creative super powers, and even create serious success for you.

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Pisces and the dreamy dreamer…

Being ruled by both Water and Neptune, your mind has a bit of a tendency to wander. But these energies also make you very psychic and intuitive. These skills help you in all areas, including friendship, work, and love. So although you can get lost in dreamland sometimes, you can usually find a way to use it to your advantage. Having problems in love? Discuss a dream with your lover as the star and problems will fizzle away. Fantasies also take a big role in your love life, and you will stay with any partner that honors that. If you aren’t sure where to go in work, if you dream it, success will come. Being open to the world is a super power of yours, but it can get very draining at times. Retreat to the cave when you need to, and be sure that you let others know your intent, and they will be more than happy to wait for you until your YOU time is over.

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