Beneficial Thought: How to Use Rune Stones for Love Readings

Posted on January 31, 2019

As we head into the love month of February, we need to know what’s the what’s what on love, no matter our relationship status. Even if we are in bliss, we wonder. We worry. We hope. And there’s always a tool for allllll of that cray-cray we all get when it comes to love. Just stop, friends and breeeeathe. It’s okay to be nuts about the most important relationship in your life! It’s also okay to be a little nuts about a romantic relationship when you don’t have one, are working out of one, working into one, looking for one, or Oi Vei, there is always a problem somewhere. Even in the best of times. Give yourself a pat on the back for being human and accepting that you want better, no matter what. I call that wealth in love, and the Universe has an infinite supply of it. It’s out there for ya, honey!

Let’s talk about another way to lock that in. First, keep checking your Daily Horoscope and Weekly Horoscope to learn when your best love days are. Keep checking your Daily Tarot reading for symbolic guidance and concrete answers. And today we are going to look at another tool – Rune Stones for lovin’. Let’s have a look.

Rune Stones for Love Readings

Runes go back to ancient times, and by ancient times we can conceptualize to… old. Basically. Hundreds of centuries ago we had Runes.

The first runes looked like the hieroglyphics you see in ancient Egypt and Rome. Today’s look very similar but have strength in symbolism much like the Tarot, but in a broader more “Big Picture” way. If you want to know the depths of your partner’s soul, or who they even are, Runes are really great for a big picture answer here.

The first or most popular set of Runes is a set of 25 Runes called Elder Futhark. Those are the ones that are most common in Sweden, and everywhere. They are a set of stones with symbols on them.

But Rune sets vary from country to country, and even from distributor to distributor today. But most sets today used for readings in the New Age world are very similar.

You use them much like you use Tarot. Meditate or think on your question, then pull one of the Runes. Then, use your Runes guide to learn what that means for you as an answer to your question.

There! You just conducted your first Runes love reading!

Here’s another powerful Runes reading for love that will give you more in-depth answers about you and whoever Universe has planned for you.

Runes Lovers Reading – The Cup

This is a great and in-depth Runes reading for lovers, whether you are single or attached. You are going to first meditate on your relationship, or your desired relationship. Then, you are going to pull 9 Runes from your little pouch.

Once you do, you want to shape them like a Cup. Think of the Cups in Tarot, which symbolize emotions and love.

The first three Runes will form the stem of the Cup, with Rune number 1 being the bottom of the stem. The next 2 Runes will form the base of the Cup, and be located at the top of the stem.

Then, on either side of that, you are going to have the shape of the cup. You’ll have 2 Runes on one side and 2 Runes on the other. Each side represents one partner in the union.

At the end, once you have laid your Runes spread, it might look like a Y.

Let’s have a look at what these Runes mean.

  • Rune 1 – The current state of the relationship.
  • Rune 2 – Your partner’s current position.
  • Rune 3 – The nature of the issue at the heart of the problem or relationship.

Here is the base of your cup, you will have 2 Runes side by side.

  • Rune 4 – Your desires.
  • Rune 5 – Your partner’s desires.
  • Rune 6 – Your challenge.
  • Rune 7 – Your partner’s challenge.
  • Rune 8 – Your future outcome.
  • Rune 9 – Your partner’s future outcome.

What do these things mean? They mean in-depth answers for your relationship (or future relationship).

1. Rune 1 – The current state of the relationship.

This Rune is simply telling you what’s going on now, and what is the most important thing in the relationship. If there are problems, you’ll see it here. If this is a good place to be in love, you may not know it yet and will get that answer now.

2. Rune 2 – Your partner’s current position.

Wondering where your partner’s head is at? This Rune will tell you all that you need to know, without having to ask. You may see a perspective here that lets you know what is going on that you’ve been wondering about. You’ll get more clarity on what they are thinking now about the relationship specifically.

3. Rune 3 – The nature of the issue at the heart of the problem or relationship.

Here you are going to find out the exact problem that led you to the Runes reading to begin with. If there is something deeper that is a problem, Runes are going to point you to this. Sometimes there is nothing wrong, and only joy to work with. And sometimes we don’t know that! Whatever the case may be, this Runes gives you a lot of insight about what is the heart of the matter in the hearts that matter.

4. Rune 4 – Your desires.

What do you want out of this relationship? This is pretty straightforward. What you are looking for and feeling right now is what you will see right here.

5. Rune 5 – Your partner’s desires.

Wondering what your buddy is looking for? Or what they want from this relationship? Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes even soul mate love can be overwhelming. You’ll get a birds-eye view into their heart right here.

6. Rune 6 – Your challenge.

This Rune specifically applies to you and is telling you a message about what is standing in your way of getting your desires. What is crossing the issue? What do you need to deal with before you receive the outcome you are looking for?

7. Rune 7 – Your partner’s challenge.

Just like the previous Rune, this Rune tells you what your partner’s biggest challenge may be. What is standing in the way of them receiving their heart’s desires with you? It could be anything. Be open to the perspective here.

8. Rune 8 – Your future outcome.

Be prepared to see that your outcome may not be the same as your partner’s. But even those that will be together forever will have two different stones here, so don’t be dismayed if your outcome is even a pinch different than theirs. With things as they are, this is the best possible outcome for you at the time of this reading. This is always subject to change. Maybe you work through your challenge and this challenge disappears. Maybe they work through theirs and that challenge disappears. Free will and changes of Fate can always interfere with this outcome, so accept this answer and work to keep it how you like, or, change it to your best path.

9. Rune 9 – Your partner’s future outcome.

This is the Runes telling you what your best possible outcome is here with your partner. This may match their desires, and hopefully it does. But if not, look back to the challenges on both sides and see what you can do together to work through them. You both may want the same thing, but sometimes life interferes and just makes that so darn difficult. This is an important Rune and you need to use its guidance to either enjoy what you have, or see what needs to change so you both find the abundance in love you deserve.

Concluding thoughts…

When it comes to Rune reading for love, you can get instant snap answers with a 1-Rune draw, or a more in-depth picture of the relationship with a love reading. Find out the nitty-gritty with Runes, no matter how confused you may feel right now.

Have a question? There’s a Rune for that.

See how these answers align with your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes, and you’ll have the whole picture to work with. Let us know how it goes!

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