All About Virgo


Born: August 23 to September 21

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury

As the Mutable Earth Sign, Virgo you are a flexible one. You are also grounded in the truth, and are as real as the day is long. You don’t care for drama, in fact you will retreat from it with Mercurial speed at the very sight of it. You are also very practical, responsible, and down to Earth. And you will do anything for someone you love. Even if that means dropping the biggest night of your life to help a friend or family member out with a flat tire. Your world and the people in it can definitely count on you!

Virgo in love & relationships

When you enter relationships, you are in it for the long haul, and you are the only Mutable Sign that can say that. This is due to your Earth bound nature, and your commitment to those that you love. You would rather walk a bed of coals than let your lover or partner down. You may be a little picky when it comes to love, and you definitely have high standards. So while it may take you a while to decide someone is The One, once you do, you are in it for life. Your relationships are always real as a result, and that’s why they usually stand the test of time.

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Virgo and careers

As an Earth Sign, Virgo, you are humble as the day is long, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t like money. You do. And you are very good at it, and use it to meet the needs of the people that you love. But making money isn’t enough for you. You need to make a difference. And for you there’s no point in earning cash, if you aren’t helping someone out while you do. As a Mutable Sign, you like to have days that are different every day, and if you can find that while helping others in the world, you consider yourself a success. Fields like teaching, charity work, or service oriented industries are great ones for you as a result. You’re always described as the “best hire ever” thanks to your superior work ethic, and your nature to work long hours without complaining once.

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Virgo and their low profile style…

Virgo is one of the most low profile zodiac signs, and that’s because you have high standards and won’t settle for anything less than the best. This is the truth whether in your career or in your love life, and even in your circle of friends, which is small. You are symbolized by the Hermit in Tarot, and that’s because you can be one. If your partners or friends have any complaints, it is that you would rather stay in and watch Netflix or play Xbox than swim through a circle of drama at a social event. You are a natural homebody, and your grounded and reflective low profile style shows it. But when you do go out into the world, you do so with the intent to conquer it. And you do every time!

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