5 Ways to Manifest Your Destiny and True Calling with North Node in Virgo

Posted on November 17, 2015
Updated on October 18, 2020

We ask this question a lot. Do you feel like you have a hidden higher calling somewhere? Do you feel like you are just meant to do something bigger, but you aren’t quite sure what it is? These are very ordinary questions of the human race. We all ask the same questions. We work as hard as we can at Astrology Answers to help you answer those questions every single day. There are a number of ways to answer this question. You can find out some of those clues in your natal chart or birth chart. Your life path number from numerology can be very revealing about your destiny and what your purpose is. And once in a while we get a little lift from astrology where the clues to your destiny and fate come in the form of astrology answers. And this time around it’s a big one. We are talking about the North Node in Virgo. For the past year and a half, the North Node has been in Libra. All events and experiences that you have had in relation to your higher calling has been intellectual, rational, and there may have even been a lot of paperwork scurrying back and forth for you. Now, with North Node in Virgo for the next year and a half, all of that thinking you have been doing about your destiny is going to manifest into action, and concrete experiences that align you with your soul’s true purpose! What IS the North Node anyway? This is an astrological transit that maps your destiny. On the other side of this axis is the South Node. With your South Node you learn about past events and experiences that shape your future destiny. The South Node tells you what you have learned, and what you need to learn before you fulfill that North Node destiny. And sometimes it tells you what you need to let go. Meanwhile, your North Node shows you what you need to embrace.

What is the North Node in Virgo all about?

It’s about not only discovering your true calling, but getting to work on it! With the North Node leaving Libra and entering Virgo on November 12, you will receive much more clarity on your soul’s purpose than ever before. It is the very definition of thoughts becoming things. The Law of Attraction is in play here, and Fate isn’t playing around anymore. Before now, for the past one and a half years at least, you have been almost entirely thinking about it. Virgo is a do-er, and so now, the experiences related to your destiny are going to be work oriented, or action oriented. Things are actually going to start happening! All of the planning that you have been doing towards your success is about to pay off. Consider your North Node information as your Agenda. It is where we look on your birth chart to assess your destiny, your life path, and what great potential you have on this planet Earth. You’ve been “seeing” it in your head for some time. You may even have been planning it. The North Node in Virgo is your action plan.

We all have the North Node in our birth charts and natal charts. What sign is yours in? This is the zodiac sign that will propel you to your final destiny in this lifetime. But no matter what zodiac sign your own North Node is in, when the North Node enters Virgo, all Earthlings can use this energy. Look to where Virgo energy is in your birth charts. You don’t have to be a Virgo to use this energy. Almost everyone has Virgo somewhere. Maybe your Moon is in Virgo, or Mercury is in Virgo. If you need some help finding this out, just let us know! Wherever Virgo energy is abundant in your life path in this lifetime, the North Node in Virgo for the next year and a half will help you to harness and manifest that destiny and that abundance.

Let’s say Mercury is in Virgo for example in your chart. Mercury is a thinker, and Virgo is a do-er. Mercury also rules transportation and communication. So that would mean that over the next year and a half, your destiny will be discovered in short journeys, communications, contracts, paper flying back and forth, lovers messages, and things of that nature.

Another very fun stroke of luck and synchronicity in play here is the magic of Jupiter in Virgo until August 2016. Just another reason we have been talking about synchronicity so much this month. Everything is connected, and everything happens for a reason. Yes, everything. When experiences influenced by your North Node begin to manifest, you will understand that with 100% clarity if you do not already. So while you are discovering action oriented things you can do to discover your soul’s purpose and higher calling, Jupiter will be waving its magic wand in this area for you as well! It is rare for Jupiter to be in the same sign as the North Node, so consider this an extra gift of fate and karma for all of those committed to doing the work needed to discover your soul’s purpose and true calling. So how can you do that over the next year and a half, and especially through August 2016 while Jupiter is in Virgo? We’re so glad you asked that question. Here are 5 ways to discover your true calling and soul’s purpose with the North Node in Virgo!

1. Be discerning – Just say no to fools rushing in.

Virgo is a thinker and over analyzes everything. When it comes to your Fate and your Destiny, this is your mission while the North Node is in Virgo. This is not a time for fools to be rushing into anything. Think it over. Opportunities of all kinds will come your way. The ones that require serious thought are the ones that will reap the most rewards. Mercury rules Virgo and Mercury energy is in play under this transit as well. That means use your intellectual side when making major life decisions. Use your head, but bring your heart with you. The South Node in Pisces will tug at those heartstrings and send you intuitive hunches. But the South Node is your past. The North Node is your future. Use your heart yes, but use your head to move in that forward direction. Living life under this transit will be like driving. You don’t use your feelings to figure out the directions to where you want to go, do you? No. You use data and logic and maps and structure and an intelligent plan. Then when you get there your feelings take over. This is the same concept under North Node in Virgo. You are in the driver’s seat. Be discerning about how you get to where you want to go. Use your instinct and your heart to help you swerve when you need to, but use your head to make all major decisions before arriving at your final destination.

2. Maintain integrity.

Virgo is about the most honest zodiac sign you will find. They are the all around good guys of the world that are just always there for everybody. That is because Virgo has a deep and inner calling to serve humanity at large. Virgo does not like to see suffering and will stop it. Tests will come your way during this transit that look like really awesome opportunities. Do you need to sell your soul a little bit to make some coin? Do you need to betray someone you deeply love to get a little action? Be discerning, and have integrity. Those who maintain integrity at all costs will reap the karmic rewards. Those who don’t, won’t, and may even experience some Fated zings that set them back in every possible way.

3. Be giving, just because it’s an awesome thing to do.

Again we go to Virgo being the zodiac’s humanitarian. This is a simple force of Law of Attraction. What you sow, you reap. What you plant, blossoms. Is it hate and greed or is it love and generosity that you are planting? A word to the wise. Be giving because it’s awesome. Not because you want people to think you are awesome. Do not plant seeds of love and giving if you only want to have a nice flower, the rewards of giving. Because no flower will grow under those conditions. You have to actually have a giving and loving heart, without any expectation of reward, and then the rewards happen. When you expect it, you run into trouble. There is no Universe formula for reaping rewards other than this. Give with a cheerful heart without any expectations. And it finds its way back to you one way or another. When the North Node is in Virgo, it comes back in very epic ways. We’re talking about Fate here!

4. Be organized – Stock your spiritual pantry.

When it comes to planning, Virgo is a meticulous one. Virgo is the one who has 8 different sections in their closet with labelled bins, organized by season and then by color palette, and never has a hair out of place. The most scattered experiences that come your way right now are not Fated events. The ones that require meticulous planning and immaculate organization are. This is tough for some zodiac signs to handle, some people are just better at this than others. This energy begins to provide the impetus for you to want to organize more so it’s a little bit easier. For every plan that you have and decision that you make when it comes to the grand scheme of your life, be organized. Have a plan, a backup plan, and a backup to your backup plan. And then pull the trigger on that Fated events. Yes, Fate just happens to us. But when you are prepared for it, when it does happen, it’s easier to deal with. Consider this the spiritual equivalent of stocking your pantry before the Winter, just in case there is a big winter storm. You know there will be sometime. You don’t know when or how big the event is going to be. But you can be ready for it. Be organized, stock your spiritual pantry and then whatever storm or rainbow shower comes your way you are prepared. How are you going to stock your spiritual pantry?

5. It’s not against the law to have high standards.

It’s not against the law to have high standards. It IS against the Law of Attraction not to. High standards have developed somewhat of a stigma in society. If you have high standards, you must be a prude, or a snob, or think you are better than everybody, is what society is now saying. This is simply not the case. There are some pretty low people in this world, and there’s nothing wrong with being better than them. Remember what we said about integrity. So long as you are maintaining that, having high standards is never a bad thing. You get what you expect out of life. If your standards are low, that’s what will enter in. Society may ridicule you for choosing nothing less than exceptional in your life, you have to simply develop a thick skin over that. It’s not against the law to have high standards and it doesn’t make you a prude or a snoot. It IS the foundation of the Law of Attraction to only want the best. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with only wanting awesome people and awesome things in your life. Abundance is available for everyone. Wanting exceptional is the first step of getting it. So have those high standards and close your ears to anyone who has a problem with that. Who cares what they think? Having high standards means you know your worth and are waiting for it. With the North Node in Virgo, if you keep those high standards, exceptional will come.

Are you ready to manifest your soul’s purpose and your true calling? What do you think your true calling is? What do you hope that it is? Manifest your wishes and bring them to life by first putting voice to your deepest desires. Light the match of your desires by telling us now in the comments below, what true calling do you hope comes knocking at your door with the North Node in Virgo?

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