Astrology Answers by the Tarot:  So You pulled Your Tarot, Now What?

Posted on June 07, 2014
Updated on July 10, 2020

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Have you ever had a Tarot reading done? If so, have you ever left it feeling more confused than ever? All of those symbols and words and numbers and pictures, they all look so neat, but….what do they really mean? The Tarot is one tool that many psychics, astrologers, and mediums use in their tool box of resources when it comes to answering life’s deepest questions. And sometimes, life’s simplest questions as well! You might be surprised at just how much information you can get from one simple Tarot draw. With these, you can find out when something is going to happen, what might be next in a certain situation, and you can even find out what you should do right now in a certain situation. You may also learn from Tarot that you shouldn’t do anything, that you have already done the work necessary, or that some waiting and patience is necessary. But how do we know those things? One way we learn is by looking at the elements that appear on your Tarot card. We know that the astrology zodiac signs are divided by elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The Tarot is divided this way too! Everything is connected! So this part of the Tarot is precisely what we are going to look at today. Now that you’ve pulled your Tarot, now what? Let’s look at what that means by the elements.

About the Tarot

The Tarot is divided into sections, one main section called Major Arcana. These are all major cards that signify deep life or soul changes on their way to you, or in progress. Many of these cards have to do with Self, and what you need to do to progress. You will see some element symbols in these cards. Temperance for example has two cups, and cups are the symbol that embody the water element.

The next section is the Minor Arcana, that is largely what we will be focusing on today. The Minor Arcana is further divided into 4 suits, like a standard deck of cards. But in the Tarot, those suits are pentacles, cups, swords, and discs. Each of those elements is represented by a symbol, and each of those suits is then divided into 10 cards, numbered 1 to 10.

There are 4 additional cards in each suit called the Court Cards, and so these are the pages, the knights, the queens, and the kings in each suit. The court cards often represent people, but we can cover those details in a future article as well. Today we are just talking about those symbols, and what they mean, so that will mean a focus on the Minor Arcana, and the cards numbered 1 to 10 in each of those. So let’s have a look!

Tarot Deck


Earth is the element that is embodied by the zodiac signs Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. These are signs that are known to be good with money, or good with resources, or among the hardest working signs of the zodiac. In the Tarot, earth elements are represented by symbols we call pentacles or discs. Each reader has their own preference, for this article we will call them pentacles. So when you see pentacles come up in your Tarot draw, work, money, or even resources that come in the way of messages can be referred here. Pentacles also sometimes mean messages in themselves. Timing questions when pentacles come up are always suggestive of longer time frames, or in the Fall/Winter. Remember that pentacles symbolize Earth Signs, and they are the most practical and hardworking group of the zodiac. But their success is slow and steady, so this is also the message when you see pentacles. The answer you seek will not happen overnight. Knowing pentacles represent Earth Signs, we can also say that drawing a pentacle card could represent someone in your life that is an Earth Sign, Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus. I


Cups will likely appear in your spread or in your draw if you are asking a question about love. They are exactly what they sound like, cups and this is what they look like in the Tarot. These cards represent those deep feelings that we all have, and emotions at every level. Cups also represent the Water Signs, so seeing or drawing cups could sometimes represent someone that is a Water Sign, Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. You may not be asking a question about love, but if a cup card shows up anyway, feelings are the center of your question. Cups represent the emotions that we carry, that we offer, that we hold in, whatever cup card you draw will tell you what the issue is with your feelings. Or, that there is no issue at all and that love or your deepest desires are well on their way to you. When it comes to timing questions and cup cards, there are two schools of thought on this. One is that cup cards represent time frames in the spring and in the summer, another is that a cups card will tell you how many months you have to wait for your answer to manifest. So for example, if you asked when you were going to get your promotion and pulled the 9 of Cups, the answer with that timeframe model would be, within 9 months. An experienced Tarot reader can help you clarify precisely when something will happen with your timing questions.


The wands in the Tarot are cards where the individuals in the cards are carrying staffs or wands. Some readers call them staffs, I call them wands. Wands represent creativity and passion, and wand cards will help you determine what your unlocked passions are, or let you know when passion and creativity are on their way to you. Wand cards can also tell you about talents and gifts that you didn’t even know you had, or about things that you can do with your current gifts. If there is a lot of passionate energy around you, even if it is just office drama, the wands will show you that as well. The Wands represent the Fire Signs, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. And we all know how passionate they are! They are also very sexy, fun, adventurous, spontaneous, and passionate. And so if you need more in your life, or if it is on its way to you, the wands will show you that too. Wands also typically represent movement in some cards, as fire energy is very quick. So some wand cards, like the 8 of Wands for example, can represent travel. This card and its movement also symbolizes events happening quickly, and they are usually sensual and passionate ones at that! When it comes to timing questions, if you draw a wand for a timing question you will be in luck because your answer will manifest very quickly. Wand cards refer to late summer and early fall timeframes for many readers, or to the number of days or weeks that you will have to wait for your answer to come true. This will really depend on your own situation. I have seen answers come within 8 hours for someone that pulled the 8 of wands in a Tarot reading with me. Even if your reader can not give you a clear answer on timing with wands, generally speaking you can expect things to happen quickly if a wands card appears on a timing question.


Swords on the other hand are the quickest when it comes to timeframe questions. When you think of a sword and how quickly it slices through air, that gives you the idea of how quickly things can happen under the influence of the swords. Hours, days, and sometimes weeks can mean the timeframe of the swords. As long as it takes the sword to slice through the air of the situation at hand, which is hardly ever a long time, is the length of time your answer will manifest. Swords also represent Air Signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and thus they also represent our thoughts. The role that thoughts are playing in your current situation will appear in the form of a swords card, and each one has their own meaning. Some are painful, we are talking about swords here. And some are about moving past that pain. The 3 of swords is about pain from your past, the 5 of swords is about words in a group hurting someone, the 8 of swords suggests you have some denial going on or some limited thinking. Each of the swords represents a different way of how we manage our thoughts, how they control our lives, and how we can break free from the most toxic ones. Swords are painful cards on occasion, but they always reveal the truth, and there is always healing, like with the 4 of swords, after every heartbreak. Also remember that because swords represent Air Signs, these cards point to using your head over your heart. Air Signs do not wear their hearts on their sleeves and do not understand why people take things personally. This is the mindset you need to take when you draw swords. Use your head, your thoughts, and be realistic about your situation. Swords always represent the truth, and it may hurt, but the work is worth it. A sword card can also mean that an Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini will be influential in the situation at hand.

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