Beneficial Thought: Mercury Retrograde & Soulmates

Posted on July 26, 2018

Summer is in full bloom! For many Earthlings, the hills are alive with the sound of music and excitement as we make the most of the Sun and reconnect with nature at its finest and richest.

Are you excited yet?

With Summer in action, as exciting as it is, there are going to be some roadblocks along the way that have the potential to throw a lot of things in your life out of whack. One of those roadblocks is Mercury retrograde in the sign of Leo from July 26 until August 19. Today we are going to help you catch some of that romantic fever that it feels like everybody ELSE is buzzing about. How? By helping you navigate the upcoming Mercury retrograde with the only 6 tips you will ever need to sow and reap soulmate karma during Mercury retrograde.

Who Are Your Soulmates?

Many Earth-bound souls become excited by Summer because this is touted as the most romantic season of all. Maybe you’ve been experiencing a bit of a drought in that area and have no clue what we are talking about. That’s okay. You don’t have to.

All you need to know today is how to get back that buzz that everybody else seems to be so woo-hoo about! And you know us, when it comes to romance, that usually means a fun chat on soulmates.

We like “sure things” in life, and a soulmate is something you can always bank on. It’s a given. Your soul was aligned to its blueprint of this lifetime with many other souls in your circle. Those are your soulmates. It happened whether you believe it or not. And in this age of enlightenment, those souls are closer to you now more than they ever have been before.

This is exciting news because this means that even when you have those days where it feels like you can’t count on anybody, you always have your soulmates on hand. So, when it comes to love, you can see why we focus on soulmates so much. But, we do have that pickle of Mercury Retrograde to work around too. Fret not, soul friends, we have a map for that too.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Let’s keep this as simple as possible. Mercury the planet rules matters of communication, messages, and short journeys. Because Mercury rules short journeys it also rules travel and devices used for travel.

Once in a while, due to our restricted view of the Universe from Earth, Mercury appears to slow down its regular pace. It seems to station, or stop, and from Earth, we watch Mercury move backwards. To be clear, planets do not actually stop and turn around; this is simply an optical illusion. Think of a situation where you’re going slower than someone else on the highway. A car driving faster than you begins to pass beside you. The driver in the faster car looking back at you might feel like you in your car are moving backwards, but you aren’t.

During a Mercury retrograde, the things this planet rules will seem to move slower as well. Expect confusion and delay in the areas that Mercury rules. Contracts get lost, messages disappear, communication and travel devices break down. So to many, Mercury retrograde is not a great thing. But it CAN be if you are playing your cards right. This next Mercury retrograde period will run from July 26 until August 19, but expect this energy to begin percolating next week for a pre-retrograde period.

Why? Because Mercury retrograde is a time where this planet and the things it rules slow down. The themes of any retrograde period for any planet are review, reflect, reassess, reconnect, and react. If you use the themes of Mercury retrograde to your advantage, you can actually move forward in Mercury retrograde with a soulmate relationship. Got it? No?

Since 6 is the soulmate number, here are 6 things you can start doing right now to make Mercury retrograde work for you, especially in the area of love.

1. Review.

Retrograde periods are always slower by nature and this gives you the best energy you will find for review. What has or has not worked out for you in love? Be honest. That’s the only way you are going to attract an honest relationship and an unconditional soulmate bond.

2. Reflect.

Reflect on the positive events in your love or romantic history. Make a list if you want, but truly take stock of what has worked for you. Any CEO in business does the same for his company. If you don’t know what has worked for you then you won’t know what to use to your advantage in the future.

3. Remember.

This falls under both review and reflect, but during Mercury retrograde take your romantic memories for a walk down memory lane. Get lost in nostalgia and truly capture the energy and the feelings of your fondest moments. If you know who your twin flame or soulmate is, or who you think it is, be sure to include this person in the memories.

Consider this a romantic meditation of sorts where you take your soulmate for a walk with you. Experience this in every possible way, smell, taste, sense, etc. and you’ll send the signal into the Universe to recreate this magic for you again.

4. Reconnect.

If you have been putting off touching base with someone then it’s time to stop that right now. Because of the backwards energy of a retrograde, everyone is a little more nostalgic under this transit. Reconnecting with someone will warm them. Do not allow fears like “they will think I’m stupid or silly” to get in your way. If it’s your soulmate, they won’t. They will recognize you and accept you as you are.

Expect signs to come your way telling you who to reconnect with. As we are talking twin flames and soulmates here, we are absolutely talking about someone from your past. Don’t overlook anything, and don’t let things go without doing something about it if a name or a sign keeps jumping out at you.

5. React.

The Universe, your angels, and your guides will respond to you when they can see that you are on your quest for your soulmate or twin flame. They like this, it makes them happy. This is your acknowledgement of your quest for unconditional love and they want to help you. So know that you will receive signs and messages and ways to validate you that you are on the right journey. They are not in your head. We can not stress enough how important it is that you overlook nothing, especially if it “one of those things” that makes you look or think twice.

You will know you are getting a special sign or message from your angels, guides, and the Universe at large by the feeling that comes with the message. If you feel nothing, it’s not a sign or message. If you ever have a thought like, “I wonder if that is supposed to be about so and so,” then it probably is. Your job is to react to those signs. You do this by showing gratitude to the world at large and to your guides for sending this gift. So when you get a message, do something about it, but first and foremost express gratitude.

6. Recommit.

You will hear many astrologers say that the number of recommitment ceremonies that occur during a Mercury retrograde will probably surprise you. The reason for that is that this is SUCH a nostalgic time. And although it can cause some wrinkles and delays in the arena of travel and communication, spiritually this energy means your psychic connections, soulmates, and twin flames are now more available to you than ever before. Open those portals! But recommit to the process because you absolutely will get what you wish for.

Concluding thoughts…

Most importantly, because we are talking about unconditional love, recommit to your Self first.

Don’t forget what we said about being honest. Are you treating yourself with unconditional love? Are you giving yourself what you really deserve when it comes to bringing more unconditional love? If not, put that on your list starting now. To attract unconditional love you must be unconditional love. Your soulmate may already be watching to see if you are prepared for them. Are you? If not, you can start right now. How are you going to make the most of the energy of Mercury retrograde?

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