How to Be More Selfless, Inspired by Full Moon in Pisces

Posted on August 22, 2018

Our lovely, fishy Pisces friends are zodiac standouts when it comes to friendliness, grace, and sensitivity. There’s something about Piscean energy - when it’s focused on you, you feel like the most cared about person in the world.

They’re the ones at the party whom you find out back, patiently listening to Frank, who’s crying on their shoulder over yet another break up. They know something’s wrong without having to ask a single question. “Here, take my lunch,” when you forgot – and they go hungry with a smile.

What can the selfless approach of Pisces teach us about life? What benefits do they enjoy? With the Full Moon in Pisces on August 26th, we thought we’d explore the beauty of being a more selfless person.

How Do I Know if I’m Being Selfless?

When was the last time you did something kind for someone else, just for the sake of it? Being selfless doesn’t mean you give away all your money and belongings to the less fortunate. Some of the most important acts can go completely unnoticed, even by you.

Simply put, selflessness means putting others’ needs before your own. Opening the door for someone, shovelling that extra sidewalk snow between yours and your neighbour’s houses, going out of your way to return a lost driver’s licence or wallet. Those all count!

We have an almost cartoonish way of visualizing the selfless and the selfish. When you conjure someone who thinks only of themselves, are you picturing Scrooge McDuck? Someone who takes every opportunity to step on people and wouldn’t even give someone the time of day if they thought it would keep them ahead?

On the flip side, do you have a Mother Theresa-esque image in your head about selfless people? One who floats through life with a halo above their head? Everything they do is for others, right?

There are many shades of grey on the scale between the extremes of selfless and selfish. Most of us will fall somewhere in that shadowy area, and our ability to float one way or the other will adjust based on where we ourselves are in our lives.

Don’t worry about where you fall on the scale, the important thing is to pay attention to what’s going on around you, and look for opportunities to make someone’s life a little easier.

If this isn’t something that comes naturally to you, consider the next few points…

Pisces Spreads the Love: Community Means We All Win

One challenge for the trusty Pisces is that they can be very co-dependent. In general, this makes it seem like they’re that needy kid in school who starts following you around after you once said hi to them.

Pisceans don’t necessarily need to depend on others, but it sure helps them to feel more confident and secure in their lives. Plus, it’s more fun and entertaining. Is that really so strange? There are definitely hermits in the world, but humans are social creatures, so a little co-dependency and cooperation are pretty normal.

The fact is, cooperation is a key factor in the survival of humankind! Evolutionary biologists Adami and Hintze found that evolution favours altruism and cooperation over being a selfish meanie. In this study, they pose that if our ancestors displayed only selfish behaviour, we would have likely gone extinct!

Back in the day, how far would Joe Caveman have gotten if he hadn’t found a mate, had some kids, and set up shop in a little fire-making, hunting community? Everyone pitched in so he didn’t have to take on all the things that go into survival. All alone, that dude would have been eaten by a sabre-toothed tiger.

That sounds pretty good, right? Helping others means you are contributing to the survival of the human race. One step at a time!

Empathy: When You Feel Good, Pisces Feels Good

Pisces is ruled by the idealistic planet Neptune, which builds a pretty strong case for why they are so willing to contribute. Neptune’s a bit dreamy and very empathetic. When you see the best in people and can tap into their emotions, you can’t help but want to ease any pain or struggle they’re having.

What does this mean? Even when you’re putting yourself out, you’ll be reaping healthy benefits. Here’s some info behind what happens to our brains when we perform selfless acts or reach out to help others.

  • Empathy changes our perspective – sometimes we get so hung up on our own issues that we feel we’re drowning in them. Recognizing areas of your life where you could be more grateful for what you have could be a powerful wake-up call to snap you back to reality, even relieving stress.
  • Empathy helps us live longer – This study found that caregivers live longer than those who aren’t. This includes taking care of pets, loved ones, even potted plants. This may come from a sense of duty: they need you and you don’t want to let them down. It could also be because, as we age, selflessness gives us a purpose and keeps our minds sharp.
  • Empathy helps relieve stress - This chill hormone brings us feelings of calm and relaxation and is a key factor in how we find intimacy with other beings. From a stress perspective, oxytocin can effectively decrease your cortisol levels and lower your blood pressure. When we make a strong emotional bond with someone, our oxytocin levels are bumped up and we feel more relaxed.

When you help someone, it boosts your own feelings of wellness.

Keep it Balanced: Pisces Energy is Drained if They Go Too Far

While we’ve learned how being selfless like our compassionate Pisces friends can benefit more than just the person you are coming to the aid of, we have to be aware of the flip side as well. Pisces can go so far into their desire to help that they can be severely taken advantage of by those who see personal gain in their natural kindness.

There’s a huge difference between sympathy and empathy, and understanding the difference is key to protecting your own sensitive heart! Sympathy is recognizing someone is struggling and understanding (or at least attempting to) what they’re feeling. Empathy entails actually feeling what someone else going through and taking it on your own shoulders as your own emotion. Getting too emotionally invested can actually keep you both down, so find the balance.


What have we learned? That being kind costs nothing, it makes us feel good, it contributes on a larger scale to our sense of community, and it might even help us live longer!

We can learn a lot from embodying this delightful Piscean trait, but we also must listen to our own needs. It’s not selfish to take the time you need to recharge and to make sure people aren’t using your good intentions for their own gain.

There’s a lot to learn, but selflessness is one that’s fun to practice – and even if you’re bad at it, it’s doubtful anyone will get mad or throw something at you. Give it a try!

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