All About Scorpio


Born: October 21 to November 20

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Mars and Pluto

As the Fixed Water Sign that is ruled by both Mars and Pluto, intense is your middle name, Scorpio. And so you get a bit of a bad rap for this. But nobody knows better than you that you actually are all kinds of awesome when you allow people to get to know you better. Being ruled by Mars makes you driven for success, but you are also ruled by Pluto which means, secrets rule your world. This could cause problems for you, but for you, you really don’t care what others think about that. You are fixated on your own happiness like a Fixed Water Sign, and the ones you do bring into your world are usually very lucky ones as a result. Because your Fixed Sign loyalty is boundless, you will do anything for the ones you love. And you won’t stop at stinging anyone that gets in the way with that infamous Scorpio stinger. Too bad for them, you say! The ones that don’t meet your need for truth and justice in the world, are dead to you. And you’re perfectly okay with that.

Scorpio in love & relationships

Some say that it can be very difficult to love a Scorpio, because you do have your jealous and obsessed side. But that’s only because as a Fixed Water Sign, when you feel, your feeling waters run very deep. And you won’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Being ruled by Pluto often means secrets rule your relationships. So if there is anything that will get in the way of your success here, it’s that. Try being a little more open with that awesome big heart of yours Scorpio. You can be moody without provocation, jealous without cause, and very possessive. The other side of this is that you’re very loyal. You can hold a grudge forever; it’s just not in your nature to ‘forgive and forget.’ You remember kindness just as vividly, though, and will be a devoted partner to those who earn your loyalty.

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Scorpio and careers

Your greatest gift, Scorpio is your powerful intuition, and you know it. You can spot a faker a mile away, and you can also make money doing it! This is why we call Scorpio the zodiac detective. So fields that are investigative in nature are great jobs for you. You will also do well in fields where your intuition is required. And can excel even in jobs like marketing, or communication, because you are always testing that next great formula like the natural detective and scientist that you are. You don’t accept failure, so fields where you are in control of your own destiny are ideal, as answering to others is not exactly your forte. You like work that is different every day, but structured so that you know exactly how to succeed, every single day. As a Fixed Sign, once you set your mind on winning, you are literally unstoppable, and may Universe have mercy on anyone that tries to prevent you.

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Scorpio and secrets

Being ruled by Pluto means that secrets rule your world. You are good at keeping secrets, and discovering them. Your Water Sign qualities also make you a little psychic, so figuring out secrets or discovering when someone is not being truthful is second nature to you, like breathing. You are mysterious, but that’s more to do with your powers of observation than anything else. You more than any of the other signs might have an interest in the occult or the paranormal. The cryptic and the obscure fascinate you. You’re also a master of disguise, using words to hide what you really feel. It’s part of the need for you to be in control at all times. When you use secrets for success, and the truth to prevail, you win every time. You make sure of it!

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