5 Tips to Manifest Wealth, Love & Miracles in Summer Solstice

Posted on June 18, 2015
Updated on November 26, 2020

It’s the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. And for many lightworkers, it is the most wonderful day of the year. The “longest day” terminology comes from the notion that this is the one day of the year when the world experiences the most Sun, and the most daylight hours. After the Summer Solstice on June 21, the daylight time will get shorter by two minutes every day until the Fall, when the evenings come earlier once again. For lightworkers, or those seeking abundance and wealth from astrology, it’s a magical time. It is the time where the seeds that you planted during the Spring Equinox will begin to ripen, and bear fruit! What fruit do you want to bear during the Summer Solstice?

What is the Summer Solstice?

We already talked about how to plant these seeds of wealth, love, and abundance during the Spring Equinox. In just a few short days when the Sun’s glorious beams lengthen and radiate over your soul’s existence, you can begin to see those seeds spring to life. And, even if you did not “plant” anything during the Spring Equinox, that does not mean you can’t bear your own miracles.

With the Summer Solstice, we have the Sun entering the Cardinal Sign of Cancer. Cardinal Signs launch seasons, and Cancer launches the season of Summer. What began under the Cardinal Sign of Aries, when Spring was launched, will spring to life this Summer. What seeds did you plant? What seeds do you want to plant for a late harvest? Your personal power…is all up for grabs. Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of this abundance of light, and make this….the most magical day of your year.

1. Be still….

Meditation and reflection are important during solstice and equinox events, but more so during a solstice. The word solstice is actually a Latin word that means “stand still.” And this is precisely what the Sun is doing on this day. So, do what the Sun does on this day, and….be still. Spend time in reflection and meditation and really listen. With the Sun in Cancer, all zodiac signs will be more attuned to their psychic Self. The hunches and messages that are being whispered in your ear, are not in your head. Listen! Be still…and the fruits that your soul wants to bear will reveal themselves, if you are listening.

2. Bathe in the light….

You will never have another day this year with this much light, so…enjoy it! The Summer Solstice beckons you to tap into your inner emotional center with the Sun in Cancer. But we also have our glorious Ego being stroked with Leo energy during this time. Leo, the Fire Sign ruled by the Sun, will also help you capture all of these lovely light miracles. With these two zodiac signs in play, this is a combination of Water and Fire that will create steam. Bathe in the light and let the steam of this connection wash over you, and purify you. Have a bonfire, play in the ocean, cherish your inner child and let the light shine down on you.

3. Go on your honey Moon….

New seasons are all about new beginnings. And you don’t need to be married or getting married to celebrate your own new beginning. The Full Moon in June is commonly known as the “Honey Moon” by Native and ancient traditions. And this is why so many weddings happen in June, and so many actual honeymoons as well. You can have your own honey moon during this Summer Solstice as well. Make a commitment to an outstanding new beginning in your life, and then celebrate it! You may have already started this by celebrating love with the Twin Flame Moon earlier this week. Don’t worry about the pressure and the responsibilities with that commitment just yet. Simply spend some time enjoying this intention, this decision, and this commitment. The Summer Solstice is about celebrating, so spend some time cherishing this new beginning, and simply relaxing your way into it.

4. Nurture your soul…..

The Summer is the time when we kick back a little bit and loosen up, no matter how stressful our life is or how much pain we are in at any given moment. During the Summer Solstice you may be in a life experience that makes you feel like, you have nothing to celebrate. Do you very best to let that go, and find something, or someone, that nurtures your soul. Cancer is the ultimate Mother sign of the zodiac signs, and wants to nurture those parts of you that are hurting. Whatever “feeds” your soul should be experienced and exercised. Take care of YOU and the Universe will respond in kind. If you are looking for growth in one area of your life, nurture your soul as if it is already happening. This encourages your seeds of intention to break through those shells and begin to germinate into the miracles you seek. If it feels good, it can’t be that bad. And in fact, isn’t bad at all. If it feels good, that’s the Universe’s way of saying, go for it! Will you?

5. Work first, play later, then wait for your lucky lightning bolts.

Along with the Sun in Cancer we also have a few additional astrological influences you want to take note of. Consider this Summer Solstice one that comes with a side of Saturn. The Sun in Cancer will make a 29 degree aspect with Saturn that has recently gone back into Scorpio in retrograde. This means that you will reap more miracles during the Summer Solstice when you tend to your responsibilities first. Not all of them, just the most important ones that have been niggling at you for the past little bit. Chances are you even thought of one or two when you hear the word ‘responsibilities’. Do you need to tend to a car repair? Is there a bill that has been collecting dust? Is a friend in need of your love? Whatever came first to your mind, tend to it. Take care of it. You may not have the abundance you need to pay the bill or visit your friend, but make the call and be responsible. If not, when you try to celebrate abundance in your life, your car may break down on that road trip, or your friend that you love may not be available. So take care of these things now. Then, harness the power of the Summer Solstice and celebrate to your heart’s content. When you have taken care of these matters, the light will shine. And….this will be immediately followed by a gorgeous Jupiter and Uranus trine that will shine magic and luck all over your seeds of intention. So responsibilities first, play later, then wait for the lucky lightning bolt to shine.

And there you have it. 5 very easy tips to help you radiate in the light of the longest day of the year. What fruits will you bear during the Summer Solstice? How will you celebrate?

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