9 Sure-Fire Questions to Ask Yourself Before Doing a Love Tarot Reading

Posted on September 17, 2018

One of the most important things to know about getting a love tarot reading is that the information that will actually be helpful for you is not the information most people initially think to ask about. Most people just want to know if their relationship will last, how to get someone to like them, or when they will meet someone.

However, the most useful information gleaned from love tarot readings is how you can make the best choice in choosing a partner, how you can shift your energy to attract the best partner for you, and when your own energy is blocking romantic opportunities from your life. Tarot reveals the things in your life that you have the ability to control and shift (whereas you cannot control anyone else).

Here’s our guide to help you get the most clarity out of your love tarot reading.

How Do You Ask the “Right” Questions in a Love Tarot Reading?

Of course, it’s a natural human desire to crave love and partnership and it’s a perfectly valid quest to ask for spiritual assistance in figuring out how to manifest a happy relationship. However, we suggest that you let the experts guide you in framing your questions because they study the nature of energy and relationships and can see beyond the limits of the mind.

The right questions to ask are about how to keep your intentions pure, your energy positive, and your intuition strong. In a love tarot reading, ask how you can change your behaviour for the best possible outcome. That will help guide you toward establishing thought patterns that allow you to understand that you must be a selfless loving person in order to attract one as a partner.

Get To the Root of the Question

The heart of the question should always be focused on how you can bring the best possible intention and energy as well as what is in the highest good. Your questions should be about what aligns with your soul and the highest good for all, since it’s important that your partner brings out your highest potential. We never want to ignore what is best for the other person as well.

Ask Follow-Up Questions

Often a love tarot reading will reveal how your emotions are really affecting your current situation. It’s very empowering to ask how you can best shift your emotions once a spread reveals a deep truth about your energy. If the tarot shows there is a potential for someone new in your life, you can ask about what type of emotional energy you can expect to experience when you meet that person. That way, you’ll be more aware of your own energy and the energy of others around you, which not only strengthens your vibration and intuition, but you’re more likely to recognize your soulmate when they do appear.

Keep The Questions Focused on You

Avoid questions like:

  • When will I find true love?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Does the person I’m interested in like someone else?
  • What can I do to make someone fall in love with me?

You never want to invade someone else’s energy field or manipulate anyone - not only is that bad karma, but you wouldn’t want your partner’s feelings for you to be ingenuine. You want to do the best you can to keep yourself in a very loving state no matter what. Do not try to control anyone, but instead ask the Universe to support you in being a high vibration person so you can attract one. The law of attraction always brings back to you the energy you are projecting from your mind and heart.

Open-Ended vs. Close-Ended Questions

Close-ended questions are questions that are answered with a simple “yes” or “no,” whereas an open-ended question requires a more detailed explanation and cannot be answered as simply. You want to try to stick to open-ended questions as tarot readings are all about intuition and interpretation. Close-ended yes or no questions will likely only leave you with more questions and confusion than you began with.

9 Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are some questions you can focus on in a love tarot reading. Again, it’s better to focus on open-ended questions over close-ended questions.

Open-Ended Questions About Love:

Here are some examples of open-ended questions that can help you focus your emotional energy in order to connect with your intuition and your soul at the deepest possible level. Remember, your power lies within you - not in the world outside of you.

1. What Can I Do to Attract Love?

Be open to new ways of thinking that the cards will reveal to you. Maybe it’s being more lighthearted and playful, maybe it’s about being more generous or even letting go of particular insecurities that are preventing you from growing.

2. Where Is My Relationship Headed?

Ask where your own energy is currently guiding you to know if you could focus on being more positive. The projection of the future isn’t written in stone; tarot readings are like taking the temperature your own energy.

3. How Can I Improve My Relationship?

This type of question requires the most humility but can be the most valuable question you will ever ask in a love tarot reading to get information that will actually help you and change things for you. Perhaps you need to harness your creativity, for instance, in order to direct your energy in a loving way to your community (or even yourself) instead of directing too much energy at your partner.

4. What Can I Do to Find My Soul Mate?

A love tarot reading can reveal when it is time to say how you feel or when it’s time to look inward and work on yourself. Your love tarot reading might tell you that you need to let go of a deeply held belief that is holding you back. This is another one of the most important questions you can ask.

5. What Stands In The Way of Me Finding Love?

Remember, this isn’t about trying to make sense of another person or about changing the way someone feels about you, this is about your own vibration, which either attracts or repels people from you. People can pick up on your intentions and if they feel you truly care about their feelings and happiness, they will enjoy your company. Often we get stuck thinking about how to get what we want, and the tarot helps us shift to think about what we can give so everything else will fall into place.

Close-Ended Questions About Love:

These types of questions are not as highly recommended, as the future is not written in stone. Therefore, it’s hard for our intuition to access these answers. It’s also potentially going to keep you from taking responsibility for your energy and even seeing how wonderful your life can be when you put all your energy into being the brightest light you can be.

6. Is X Attracted To Me?

It’s best not to ask how someone feels about you. It’s better to ask the cards if this person is a good area to focus your energy. Even if someone is attracted to you, it doesn’t mean it’s in alignment with your soul. Just because we could date someone doesn’t mean we should. Also, it would be more valuable (and efficient) to ask the person how they feel about you directly!

7. Is It Time To Let Go of X?

Asking a question like this would be better phrased in your mind as an open-ended question, such as what emotions can I expect if I let go of this relationship? This will tap you into what your intuition already knows. Usually, this can help reveal if we are in an unhealthy relationship or if we are being fearful and need to shift our internal landscape and dig deeper into our spiritual purpose.

8. Is X Ever Going to Commit?

This type of question would be best phrased as an open-ended question, such as what would a relationship with this person represent in my life? or, what does the near future represent for me emotionally in this relationship? Your intuition can be opened much easier with questions like this.

9. Does X Want To Be With Me?

If you don’t feel comfortable asking someone if they want to be with you, it’s better to ask the cards why you’re not comfortable being open to directly asking the person. If you find yourself asking the cards what you should be asking your partner, first try communicating with the person, and if they aren’t open and willing to communicate, it’s probably clear they aren’t treating you well. You don’t necessarily need a love tarot reading to tell you that!

What Questions Shouldn’t I Ask in a Love Tarot Reading?

Happiness comes from the love we give in life, not the love we receive. Most people get very used to thinking backwards about this and run in circles trying to find happiness. To help you stay focused on living with the purpose to be happy instead of seeking happiness in someone else, we want to make sure you avoid asking these types of questions.

1. What’s the Name of My Soul Mate?

There are many possible energetic matches that can show up in your life to help your soul evolve. Limiting yourself to a name could very well block you from many wonderful and loving relationships. This is not going to help your soul evolve nor will it lead to greater happiness. Additionally, no deck of cards (or even the most experience Tarot reader) is equipped to answer this question for you.

2. Does My Ex Hate Me?

Since we cannot change someone else and it’s an invasion of privacy to look into someone else’s energy field, a better question to ask would be how can I heal the energy between me and my ex so that each person feels respected? Sometimes new relationships won’t manifest if we are still blaming others for our feelings or if we haven’t made amends with someone we exchanged hurtful words with. This is often because our subconscious is still holding that negative energy and it needs to be released.

3. Will My Lover Leave Their Spouse?

This question has negative karma. A better question to ask would be how can I best direct my feelings for this person? Perhaps you are misguiding your energy and you can ask the tarot how to better direct your intentions so no one is hurt by your actions - including yourself.

Questions That Are Too Vague

If you ask how to find love, for example, that may be very easy and it would be better to ask how to find healthy, long-term soul connections. It’s easy to love people, but finding someone that we can grow spiritually with over time requires a lot more of us.

Questions That Are Extremely Detailed

Questions about exact dates, names, or specific events are hard to pick up on in the tarot. It’s good to keep a little mystery to life to keep it exciting too! Just work your magic and stay in your power.

Hopefully you have a much better grasp on love tarot readings now. Just remember that the questions you ask and how you phrase them are equally as important to the reading of the cards themselves.

We aim to empower you to create magic in your life and remind you that when you live with purpose, you will attract kind-hearted people.

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