The Best Crystals For Love, Money and Connection To Spirit

Posted on February 12, 2018

Crystals have unique frequencies that resonate with our energetic field and can help us cultivate specific types of energy that interact with the universal field. Since everything vibrates, even though we cannot see it with the naked eye, we are constantly attracting situations based on our own vibration.

The higher laws of the universe such as the law of attraction are able to work in our favor when we utilize crystals that help us regulate our frequency. Over time, people have reported certain experiences linked to certain crystals. Some help us manifest and others help us calm down.

One of the easiest ways to understand which crystal can help us with what is to look to the chakra system which associates certain areas of our life with colors which again are a frequency. In general, love resonates with green, the heart chakra. Money resonates with yellow and orange, the center of willpower and confidence.

Our spirit resonates with clear and white crystals that connect to the crown chakra. Here are some specific crystals that have been found to help bring more love, money and connection to spirit.

Best Crystals For Love

Rose Quartz - Often those wishing to attract love need to balance the powerful electromagnetic field of the heart chakra. This soothing energy helps allow self love and unconditional love into our vibration by clearing the energy in the lungs, chest and heart.

It is known to help attract love because it is a high vibration quartz that heals our strongest emotional center which is constantly interacting with the environment around us. It’s good to wear this crystal and sleep with it near you.

Rhodochrosite - Bringing spiritual energy into our awareness, we can resonate more loving intentions with this crystal. Known to help us be more selfless, this stone is good for those who feel they need to heal their heart from emotional wounds. It has a strong emitting energy that charges your heart center and allows you to feel more optimistic.

It helps those that feel unloved start loving others so the law of compensation is activated reflecting those loving actions back to us in our interactions.

Peridot - Used by the leaders of Ancient Egypt and Rome, this stone promotes optimism and wards off negative thought patterns. They say attitude is everything and when it comes to love, we want to be sure we attract a high vibration person by keeping our own vibes up. This is good to use in conjunction with the other two love enhancing crystals.

Sometimes we need to feel more confident to attract love. Peridot is associated with sun energy and boosts your self esteem by complimenting the frequency of your solar plexus.

Best Crystals For Money

Citrine - This is probably the best known crystal for success. By activating the power of the sun with our solar plexus, it helps boost confidence and will power. The orange color also stimulates our ability to manifest and come up with creative solutions by activating the sacral chakra.

Store owners often keep citrine by the cash register and this crystal is known to activate the flow of abundance, more energy and positivity. Put it in a place where it can be charged by the sun. Be aware of heated crystals that have been made to look like citrine as they resonate differently.

Jade - This well known prosperity crystal resonates with our powerful heart chakra energy. It’s known as the luck bringing crystal and can help us perceive our own potential. This can bring a more fulfilling type of wealth into our lives by balancing our mind, body and spiritual energies.

Not only does it help us with abundance, but we will be happier when we feel that abundance is improving society as a whole through our own use of our will and creativity.

Topaz - This can help us create a clear vision of what we want to manifest. Sun energy comes with this crystal helping us to recharge and feel joyful. It can help you tune into which path of abundance is in your highest good. As an amplifier, it’s great to use in meditation to visualize, but you can also wear it to feel happy and attract opportunities through your own attitude.

Think of this as the intention magnifier.

Best Crystals For Connection To Spirit

Moldavite - This has a very high vibration, so it will adjust your frequency by bringing to light what needs healing in your energy field. Its energy is intense in that it will allow you to face your subconscious fears to debunk them. It’s known as a stone of ascension because it allows you to perceive situations from a higher vibration almost instantly.

Many people choose to use it in doses and not wear it all the time because of its strong energy. You may not want to use it when you need to take care of day-to-day tasks but utilize it when you’re ready to meditate and do your inner work.

Charoite - Its violet color aids us in bringing spiritual energies into our mind. It helps eliminate fear so we can sense our own spiritual abilities. It can help us feel more peaceful by allowing us to let go of frustration we may be unconsciously holding onto from past experiences.

This is a great way to awaken the third eye and cleanse your aura so you can vibrate with higher frequency spiritual guides.

Blue Kyanite - Known as the healer’s stone, it conducts a lot of energy. Its blue color resonates with our communication center so we can tune into spiritual messages. It raises your vibration quickly and removes emotional blocks that may be keeping you from connecting to your spiritual self and higher consciousness.

It is protective and great to use in your meditations to allow pure spiritual guidance to reach you.


The crystal world is vast and you can come up with your own combinations based on your intuition and experience with them. It’s interesting that you’ll often find a crystal that is known to help with exactly what you’re working on at that time without knowing it’s properties. Your intuition can help you choose crystals as your life changes.

Here’s another article you’ll like about love, 5 Healing Crystal Must Haves If You Need Miracles In Love. As we learn how to consistently keep our vibration up, I highly recommend combining astrology with your use of crystals. Some days we need calming energy and some days we need positive energy based on planetary movements.

Here’s a great article to help you combine these two subjects together, Crystals, Gems, Stones and Astrology, How Does It Work?.

Finally, if you really want to make the crystals work for you, think about how they are interacting with your energy field and do everything you can to keep your body running smoothly. That means eat a very clean natural diet and surround yourself with positive people and environments.

Use affirmations to keep your mind in a positive state and these energies will be amplified that much more. I use alkaline water and lots of raw greens to keep my energy as strong as possible. If you have a strong baseball bat made of steel, you need strong muscles to get the ball into the outfield.

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