December Soul Note - Just Do It: Allow Yourself to Feel It All

Posted on December 08, 2017
Updated on August 10, 2020

Happy Holidays my wonderful friends! It′s Patti - your Spiritual Guide and Soul Space Facilitator here at Astrology Answers again for my December edition of Soul Note. It’s wonderful to have you joining me again, or if you are new, for the first time!

For the majority of my life, I have been intrigued by emotions, even the so-called unpleasant ones. I am awed by the power of love and equally perplexed by the potential of anger and fear. Based on the teachings of Abraham-Hicks’ emotional tone scale; fear, grief, and depression are rated at the bottom of the scale at twenty-two and freedom, appreciation and love are rated number one.

Several years ago, I received the teaching that emotions are energy in motion (e-motion) and need to be expressed, however, we live in a society where the majority of our feelings are suppressed and we go to great lengths to keep them there.

Addictions play a key role in keeping emotions suppressed. By self-medicating, gambling, shopping, and the list goes on, we continue to unconsciously keep emotions buried. By distracting ourselves from feeling and expressing emotion we will inevitably put ourselves at risk and those in our immediate environment.

Continuing to shove emotions down and cover up how we feel has the potential to destroy many lives, which is much too high a price to pay.

Anger is one of those emotions that have the capacity to wreak havoc on our psyche and physiology when not dealt with. According to Hicks, anger on the emotional tone scale is number 17. In other words, it holds weight. Anger has immense power to drag our energy down, hold us hostage and will invariably affect our health and wellbeing.

Abraham-Hicks, the aficionado on the universal law of attraction, says “what we think about we bring about,” informing us that humans are vibrational and energetic beings. When we hold onto anger it vibrates in our energy field and will attract more anger. Ideally, we should allow the energy of anger to be expressed in a healthy, constructive way without judgment.

Several years ago I attended an intensive workshop based on internationally renowned psychologist Bob Hoffman’s work, the Hoffman Process. I spent a whole day with anger. I recall mumbling under my breath that the exercise would be a walk in the park for me; I simply was not an angry person.

We were given a yellow plastic bat and a soft down pillow. The pillows came in assorted sizes and colors and the facilitators smiled like Cheshire cats as they handed out the props needed to take us into battle. It’s as if they were hiding a secret and couldn’t wait to share it.

One of the facilitators walked straight up to me, I could almost feel her breath fall upon face. She stared deep into my soul as she handed me my token pillow. Time seemed to stand still. I had enough workshop experience to intuit this was not coincidental. She sensed something.

I began swinging the bat as per the cues. Suffice to say, I was going through the motions. At the very least I surmised, I would receive an upper body workout—this was the thought that threw me into action. Within five minutes I was swinging the bat like a crazy person.

Yelling and screaming superlatives, I bashed the pillow until it became a blur of white feathers. As if on automatic pilot I was full speed ahead. I was losing my mind and it was fuelling my biceps.

I was one of the last to finally lay my bat down amidst hundreds of tiny down feathers that were now scattered by the chair that once held an intact down-filled pillow. I felt like a soldier on a battlefield who had dropped his weapon in defeat. I had nothing left. I simply surrendered. We were asked to be in silence for the duration of our day.

Relieved, I returned to my room. I couldn’t wait to rest my weary body. That night I slept like a baby and awoke to a clear blue sky outside and a clarity and space felt deep within. My muscles were stiff and sore but I definitely felt lighter. As the day progressed there were several comments from others that I looked younger.

Using a form of psychotherapy, which works with the body and mind to assist in overcoming emotional blocks, I was able to express the anger that was being stored in my body. I had given the anger an outlet and according to the emotional tone scale I had climbed to contentment, number seven.

Thankfully, I hadn’t taken my anger out on anyone, I owned it, albeit unknowingly and I honored it by allowing it to move. By acknowledging my anger I ultimately received a sense of calm and peace.

Consider giving yourself a gift. Go buy yourself a plastic bat at a toy store, find a down-filled pillow and go crazy. Give your anger an outlet, truly an act of self-care, self-acceptance and self-love.

Like the popular Nike ad affirms, “Just do it!”

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and spread joy around. Be sure to join me next month for another edition of Soul Note.

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