How to Use Jupiter Retrograde to Improve Karma

Posted on June 13, 2019

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​Have you ever had one of those days where you felt a little bouncier than usual? You can probably thank Jupiter for that.

Jupiter is the largest planet, the god of all gods, the planet of optimism and confident energy. When we feel great on those bouncy days, we attract positive experiences, and this is why Jupiter is also a lucky planet.

At this stage of the year, Jupiter will take a little time-out in a retrograde period, bringing a time-out period for us all. Does this mean your luck will run out? No. If you use the retrograde period the way Jupiter wants you to, this will be a period of learning important lessons.

You are not being punished when Jupiter is retrograde. Quite the opposite. During this period, Jupiter points out some lessons to you and signals where you may have overlooked some tests in life. If your karma needs some tweaking, Jupiter points that out, too.

If we use the retrograde period for what it is intended: review, reflection, and reassessment; we can make up those tests and move forward in those areas of our life when Jupiter is direct again.

What is Jupiter Retrograde?

Jupiter is a large planet, and moves rather slowly, staying in each zodiac sign for approximately 12 or 13 months at a time. It goes retrograde for approximately 4 months every year. The effects of Jupiter retrograde aren’t as shattering as the impact of other retrogrades (such as Mercury who moves very quickly and visits a different zodiac sign every 3 to 4 weeks.)

When a planet is direct, it moves in a forward motion and at its regular speed. When a planet is retrograde, the planet slows down. It slows down so much that it appears to be moving backward, but it’s really not backtracking through the sky.

There is the common analogy of cars on a highway. The driver that is moving faster checks their rearview mirror to see the slower vehicles. To the driver in the faster car, the slower vehicles appear to be moving backward, but they aren’t. They are simply moving more slowly.

The same concept occurs with the planets. When a planet is direct, external events in the world will shape our daily lives. When a planet is retrograde, this is our cue from the Universe to slow down and undergo a reflection period before we can move forward in that area of our life again. Remember to focus on the themes commonly associated with retrograde periods: remember, review, reflect, and reassess.

Jupiter rules the themes of philosophy, spirituality, growth, karma, and success. Jupiter is also very optimistic and lucky by nature. When you are growing on your path, Jupiter rewards you with luck. Jupiter retrograde is an important time, even if it feels our optimism is slowed down. It gives us an opportunity to reassess where we are on our spiritual path so that we can move forward when Jupiter is direct again.

The Grand Time Out

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut in an area of your life, and you can’t get out? Maybe you keep having the same relationship problems. Maybe your work life feels stale and uninspired. Any parents that give their children a time-out will understand that the point of that cooling off period is to give the child a period of reflection. They have to slow down and think about what they have done.

That is the exact message from Jupiter during every retrograde. It’s not that we have been bad, or we are being punished. It’s Jupiter, the god of all gods, telling you, “Think about this one and correct your mistakes. Karma is coming your way.”

Ignoring these calls, tests, and opportunities to correct your mistakes means one thing and one thing only from the Universe. If you are so stuck in your ways and refuse to own the responsibility for your part in your life and your problems, the Universe sends you more tests and fated events. Karma is, in fact, a boomerang.

Didn’t back up your computer like you’ve been reminded to do a million times? Mercury retrograde will teach you a lesson there. Didn’t meet the needs of your lover or handled your relationship inappropriately? Venus retrograde is going to send you a test. Jupiter is the planet of integrity and karma. So if you have integrity and karmic issues that you have left unresolved, expect some tests in that area.

What goes around, comes around.

When Jupiter is retrograde in the zodiac sign that it rules, the luck is happening through changes you are making internally. You are responding to Jupiter’s tests. When you are, luck arrives. If you are ignoring karmic lessons, they continue.

Much of the luck you are experiencing now in this area is related to past life experiences. Many astrologers believe that retrograde lessons are always connected to a past life.

That doesn’t mean they are bad lessons to be avoided. Embracing them yields luck.

What lessons are those you ask? We wish we could tell you. The lessons are within. You will understand that more easily if you undergo Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius with the approach that you want to grow.

Reviewing and reassessing your role in key situations is extremely important during Jupiter retrograde. You always have the chance to correct the events yourself, to retake the tests of life yourself, to own your karma and turn it around, before one of these fated events occurs.

When Jupiter is direct, and we are feeling optimistic, we naturally think that anything good can happen at any time. You’re right, it can, but only if you have put forth the effort and the karmic input to earn those rewards. Jupiter direct can inspire us to be lazy and lead us into thinking positive things will just happen to us, but it doesn’t really work that way. Effort leads to bigger rewards. Jupiter retrograde is the same. Complacency is not an option.

Karma is a Boomerang

If you have been ignoring a key karmic principle in your life, Jupiter retrograde is going to inspire you to start paying attention to it. Pretending the problem isn’t there isn’t going to make it go away. That karmic boomerang could make the consequences even worse if you aren’t reviewing and reflecting and correcting your role in certain situations.

It’s a time where new initiatives should be avoided, but you can breathe life into an old event by re-evaluating it and reassessing its realistic viability for success. Correcting your mistakes in these old situations will also breathe new life into it as well, and restore your karma checks and balances.

You will still have many opportunities for unexpected luck in Jupiter retrograde. Don’t think these lucky events will disappear because you are doing the backstroke on your own karma potential. The more work you put out, the more positive karma you attain. That is the Law of Attraction.

It’s like that child that has been given a time out. When the child is taken out of time out if they have corrected the mistake and reviewed and reassessed their role in the situation. If they haven’t, chances of them getting into trouble for the same misbehavior are high.

Concluding Thoughts…

Jupiter always wants you to be the best expression of our highest self. When you are, you are rewarded. Pay attention to the events that happen to you during Jupiter retrograde, good or bad. These are all cues to you from Jupiter. It is telling you where you need to pull up your socks, or where you will get your just deserts.

Our Daily Horoscopes during this transit will also offer multiple ways to point you to exactly what house in your chart Jupiter retrograde will impact the most. It’s all about lessons learned, and the grand time out, and we all have to take these tests of karma. Nobody is immune.

What unexpected luck are you hoping for during Jupiter retrograde?

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