7 Things to Put On Your Wish List To Manifest Success

Posted on November 28, 2015
Updated on July 03, 2020

It is wish list season! Have you been making your wish lists? No matter what you believe in, it seems that no matter where you go or what you watch on television or at the movies, everybody is talking about wishes. Retailers are trying to tell you what you should wish for this holiday season, the television tries to tell you what you should be wishing for during the holiday season, the entire house has been steadily scribbling out the wish lists such that your to-do list is miles long. During this season, having a second to think about what we want in our lives seems like a luxury. But we wish anyway. And given that this is the wish season, we are going to be wishing more and more every day for the next few weeks, just because society tells us to. Sometimes we will even wish without realizing it. But it’s not just society that is putting the power of wish season into our heads and into the atmosphere. Astrology is too.

December 2015 is chock full of wishing opportunities and lucky strikes that are guaranteed to make some wishes come true this holiday season. And we have just come out of a powerful Moon phase of the Full Moon in Gemini where we had the opportunity to double our wishes and double our luck. Did any of your Full Moon wishes come true this week? If not, wait for it. There is still plenty of time. The key to making sure that your wishes come true are found in the process of simply wishing for the right things. Have you been using your wishes on the lottery numbers? If so, and you haven’t won the lottery, that’s a pretty good sign that you are wasting your wishes. Or, are you one of those naturally lucky people that seems to have all of your wishes come true, all of the time? Guess what? Those people don’t exist.

Yes there is an element of Fate and Destiny in our wish lives, and in our life path, but nobody is lucky all the time. Universe is always about balance. Meaning, some people are lucky a lot of the time, it seems. The truth about those folks is not that they have a lucky streak. In fact, they aren’t lucky at all. They just know how to make a wish, and how to make their wishes work for them to manifest the success and the abundance they seek. Do you want to become one of those people? It’s not a Fated event. Anybody can be. We talk all the time about how to make wishes, but if you don’t have the right things on your wish list, there’s no point in wishing at all. So here are the only 7 things you need to wish for to manifest success and abundance in every area of your lives during the holiday season.

1. A happy family.

The key to wishing and wishing successfully is to be specific about your wishes. You also want to be global about your wishes, which kind of sounds like an oxymoron but you can do both. Wishing to win the lottery is an example. This is a global wish, that will solve many problems for you, but a specific money related wish. But the actual statistics on having this wish come true are slim to none for you. So wish for things that actually can happen, if you channel your power and your belief appropriately. Wishing for a happy family accomplishes this goal. This way you wish away their problems, while wishing them a positive blessing instead. The power of this wish is amazing. Let’s say for example your child is dealing with a stressful situation at school. Praying and wishing that they have a happy day, as opposed to praying and wishing that their bully “gets theirs”, works wonders. This kind of wish will reap the miracle of, “Had a great day mom!” text when your child is on their way home. Wish for a happy family, believe in the power of that wish, and that happiness manifests in the smallest but yet most miraculous ways. You can’t put a price on a great day for your child.

2. Peace.

We all want peace on Earth. There is no human on the planet that does not, regardless of what anybody says. So wishing and praying for peace on Earth is great! But you can wish for peace in your day as well. Again, here you wish for a global concept, but a specific one in your day. It is truly amazing how quickly you can find peace in a single day, just by wishing for it. And when you wish for an abstract concept such as this, or a happy family, you might be surprised. Let’s say you are having problem with online drama, and you just want it all to go away. Don’t wish, “I wish they would just suck it and leave me alone!” Instead, wish for positive things, like peace. We’ve all run into this problem, which is why we all want peace. I’ve wished for this very thing during this very example. And wouldn’t you know it, but the day I wished JUST for peace, is the same day that all of a sudden multiple messages in multiple forums online that were flinging drama at me got deleted. Poof vanished all at once. It was a miracle! And my wish came true! People that believe in realistic things that can actually happen, have their wishes come true more often than not. Peace is not an unrealistic concept if you wish for it. Do you need peace in your day? Is drama or war distracting you from your work or your success? Wish for peace! You will get it!

3. Signs.

We talk about signs a lot here, because they are such important messages of validation from the Universe. And you can wish for signs too! Actually this is a very strategic form of wishing. Here you say, “I wish for a sign that I’m on the right path with this romantic partner” or “I wish for a sign that this is the house we should get” or “I wish for a sign that I’m making the right work decision.” When you wish for validations, you get them, every time. If you don’t receive the sign that you are asking for, wish again. That’s the Universe’s way of saying, please reword your wish and get back to us with your next order. Wishing for signs, and getting them, is just as miraculous as getting your wish granted. Because this is communication right from the Universe itself. When you see that sign, then you know it, that your other wishes are going to come true. Note, you will never get a sign that you are about to win the lottery. That is luck! And believe it or not the angels and Universe have zip zero nada to do with that if it’s not in your birth chart.

4. Clarity.

The biggest stress in our life stems from uncertainty. What is so and so going to do in this situation now? What lies ahead for me at work? What is the status of this relationship? If you are confused about something, and also want something, don’t wish for the thing. Wish for clarity. Clarity almost always arrives in the form of information. That’s what clarity is! It is information that clears an issue up for you. So if you are trying to make a decision, or working on your path to success, and feel distracted or confused by a confusing and distracting issue, wish for clarity. “I wish for the information I need to solve this problem.” Boom. Order received and wait for the clarity to arrive. It may come in the form of an email, a phone call, a letter, a person bringing you more information. Clarity is one of the greatest gifts you can ask for. It opens so many doors. Need help getting through the holiday season? Need help fine tuning your own wish list? Identify what you are confused about first. Then, wish for clarity, and wait for this powerful information to arrive.

5. Solutions.

We spend a lot of time asking and wishing for specific things. “I wish for a diamond ring this Christmas!” “I wish to win the lottery this week!” The truth is, the diamond ring isn’t what you really want. Yes it is pretty and you will love it, but it’s not what you are really asking for. And the lottery, isn’t what you really want either. You want the ring because you want to know where you stand with somebody. And you want the lottery winnings because you want money problems solved. So, if you are having these problems that are leading you to these wishes, wish for solutions instead of diamonds. “I wish for an answer to my relationship question.” Or “I wish to know where he stands with me.” Or “I wish for a solution to this hydro bill.” Or “I wish for a solution to how I am going to afford Christmas.” When you wish for concrete and actual things that can happen today, you will get them. Maybe you won’t get the ring on that day, but maybe you will have your other wish answered through some delivered flowers and a card that reads “Forever yours.” And maybe you won’t win the lottery today, but maybe you will get a call from someone about a pay bonus or a back owed situation that takes care of some of your bills and the holidays. When you wish for solutions to specific problems, the Universe replies. Always. Because every problem has a solution. When you wish for big things that 1 in 7 billion are going to get this year, you minimize your chances of having that wish come true. By a lot.

6. Appreciation.

Love and money are the two biggest questions we see here. Those questions come in all shapes and sizes. Will we get married? Should I keep this job? Should I get a new job? Should I relocate because of work? Should I relocate because of love? All of the questions that astrology provides answers to usually boil down to one of these two things. And most of the time we face uncertainty in both work and relationships because we don’t know whether or not we are appreciated. How many times have you wondered if you should leave work because you just don’t know if they appreciate your talents? Probably a lot. We all have. It’s only human. And how many times have you wondered if you should leave a relationship because you just don’t know if your gifts are appreciated? We all have. It’s only human. So wish for appreciation. We talk about being grateful all the time and how to have the best attitude of gratitude during the holiday season. But the truth is, if the most important people in your life, like your boss or your spouse, aren’t showing YOU gratitude in return, life can be pretty miserable. You would be surprised at how fast your day can turn around from a simple message from a boss or a spouse that says, “I appreciate you.” Changes your whole outlook! So rather than wish your boss gives you a raise or your spouse helps you with the dishes, wish for appreciation. When you feel appreciated by the most important people in your life, life just feels more successful. A big part of manifesting success is that all important attitude of gratitude. But if we aren’t feeling it from others, it’s very hard to feel ourselves. Wish for a token of appreciation from the people in your life, and manifest success in your day with the power of a simple wish.

7. Unconditional love.

This of course is our greatest wish of all. And we speak about this magical quality all of the time. But this time of year, we experience more and more acts of unconditional love through random acts of kindness and out of the blue giving. But not everybody is feeling this way. Just like having more appreciation and clarity in your day can change an entire day, and entire week even, so can having more unconditional love. And you can wish for unconditional love and get it within minutes. Again, the key is to not expect huge grandiose displays coming your way. But just wish for unconditional love. When you are just having one of those days, just wish for it. “I wish for some small gesture of unconditional love to come my way today.” You don’t need to ask in a people specific kind of way. Just ask for unconditional love, and you will get it. The Universe is in abundant supply, and there’s enough to go around for everybody. And when you have your wish come true, you will clear a pathway to success for yourself because this wish fulfillment gives you the confidence to go on, and go after anything you want. That is the power of unconditional love! So if you truly want to manifest success, but don’t want to ask for the lottery numbers, ask for unconditional love. And you’ll get it!

And there you have it. Now, just imagine how much more successful your life would be today if you had more clarity, unconditional love, more appreciation, and more signs that you were doing all of the right things in all of the right ways. Wouldn’t you be more confident in the fact that your skills of manifesting success are in progress? The key is to wish globally but specifically at the same time. Ask for success. Ask for peace. Ask for solutions. And they will come! And it really doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you are. All of these things are readily available to you, the Universe is just waiting for your command. Stay tuned as December is chock full of astrological transits that will help your biggest wishes for all of these things come true. What Full Moon wishes did you make for this week’s Full Moon in Gemini? Have any of them come true? What is on your wish list this holiday season?

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