Debra Silverman - Mercury in Retrograde: Flipping the Script on Old Thinking

Posted on December 20, 2017
Updated on August 14, 2020

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When the average person warns and waxes about Mercury in retrograde throwing lives into unmanageable chaos, it is a sign to get clear about this astrological cycle.

Are you in a phase where nothing seems to go your way? If so, you’re not alone. You can blame it on Mercury, which is in retrograde from December 3rd to December 22nd in 2017, but you can also use knowledge of this powerful time to your advantage.

Ruler of communication, technology and transportation, Mercury can wreak havoc if ignored, especially since it’s in retrograde during the holidays.

Instead of hibernating until this phase ends and fearing Mercury’s potential for mayhem, inform yourself about how to manage this current phase of Mercury in retrograde.

Taking the time to mindfully reflect and reboot during this period will help you thrive and ring in the new year, ready for whatever 2018 may bring.

Going Back to Move Forward

During the current phase of Mercury in retrograde, you may feel like you’re swimming against the tide. Miscommunication with friends and family, technological glitches, travel delays — these frustrations are all typical when Mercury is in retrograde.

Instead of fighting against the tide, however…swim with it. You’ll find this planetary phase to be a lot smoother if you do.

Mercury is in retrograde three to four times per year. In 2017, Mercury was in retrograde the first week of January, most of April, mid-August through the beginning of September and for most of December.

Considering Mercury is in retrograde during the holiday season in a year that’s already been full of upheaval, I sincerely hope you’ll see this planetary phase as an opportunity to reflect, renew and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

I’m here to help you through these next few weeks. Check out my video horoscopes for some insights on Mercury in retrograde.

Flipping the Script

Instead of rushing through the next few weeks and diving headfirst into 2018, why not see the final weeks of 2017 as an opportunity to slow down?

Keep in mind that Mercury is the messenger planet, so it rules all types of communication, transportation and travel as well as trade and commerce.

Proceed with caution when dealing with these areas with Mercury in retrograde. Knowledge is power, and I’m here to give you some ideas for making the most of this phase

Here are some suggestions for making the most of the last few weeks of 2017:

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