Beneficial Thought: What Free Will Really Means

Posted on October 13, 2016
Updated on June 26, 2020

A New Moon in an orange sky behind some trees.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again….nobody is coming to your house to give you a big bag of money. Well, maybe they are. Some people are just that lucky, or blessed with abundance, however, you want to look at it. But, this is a rare event to be sure. The same concept holds true for love. There is no Prince Charming who is going to tie up his horse outside your house and then promptly swoop you off your feet. You may find your Prince Charming one day, you may earn your big bag of money one day, but none of that is going to happen unless or until you do one thing: Exercise Free Will.

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Free Will Means Driving Your Own Change

There’s a lot of Cardinal Sign energy in the air this month. Our friend, Cardinal Sign Libra launched October with an exciting New Moon. Cardinal Sign energy is all about taking the lead, being number one, being the Captain of your own Fate. Every Cardinal Sign launches a season, they are the leader and initiator of the seasons of change. So every Cardinal Sign has its own season.

Airy Libra is Fall or Autumn, Earthy Capricorn launches Winter, Fiery Aries launches Spring, and Watery Cancer launches Summer. So this is why Cardinal signs are drivers of change, respected leaders in their fields and families. And it is the Cardinal Signs that teach us the most about free will, because they are always exercising it.

Right after the exciting New Moon in Libra this Fall, we have another exciting Cardinal Moon. This is the Full Moon in Aries on October 15. New Moons are about new things, a tiny sliver of a Moon waiting to be filled up with banquets of goodness and abundance. This is why New Moons are about new beginnings. You start a New Moon transit with that sliver of hope and promise. Two weeks later we receive our Full Moon. The Moon is all filled up with everything you’ve been working on, and it’s time to close chapters. This month’s New Moon and Full Moon are both in Cardinal Signs. So we have more energy than ever from Universe to drive our own change.

Your Call From the Universe

And this is where free will comes in. Everybody wants a big bag of money to arrive on their doorstep. Nobody that I know would answer the door and say “no thanks” to that. Every person that I know that is looking for love, wants it to be easy. Nobody that I know that is looking for love would turn down someone that seemed too good to be true, that offered a soul mate connection in an instant, just from answering their door.

Nobody would turn down those offers. But, those offers aren’t ever going to happen. So if you are using up your New Moon and Full Moon wishes every month, waiting for those things to happen to you, you’re going to end up being very disappointed, and even lose faith, in the power of these Moon transits.

This month we have a rare opportunity of two Cardinal Moons in play. This is your call from the Universe to be a Cardinal Sign. Even if you aren’t one. You get to be in the driver’s seat. You are the one that is going to drive change in your life. Want to know a secret? You always are. That’s what free will is.

Yes, Universe is going to send you some lucky strikes on occasion. And if you stick with us, we’ll let you know exactly when. But nobody gets those lucky strikes every day. The richest people in the world, have problems every day. Just ask Brad Pitt. The most solid relationships in the world, have problems every day. Just ask Angelina Jolie.

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Concluding Thoughts

You’re never going to have a perfect life. But you can have your own life of abundance, and harmony when you make that choice. Be inspired by the Moons this month, to make those choices. And don’t let the winds of Fate knock you down. Even if they do, you still have a choice: Exercise Free Will. Destiny doesn’t decide if you get back up again, or stay on the ground. You do! Share a story in the comments below of the last time you used Free Will to drive change or create your Destiny.

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