April Soul Note - ​Fuel the Fear

Posted on April 10, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

Hello beautiful Astrology Answers friends. It′s Patti, your Spiritual Guide and Soul Space Facilitator here to talk about our emotions and taking time to really connect with ourselves.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration - Nicola Tesla

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. In other words, we are all vibrational beings originating from formlessness, high frequency light and energy to form and matter, which becomes the human experience.

In form we have access to the five senses, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. By the time we reach adulthood we have had the pleasure of many years of the sensory experience along with a gamut of emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Emotions are your subconscious reactions to physical experience, the information from your environment that comes in through the senses. Emotions play out in the theatre of the body, feelings play out in the theatre of the mind. You are not your feelings - your feelings are happening to you.

When we consider that feelings and emotions inform thoughts, we can have a real mess on our hands or we can have the opposite - peace of mind and a loving heart. There is no easy solution even for the more spiritually advanced.

Thoughts, emotions and feelings tend to hang out together like well meaning friends. However, we’ve all been on the receiving end of a well intended friend, there can be misunderstanding, miscommunication, misconceived perceptions and they all can lead to confusion. What we seek is clarity and what we receive is confusion.

The key to understanding the path to clarity is to be aware that our thoughts and emotions fuel the experience. If we can use the STOP rule we can easily change the direction of the thought-emotion and have an experience that is calming, ultimately providing much needed insight and clarity.

S - stop

T - take a breath

O - observe and

P - proceed

Recently, I had an evening where I just couldn’t sleep. I am convinced that when you are awoken at 3:00am, the soul is trying to tell you something. This particular evening I decided to pay attention. Emotions that I thought were dealt with were present in my bedroom, along with the sliver of moonlight illuminating my partner’s face.

Fear and sadness were creeping up from a place deep within my core. These emotions felt heavy, and if we are energetic beings, I felt dense and weighted in my soft bed.

A wise and distant voice, which I have come to know as my soul or higher self, reminded me to breathe and feel the fear. I glanced over at the clock beside my bed, its red glow illuminating the time. Why did fear have to arise at 3:13 am?

The words, “Rest in the awareness of the breath,” came wafting into my bedroom, along with the cool night’s still air. I immediately thought of one of my wisest teachers and his loving, healing words. How could I rest in the breath when the fear was threatening to swallow me alive? I seemed to rise out of my body.

Hanging in mid air, I observed my breath attempting to escape a heavy heart.

Thoughts, emotions and feelings stuck together like a tangled ball of yarn; I couldn’t separate one from the other. I made a fear-filled vow to have an exit strategy on leaving the spiritual path behind. No more courses, self-help books, workshops, and retreats, I was done.

It has taken countless years to journey to the love mindset, and countless hours of deep inner searching for the greater meaning of life. I remain determined to know the secrets of the universe and just when I think I’ve got it figured out, the ego sneaks up behind me and attempts to keep me in its clutches of fear.

Here we are caught up with the limitations of the personality and with a mind caught in fear - we are immersed in suffering.

An ego filled with fear can have that affect on you unlike a loving soul who just simply wants to be with what arises. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Regardless of the inconvenient time, I was going to come from a place of love and stay with what was arising.

I had read far too many books and received far too many teachings to know that this was the thing to do. I had to allow the emotions, thoughts and feelings to do what they needed to do - accept, allow, flow and provide space with the breath.

I had to STOP. Take a breath, Observe and Proceed. I claimed my fear, almost took it by its hand as I anchored myself in my truest self - love, and decided to go for it. Let the fear run its course.

Every breath invited the fear higher and higher and I slowly felt all fear and sadness leave my body. The deeper I breathed the calmer I became. Like a rising sun, light slowly began to fill my body and began to fill my heart’s center.

Joy filled my body as I slowly arrived to a wonder filled thought, now there was space for something new to slide in.

In the solitude and the silence that comes with the dawn of a new day, I realized that by allowing the fear to be felt I made space for peaceful thoughts, fueling new feelings and emotions.

Every emotion, thought and feeling is inviting us into peace, our true divine nature. By accepting and allowing the fear, I had given myself peace. From the chaos of fear came clarity that every emotion needs to be expressed, ideally without judgment.

If I had resisted the fear, it would have remained and I wouldn’t have given birth to the joy and peace that now resides permanently in my soul.

Please join me for next month’s May Soul Note, and let us know how this article may have resonated with you and dealing with your own fears.

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