All About Taurus


Born: April 21 - May 20
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Venus

Taureans (people who were born under the sign of Taurus) are strong-willed and cautious with an admirable independence, just like the bull that represents them. While your qualities make you a strong companion, you’re likely to want to do things “your way”. Taureans are notoriously productive when left to their own devices

Taurus in love & relationships

While you’re a very loyal friend, it’s likely that you have plenty of acquaintances and only a few close friends. Those you do hold dear are protected and highly valued. You treat your friends like beloved family. You are incredibly loyal, and can be counted on to be there for your loved ones. Taureans also have a flair for entertaining. While you may not be particularly social, you do like to spoil the special people in your life. You’re also quite fond of treating yourself to the finer things (and guilty pleasures).

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Taurus and emotional flexibility

Taureans are emotional people. An offhand comment or criticism can easily leave you upset, causing you to drag your feet if asked to do something you don’t want to do, or even if you don’t like the person who asked you to do it. Don’t be surprised if people misread this reaction as laziness — you just don’t like to take orders. However, if you respect the person making the request, or if it’s something in which you take an interest, you can quickly change your behavior. This may make your friends and coworkers see you as unpredictable, but really you just need some time warming up.

Straying from your routine can make you quite nervous or even insecure. You’re not one to go leaping into the unknown; you appreciate routine and order too much for that. You’ve also likely learned how to hide your insecurities well. It’s hard for you to put your feelings into words, and because of this your true feelings are often unrevealed.

Taurus and careers

You’ve certainly got a good work ethic built on reliability and persistence. Taureans often find success in figures and finance, but keep that emotional side in check. The symbol of Taurus is the headstrong, powerful bull, but it’s important to keep ownership over your own emotions and reactions. Try to spread out the places in your life where change is needed, and to choose your battles wisely. Not every task needs your level of determination, and not everyone deserves your loyalty.

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