2015 Predictions for Saturn in Sagittarius: Magnifying the Truth

Posted on January 01, 2015
Updated on August 10, 2020

One of the biggest astrological events occurs when Saturn or another planet further out changes sign. In 2011, Saturn transited into Scorpio, and we were treated to a deeper examination of sexuality and all things having to do with power. Saturn is not quite done with Scorpio, there will be a 4-month period over the summer of 2015 when the ringed planet will retrograde back into the tail-end of the sign for one last little jaunt. Saturn pops right back into the sign of the Archer come the fall, where it will stay for approximately two more years.

Key Themes of Saturn in Sagittarius: December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017.

What can we expect from Saturn transiting into this zodiac sign? Well, let’s take it bit by bit.

• Saturn is the planet that demands we put our diligence and focus on the tasks of the sign and house. In the natal chart, Saturn can represent areas where we feel weak and that take a bit more concerted effort to feel like we’re just keeping up with others. This taskmaster speaks to discipline and learning from one’s mistakes, as well as facing our deepest fears. It represents also where some of our greatest gifts can lie when we apply ourselves to learn from Saturn’s relentless focus for self-improvement, and when we receive applause for our efforts we do feel like we have really accomplished something.

• Sagittarius is the zodiac sign most concerned with truth, spontaneity, speaking from inside the moment. It is not very comfortable with rules, generally preferring to go its own way. The Archer resonates with higher education, theology, religion, the law, publishing and prophecy. It is also the sign that speaks to the cosmopolitan; along with Aquarius, Sagittarius wants us to reach across our cultural differences to see how we are all alike. It is one of the two signs (with Pisces) most concerned with beliefs, and along with its polar opposite Gemini, is also related to education.

So combining these ideas, we are going to be challenged to provide structure to our truth-telling, and to work diligently at improving a higher understanding of reality. This can be a great time to be in school for those who are serious about their studies and it will be difficult for the partiers and the drifters. We are going to also be challenged with living according to our choices to not follow rules, but living with the consequences when we do make a choice to go our own way.

2015 Predictions for Saturn in Sagittarius!

• The legal field might see some interesting challenges at this time, and attorneys who play fast ones on their clients might also see their comeuppance. Sagittarian influences should also put some unflattering lights on law enforcement as well, and an urge to reform some of the abuses within these communities will no doubt take place over the next 2 years.

• Saturn in Sagittarius is also going to demand we back up our spiritual and religious beliefs with a commitment to our own growth. Have you been calling yourself but say this without having a daily practice? Well, get ready to be called on that. Saturn is going to call upon all of us to follow through with our spiritual commitments.

• When Saturn last transited in Sagittarius, the rampant and secret sexual abuse of children by clergy became more publicly known. All who minister to others are going to be under a lot of astrological pressure to walk their talk. This transit exposes malfeasance to the harsh light of day. Saturn is an impersonal energy, and though it’s tempting to personalize outrage about such matters, we need to take that energy and channel it more productively toward creating the lives we truly want to lead. Let those who are laid low by their own demons serve as goads to be better ourselves.

• For writers seeking connection with broad audiences, this could be a boon time for applying discipline and focus on creating solid work. One pitfall of Saturn in Sagittarius is that one can become so perfectionistic about their communication that procrastination can ensue. Budding authors should use this transit to embrace the entirety of the process, including those less than stellar moments when struggling to find the right words.

• Saturn in Sagittarius will reward those who are serious about reaching outside of their comfort zone to understand people who have been marginalized and rendered into a faceless and scary “Other.” Those who make their living demonizing others and whipping up a political frenzy against this group or that organization are going to be hard-pressed to separate out their antipathies so that whole races or groups are not tarred in the process. The #blacklivesmatter campaign is a sign that Sagittarius Saturn is holding people’s feet to the fire, and closet haters will face an uncomfortable time as those more embracing of cultures different than their own have a stronger say in our direction than they have in the past.

• Our generalized fears about all these different aspects of Sagittarius will be rewarded as well. One of the more interesting dilemmas some of us will face is our fear of success, for Sagittarius is a sign associated with Jupiter and the joyful fulfillment of our destiny. Jupiter’s influence will be an aspect of this transit, and it’s thought-provoking to note that in the late summer, Jupiter will be square Saturn when it transits into Virgo. Saturn in Sagittarius will be challenging us to create our joy and to find the way to stand in our most glorious truths, and the square with Jupiter will underscore that need with a need to put forth a lot of action.

• No matter what zodiac sign you are, Saturn transits have a difficult influence. However, this year the Mutable zodiac signs [Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces] will be really feeling this energy. In addition to Sagittarians themselves, those with birthdays close to the beginning of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces are already feeling pressure building. Gemini will be particularly challenged with their relationships, while Virgos might feel more confronted in their home affairs. Pisces is going to experience “character building” moments with their careers and reputation while Sagittarians will be put the most on the spot with Saturn’s stark and uncompromising microscope.

Summing up, the most salient change in behavior that Saturn in Sagittarius will encourage is to err on the side of truth and justice in all one’s dealings. Cutting corners in this area could come back to haunt you, and it’s best to surrender to the embrace of honesty, open-mindedness and a willingness to follow through on positive changes in all their forms. Will you speak your truth? Tell us where this transit excites you the most!

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