7 Facts About the Crown Chakra You Should Know

Posted on April 19, 2017

Working with chakras is popular these days, because it’s easy to do and very effective. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel,’ and it’s used to describe the swirling wheels of energy that run along the spine.

They start with the root chakra at your tailbone, and go up to the crown chakra at the top of your head. When they’re open and functioning properly, life is good! However, when they get imbalanced, either being over stimulated or under active, then problems can occur, let’s delve deeper into the crown chakra.

1) Where is the Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra is located at the top of your head, right where the ‘crown’ of your hair is. It’s the uppermost of the seven chakras. It resonates with the musical note of B. This chakra draws energy up through the rest of the energy centers.

For this chakra to be balanced, they all need to be working optimally, too. The crown chakra is associated with the highest levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. It correlates to the brain, the pituitary gland, and higher consciousness.

Spiritual energy and well-being are cultivated here. It’s where you transcend your own ego and can touch the divine. Devotion and selflessness occur, and you feel at one with the universe.

2) What Color is the Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra is represented by the color violet (a lighter, richer, more pink-purple than the third-eye-chakra.) Sometimes it’s depicted as gold, or clear. Of course, this is just the color associated with it; the actual chakra has no color of its own.

Violet is the color of transformation. Gold is the color of perfection. Clear is the color of purification and healing, and also contact with your higher self and your spirit guides.There are many ways that you can use these colors to help bring your crown chakra back into balance.

Wearing clothing in the colors mentioned or using healing crystals, precious gems, and minerals in those hues will enhance that energy. If you’re working with reiki healing stones, choose the light purple one.

If you are using a chakra pendulum to heal this area, then you want to focus on the purple area of the wand, meditate and imagine the healing energies flowing into your crown chakra.

3) What is the Normal Function of the Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra is linked directly to your relationship with your divinity. It’s where your holy ecstasy is found, and where your spirit communes with your spirit guides and your divinity, however you perceive them to be. Enlightenment, guidance from higher powers, and spiritual phenomenons are all associated with the crown chakra.

When it’s open and balanced, you’ll find great joy and connectedness here. Your connection to the spiritual aspects of your life is strong, and your faith unshakable. You feel that you’re led by your guides and masters into a place of oneness and purpose. Your life is filled with happiness and satisfaction.

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4) What Happens When the Crown Chakra is Overactive?

When this area is overstimulated, you try to make life even more wonderful than it is, you try to inflate your importance. You might think you’re some kind of guru, or more wise and sage than you actually are. Your personal power becomes all-important, and you have little time for those who you feel are somehow less significant than yourself.

The more subtle shades of lilac and lavender will help you to restore the balance to an overactive crown chakra. Suitable crystals include amethyst, fluorite, and lepidolite. Your purple reiki stone will work, as will the purple on your chakra pendulum.

Wearing muted purple headbands or hats is also useful, as is purple jewelry. You might even want to pin something to a hat, in order to really saturate the area. Bathing or showering with your favorite lavender bath products also helps, especially if you can immerse your head in the water.

5) What Happens When the Crown Chakra is Underactive?

You might lose touch with your divine guidance if this chakra is underactive. You start to trust what you experience through the physical senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, rather than having faith in higher powers.

Perhaps you’re even angry at your divinity for some reason and have chosen to alienate yourself from your faith. You’re frustrated, despondent, and life just isn’t joyful any longer. In order to restore balance to your crown chakra, you have to find your way back to your faith—even if it’s just faith in yourself.

Don’t isolate yourself; find a like-minded group of people and make time to visit with them regularly. Prayer and meditation work, even if you feel that it’s pointless when you first start. Wear the brighter shades of purple, and work with clear quartz in order to amplify your attempts at reconnection.

6) How does my Crown Chakra Relate to Energy?

The seventh layer of the subtle body is the causal layer, and it’s the outermost layer of the subtle body. This is where your connection to divinity is found and where divine consciousness melds with your own.

Some say that this is where your life’s blueprint can be found, and the reason that you took this incarnation this time around. This is your link to your guides and ascended masters. When this area is balanced, you’re joyful and worry free, and you don’t have to fear what’s coming.

You are aware of your own self-worth, but you don’t see yourself as more important than anyone else. You’re observant and intuitive, maybe even a bit psychic, but there are no delusions as to what’s fantasy and what’s reality. You are in love with every moment of your life, and find something to celebrate in all things.

7) What can I do to Heal the Crown Chakra?

Massage has been a form of healing therapy for millenniums, and head massage even has it’s own area of expertise. Known as shiroabhyanga, it’s one of many different massage techniques used by alternative healers to balance energy in the body.

There are many benefits to a good head massage, including helping you to avoid headaches, neck-aches, and backaches; relieving tension and promoting relaxation and stress-free living, and increasing energy levels and the capacity to remember things.

Using essential oils on the scalp is beneficial, but not always practical, for they get into your hair. However, it’s possible to get the benefit from essential oils even without using them in a head massage.

Oil diffusers are one way of doing this. Add a few drop of a crown-chakra oil to the warmer. Breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, and feel the scent of the oils working on your crown chakra to bring it back into balance. Myrrh, helichrysum, and spikenard are just three of the more popular oils for this area.


The crown chakra needs to be balanced and functioning optimally for you to have a healthy relationship with yourself and with divinity, but it’s important that you don’t start working on your chakras from the top downwards.

All the other chakras have to be in balance first, which is why it’s always recommended to start at the root chakra and work upwards. You’ll know when this specific area needs a tuneup because your faith will wobble, and you’ll feel uninspired about your life.

You may even start to believe in your own self-importance, and belittle those around you. Once this area is balanced again, your faith in yourself and your divinity will be restored and flowing happily.

You’ll see that you don’t need to be more or less important than anyone else, you just need to be. It’s that acceptance that will bring you the joy and fulfillment that you were meant to experience in this lifetime.

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