9 Ways to Show Gratitude All Year Long

Posted on April 01, 2016
Updated on October 12, 2021

It’s gratitude season again! Are you feeling thankful yet? Or has the chaos of life and the world just been dragging you down. If so, you are not alone. But did you know that having an attitude of gratitude could be the only thing between you and a successful and abundant life? It’s true. It’s the Law. The Law of Attraction is about many things. So if you need a little bit of help, all you need to do is follow these 9 ways to have an attitude of gratitude…..all year long. And when you do, you will find more joy and abundance in your life, and the spirit that gratitude really is the gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Be Bold
  2. Get your inner lion on! Roar that gratitude! One way to show gratitude and to adopt this attitude all year long is to be thankful like an Aries or a Leo. Fire Signs have it in the bag when it comes to expressing just how happy they are with the world. When an Aries or Leo sees something good, they hang onto it, and do so by lavishing praise and appreciation. Make a big, bold, and unexpected move during the gratitude season and watch it pay off. Roar gratitude like it’s your job, and like a lion would when he’s feeling like the man. Just do it once, and you’ll see.

  3. Be Emotional
  4. Pull those heart strings, baby. If you want an attitude of gratitude all year long, do it from the heart. You don’t need any tips on how to do it if you are literally following your heart. Taurus is very good at this. Taurus keeps it simple and simply displays affection in very small, but bountiful ways. Scorpio also will deeply touch your heart with the smallest display of gratitude, just by words from their heart. There are sometimes in life you need to lead with your head. Saying “thank you” is not one of those times. Follow your heart, and the attitude of gratitude will follow.

  5. Be Flexible
  6. It’s way easier to have a great attitude about life in general, and specifically about gratitude, when you are flexible. This is something that Gemini has in spades that we can all learn from. When you have your mind set on life happening a certain way, and it doesn’t, it can be very easy to be cranky about this. Try something else instead. Be flexible! When you open your day with flexibility, it’s a lot easier to feel and express an attitude of gratitude because your high expectations don’t exist anymore. And guess what? You enjoy life more too. Just ask Gemini!

  7. Be Empathetic
  8. Here is a quality that is most noticed in Cancer. Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac and this is because of empathy. As Water Signs they soak up the lives and worlds of others like a sponge. When you are having a frustrating time at work, on a date, with your spouse, or even over Thanksgiving dinner, take a second to consider the perspective of the other person. Feel the love like a Water Sign and feel the perspective of the other person. You will find an attitude of gratitude about your own life just becomes natural.

  9. Be Humble
  10. There is a time to be a drama queen or king and there is a time to be grateful in the still small moments of life. The season of gratitude is about knowing that there is a bigger world out there, and you are just a speck of dust in it. Virgo has this quality in the bag. Be the Virgo in everyone’s life this holiday season, and watch the gratitude and appreciation come right back to you.

  11. Be the Bigger Person
  12. In the day and age of social media, being the bigger person gets tougher every day. Hate spews everywhere. This is a trait that Libra could teach lessons on. Libra is ruled by Venus and is about as charming and sociable as it gets. She is also ruled by justice and fairness, and does not engage in drama in any way, for any reason.

    Her fellow Cardinal Sign Capricorn is the same. Libra and Capricorn are the two most successful zodiac signs, and one of the reasons is they walk away from the drama. Step away from the negativity and you will find yourself surrounded only by positive people, and so much more to be grateful for.

  13. Be Merry Even When Your Heart is Breaking
  14. This is probably the toughest thing of all to do. In life. Ever. You’ve just been dumped or you just lost your job or you just got declined for your kid’s college loan, or you just…whatever it is that has broken your heart today, and you just don’t want to smile. Life is never about this moment that you are experiencing. Life is an accumulation of moments. This is a trait that Sagittarius can help us all out with. Ruled by Jupiter Sagittarius is the zodiac’s natural optimist. Smile no matter what and trust me when I say that cup of joy will keep on filling.

  15. Be There
  16. Sometimes we really have no clue what to be grateful for. Or how to be grateful. Or who we should be appreciating at any given moment in time. Don’t fret if you feel that way. This is something that Aquarius lives and breathes by, and they are the zodiac’s humanitarian. This is best for group situations, as this is where Aquarius really thrives. Just be there for people. Who doesn’t adore the guy that keeps filling their wine glass at a stressful holiday meal?

  17. Be Specific
  18. Saying thank you is great. Saying, “Thanks for the drink, I so appreciate how you always know just what I need” is better. This is a tip for all zodiac signs that all can do every day in the smallest of ways. When you are showing an attitude of gratitude, that attitude comes off as more sincere when you are specific. And it doesn’t just come off as more sincere, it actually is more sincere. Say thank you, and be specific. You will soon learn more of what they are grateful to you for, and that attitude of gratitude becomes contagious again.


Saying thank you and feeling it are too different things. But they aren’t difficult things to do, if you practice. And you will find with gratitude, practice makes perfect. Gratitude begets miracles too, so this is something you really want to get good at! Be merry, be bold, be specific, be present, follow your heart, and just be the bigger person. Do it all with a little slice of humble pie this Thanksgiving, and you’ve just set the tone for a miraculous holiday season.

How do you express an attitude of gratitude all year long? What is your favorite gratitude story? Drop a note in the comments and let us know.

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