Ask Charla: Astrology & Your Free Will

Posted on May 04, 2017
Updated on August 20, 2020

You’re still with me for the fourth edition of ‘Ask Charla’. I first started learning my art in the 1970s, where I spent hours laboring with a slide rule and an ephemeris to cast and interpret birth charts. I hope to pass some of my knowledge along to you! I answer one question from one fo our fans once a week and here is this week’s fascinating inquiry:

“Does astrology take away from the autonomy of the individual?”

Astrology & Free Will — A Contradiction?

This question is very interesting, and one we actually get fairly frequently. I’m an astrologer, but I also firmly believe in the concept of free will. I don’t see this as a contradiction, using astrology and believing in free will? There are some things that astrology can do, and some that it can’t.

Astrology can:

  • Help you to understand your personality
  • Guide you into the correct timing for important decisions
  • Reveal patterns of behavior that might need to be overcome
  • Assist you in finding your innate talents
  • Lead you to discovering your heart’s desire
  • Aid you in exploring the potential of other people
  • Walk you through important discoveries about your life
  • Help you to learn how to help yourself

Astrology can’t:

  • Tell you who to marry
  • Force you to do something you don’t want to do
  • Predict how many kids you’ll have
  • Reveal the date you’re going to die
  • Give you the winning lottery numbers
  • Fix all your money problems
  • Find your true love
  • Make you instantly happy

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It’s All How You Color It

I like to look at astrology as a blueprint. It’s the black lines in a coloring book, waiting for you to add the colors and determine how you’re going to use the knowledge that I uncover to better yourself. You can completely ignore those lines and lead a perfectly happy life; but what happens when you choose to color them, and work with them?

The philosopher Socrates once said ‘know thyself.’ That’s one of the greatest challenges of life. Most people simply exist, rather than actually embarking on their own voyage of self-discovery to unlock the desires of their heart and manifest their destiny.

People grow up trying to please others. They do what their parents tell them to do, or what their peers pressure them into doing because of a desire to fit in. This works in childhood, but once a person hits adulthood, it’s time to explore the authentic self, yet how many people do that?

Maybe you’re in this category. You took over a role in the family business, or you married someone because your parents approved of them. You went into a career because it provided you with the things that you thought you wanted; an income, a home, security.

Yet, are you happy—I mean really happy? Are you content and doing something that you love doing? Are you going to work and counting the days until your next vacation, or your retirement? Do you want to live, or do you want to just exist? Do you want to coast through life or make the most of the time you are given?

What Will Astrology Do?

This is where astrology will help you. It won’t tell you to quit your job and invest in canned tuna. However, it will show you where your natural strengths and challenges are, when the best time for making a move to better yourself, and how to make progress so that you’re truly fulfilled and authentically empowered in your life.

Take some time to reflect on that. Astrology can help reveal your true desires and destiny. If you’re happy with your life the way it is now, great! That’s awesome. Even if you don’t need astrology to find your path, it’s still working in your life? I’ve had clients come to me in their 50s, and as I’ve read their charts and examined important aspects like their first Saturn return or their Uranus opposition.

I can usually tell them about the transit periods in their lives and the planetary aspects that will impact them, even though we’ve only just met! Saturn is a great retrospective tool for looking back and seeing what was influencing you at the time.


There’s an old saying that ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ Astrology won’t remove the crises from your life, nor will it take away the pain. However, when you have a hint about what to expect next, you can better prepare for it. Sometimes, in knowing that there’s some rough astrological weather heading your way.

You can make plans to deal with it, so you’re not blindsided by anything as the planets dance through the heavens. No one can be ready for everything, and astrology won’t divulge the details of what’s about to happen. Be prepared for anything, but expect nothing. The one thing you can be sure of is this too shall pass.

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