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Psychic tarot card reader, Attracting Abundance,

I have always been interested in the metaphysical world and have been guided to where The Universe needs me most. I have been reading Tarot for over 30 years. It is my passion to…


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Elle **Tues - Sat 8 AM to 2 PM ET ** ONLINE NOW

Intuitive, Empath, Tarot reader, here to help!

Hello! I am Elle, I realized I had a gift at the age of about eight years old when I was able to predict who was calling as soon as the phone would ring. This was before caller ID!…


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Evan Chen

Talk to me. Ask me anything.

Hi, my name is Evan... and thank you for stopping by. I'm looking forward to some very deep and insightful conversations with you. In a real world filled with real people and real…


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Sister Stardust

Seeing Red or Feeling Blue? Let me help

I have expertise in many forms of divination and when you contact me I will use my intuition to determine what type of reading you need. Do you want to know what the future…


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 Need a reality check? Clarity is just a click away, no matter what challenges you’re facing, let's find a solution!

**FOR A FASTER ANSWER EXPEDITE YOUR QUESTION PLEASE** Are you ready to know your life’s purpose- the ‘why’ of the challenges you face? What is your professional direction?…


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Richard - Mon-Fri 3 to 6:30 PM EST

Life and Love Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarot reader

When I was 7 years old, I found out I was a Pisces. I started learning about astrology right then and before I was 9 I was already reading people's charts. So that's now been…


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Seasoned astrologer--generous in knowledge & spirit to help you on your path

Would literally shake when I first saw what astrology could reveal. Student since 1973 and continue to be amazed by rich wisdom, insight & perspective astrology provides. Love the…


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*Mystic Shelly*


Psychic gifts run in my family and I have had mine ever since childhood. From the very beginning I was always a little different and picked up on things that other people didn't…


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Cosmic solutions to your real world dilemmas

Kim is a professional astrologer, dream worker, and qualified transpersonal therapist with more than twenty years’ hands-on experience as a magical practitioner. She weaves her…


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Psychic Lightworker and Tarot Reader

I can help you create positive energy shifts on your Physical level to help with bodily aches and pains. On the Emotional level to soothe your feelings. On the Mental level to calm…


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Reader, Soul Healer, How to live the life you have imagined.

Considered to be a Spiritual Mentor and teacher, I am active in the practice of psychic communications, soul healing. and divination, including Tarot, Astrology, Runes, and Herbal…


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Need some easy astrological advice to live your best life? I'm here to help!

Tess is a professional astrologer who has worked with over 200 clients in the past year, they specialize in self help technique as well as relationship advice. By looking at your…


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Intuitive Tarot and Astrology Reader

Aubrey is a professional reader of tarot and astrology for over 4 years. She is an award-winning healer and specializes in transit astrology and tarot.


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** Lara Grace **

Let's look at your astrology chart to find answers!

Certified astrologer, intuitive and sabian symbols specialist, passionately interpreting the stars for many years.


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