5 Ways to Harness Luck When Jupiter Enters Leo!

Posted on July 31, 2014
Updated on October 30, 2020

Have you been waiting for your luck to turn in any area of your life? Does it feel like something big is about to happen, but you aren’t really sure why, or how to access that incredible magical feeling? If you feel that way, you’re right. There is luck swirling all around right now, and that is because Jupiter entered Leo on July 16, and intends on staying there for a full year. Jupiter is always in one sign or another, and spends an entire year in each sign. But when Jupiter is in Leo, you can expect a very fun and magical year. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so you have the planet of luck and expansion riding it out in the zodiac sign that is all about the spotlight. If you feel like lucky breaks are just around the corner, but not sure how to really tap into that, fret no more. Today we are going to look at just that, with these 5 easy ways that you can harness luck when Jupiter enters Leo.

1. Be yourself!

When Jupiter is in the sign that is ruled by the Sun, your ego and your personality and all of the things that the world knows about YOU are going to come into play. So this is not the time to be fake and act the way you think the world wants you to be, this is the time to act the way YOU want your life to be. Where do you need the most magic and luck in your life? In love? In money? Do what you want to do and express who you really and truly are, because your own personality and your own attributes will get you everywhere. Fire signs, Leo, Aries, Sagittarius need this advice the most, but this is a good tip for all zodiac signs.

Leo will need to expand their vision, with this great luck ahead, nothing is impossible but some insecurities could weigh you down. It is a wonderful year for travel for all fire signs as well, but especially for Sagittarius. Aries will need to focus more on leading from the heart, rather than leading by social norms.

2. Go within.

If you are truly unsure on what the answers to your next destined path in life are, go within. This is especially true for Earth Signs, Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn, who will want to get busy with work to make their luck and magic manifest. But reflection is important for Earth Signs as much as busy work is. All zodiac signs when stuck on what their next destined course of action should be will benefit from some good old fashioned reflection. Stop and think about what you want to do, and where you want the most success this year. It’s not a bad thing to want it all, so reflect, and all zodiac signs should model the Earth Signs when it comes to writing down what powerful reflections you come up with, and make some lengthy to do lists to help you along the way.

Virgos will see an expansion in the spiritual realm this year which will allow them to accomplish this step even faster. Capricorn needs to eliminate negativity this year in order to harness the luck that Jupiter has in store. Taurus is advised to focus their energy on the homefront and family, and that is where they will see a lot of growth and success, and even some lucky breaks.

3. Dream big!

When Jupiter is in play, your mission if you choose to accept it is to dream as big as possible. Jupiter is the biggest planet, the god of expansion, the god of luck. Nothing is too big for Jupiter! This is the most difficult concept for Water Signs to grasp, because they have their dreams and think they are good enough. Water Signs, dream bigger! All zodiac signs need to dream as big as possible during this period if they want to experience the luck that Jupiter has to offer, and do not set any limits on your goals and plans. Jupiter has big ones to offer each Earthling in return while it resides in Leo this year.

As far as Water Signs are concerned, Jupiter leaving Cancer will make Cancer crabby, and this will be Cancer’s mission, to avoid negativity at all costs. Scorpio needs to remember not to stay so fixed on one vision, and really go for that gold because there is nothing stopping Scorpio now! Pisces will need to come out of the cave a bit more than usual for those big dreams to take on a reality of their own.

4. Be open!

The goal for all zodiac signs with Jupiter in Leo is to be as open to every opportunity that is possible at this time. And there will be an abundance of lucky breaks for all zodiac signs, but you have to be open to them or you will miss those lucky breaks. If you have an idea in your head that you really want something, you need to be open to the idea that this is not the lucky break that Jupiter has in mind for you. So be open to all ideas and lucky breaks that come your way, and not just the ones that you want.

The Air Signs, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra, will need the most help in this area. All Air Signs are pretty committed to what they think they want, and they think their way through to their lucky breaks. When Jupiter is in your sign, or in another Air Sign that will be very helpful. But when Jupiter is in a fire sign, not so much. So Air Signs in particular will need to be as open as possible to every lucky break that Jupiter is firing their way, just…enjoy the ride, and Jupiter promises it could be the ride of your life!

5. Let it go, let it go, let it go.

This is the one tip that we need in our daily lives no matter what Jupiter is doing on any given day or year. The only thing holding you back from your success and from harnessing the luck in the universe right now is yourself. Are you hanging on to some old habits I like to call “fear”? We hang onto fear because it is familiar, even though it is uncomfortable. Even a small level of discomfort that is familiar we cling to because at least we know what it is. If you want bigger and better things in your life, sorry but, you are going to have to let that all go. Forget that you think you aren’t good enough, forget that you might be rejected, and forget that you feel you aren’t worthy of epic success.

All of those thoughts are nonsense!! Universe wants you to succeed which is why every single day you are given certain gifts to help you in that regard. This time around it is Jupiter in Leo, and so you definitely don’t want to take this gift for granted.

Your mission remember is to dream as big as possible, and that will mean you have to cut out the toxic fears that are holding you back. You may fail once or twice this year, it’s called being human. You won’t find out what awesome surprises are in store for you when you get back up again, if you don’t at least try first. But to do so, you have to let go of those fears. Bestselling author, director, and playwright Stephen King has a book that is about the size of an average phone book of his rejections. Did fear hold him back? Obviously not, and when he dreamed as big as possible, he got all of the rewards he wanted, and then some. But he had to let those fears go first.

Are you ready to do the same?

What are your big dreams that you want to see manifested this year with Jupiter in Leo? Don’t hold back, nothing is impossible. I can’t wait to hear every single one!

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