All About Sagittarius


Born: November 21 to December 21

Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Everyone loves a Fire Sign, and when it comes to the Jupiter ruled Mutable Fire Sign, Sagittarius, you are no exception. In fact, you may be the most joyful and optimistic fire sign of them all, and that’s saying something! Your positive attitude is contagious, and you sprinkle that positivity on everything, everywhere you go. It’s very attractive to others and you have a wide social circle as a result, and being ruled by Jupiter, these qualities often land you some seriously lucky strikes in life. As a Mutable Sign, you embrace change and like to have a different day every day. You also need freedom in your world, and your relationships and work choices reflect that. You would rather pass up a good opportunity for freedom, just because you don’t like being weighed down. But, like the Archer that you are, when you shoot, you score, every time.

Sagittarius in love & relationships

If there is any complaint to be had of Sagittarius, it’s that your Mutable nature keeps you from tying yourself down to any one person or relationship for too long. Oh sure you can be committed, but long term relationships won’t work for you unless the other person can offer you something different, new, and exciting, every single day. That’s a big ask of anyone. So you are better served in love by keeping these intentions up front at all times in love. You’re always looking for the next experience, the next activity. You’re naturally optimistic, and you rarely let your emotions get in the way of your success in love. That could be problematic given that emotions are necessary in relationships. The upside is that you aren’t too emotional, so you don’t hold grudges for long, and you don’t understand people that do. At the same time, you let grudges in love go under the bridge, because for you, life is too short to be anything but happy.

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Sagittarius and careers

Because you are interested in so many things, you can talk about nearly any subject. You’ve got plenty of ideas and are quick to share them with others. In business, this makes you great at public relations. Your career needs to be something that continually piques your interest, though, or you’ll get bored and rock the boat. Your best accomplishments are likely to be achieved when you’re working under pressure. At the same time however, you are also Jupiter ruled which makes the big wide world your oyster when it comes to work. Travel related work, or work that is different every day will feed that expansive mind of yours. You also are most happy when you are making a difference and helping others, so work in charity or non profits, or in the world making a difference is where you will be most successful.

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Sagittarius and your lucky streak….

You seem to draw luck your way, but this is because of your positive attitude and your sunny disposition and because you are ruled by optimistic and lucky Jupiter. That always attracts good things. You weather the hardships and expect that tomorrow will always be brighter. Your curious personality and appetite for life brings to you many opportunities. Just be mindful that you look before you leap, thought, because if anyone can act on impulse, it’s you. The upside of this is that, should you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you’ll always find a way to change it. Life is ever-evolving and never static for the energetic and opportunistic Sagittarius. And that’s exactly how you like it, because that is when you feel your luckiest. Keep the optimistic confidence of Jupiter in your corner every day, and the lucky strikes will keep on striking.

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