August Soul Note - Our Words Are Our Wands

Posted on August 08, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

It’s that time again, Astrology Answers friends. It′s Patti, your Spiritual Guide and Soul Space Facilitator here with your August Soul Note. And I’m about to teach you about the magic wands we use every single day.

How often have we blurted random words out of our mouths and wondered in that precise moment where the heck they came from?

The other day I was talking with a friend - well, frankly speaking, I was listening to her complain- again. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with what she was saying and felt myself withdrawing physically and mentally. I was desperate to flee the conversation and her company. I felt agitated and irritable by her words of doom, desperation, and dread. In her story, she was continually held hostage and stuck in victim-mode. The more she spoke, the worse I felt.

The weight of her negative words was beginning to take their toll on me. I hesitated as I debated whether or not I should tell her what her words were costing her and the people in her immediate environment.

Clearly, the words I was hearing from my friend were being shared unconsciously and were of a fear-filled nature. She was completely unaware of what her story was doing to her energy and the energy of those around her.

It has become habitual for me to observe my circumstances and experiences as they are unfolding. It could be while having a conversation with a friend,during a chance encounter in a grocery store, or in a heated debate with my partner.

I will ask myself, are my words love-based or are they fear-based?

Everything is vibrational energy. Too often we are absorbed in our ego and humanity and we forget that everything we see, taste, touch, speak, and hear is energy. This energy is what comprises our energetic body, the part of ourselves we know very little about.

Authentic conversation carries a high vibrational energy. The more awareness we can bring to our interactions around our language and posturing, the more harmonious our experiences will be. When we choose our words wisely we have the power to elevate a conversation.

I like to think of myself as a minuscule yet active part of a luminous energy grid that is fuelled and fostered by love. Love is a high vibrational energy, and at our core, it is who we are. Everything is possible when anchored in this expansive energy.

It is this connection that has healed incurable diseases, altered financial situations, and calmed stormy waters in all kinds of relationships. It is this mysterious force that so many of us struggle to put a name to. It is this force that controls the ebb and flow of the tides, the spinning of the planets, the blooming of flowers. It is this energetic force that is our true, divine nature and is sustainable in every aspect of our life. It has the colossal power in leading us down a resplendent path of abundance, bringing our buried hopes and dreams to life.

All too often we can get caught up in our everyday lives with our relationships, careers, finances, and basic survival. We become more invested in a past that no longer exists, a future that hasn’t happened, and we miss the golden opportunities of the priceless present moment, which is where true value and magic exists.

I took a deep breath in, connected to the moment, and asked my friend if there was anything right now, in this moment, that she could be thankful for?

There was a pregnant pause on the end of the line while she took the necessary time to come up with a good, loving answer. Her words felt authentic and I sensed she felt better. I could hear it in her voice and the energy of the conversation quickly shifted. In that moment, both of our spirits lifted and her words and their vibration changed the direction of the conversation.

A few simple words of gratitude had the power to transform the energy of us both and paint a clear picture of more love, not less. Her words of appreciation for a friend who selflessly gave of her time shifted the conversation from lack, fear, and scarcity to love and appreciation.

In that moment I knew she became very aware of the language around her circumstance, and felt confident she would be aware of her language in the future.

Our words are our wands. We colour and create our worlds with what we say in each and every precious moment. We do this consciously or unconsciously, but I would recommend we all begin to make an effort towards consciously and competently choosing our words with awareness and intention.

As I write this, my soul whispers to me to look closer at the word world. My eyes notice the letter “L” gently inserted into the word.

I suddenly realize there is magic at play in the words word and world. When we place love in our words, we change our words into worlds.

A smile brightens my face as I realize yet again what a magnificent world we live in.

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