Finding Your Own Destiny in the Palm of Your Hands

Posted on July 04, 2016
Updated on February 08, 2019

How many times have you heard the cliches, “the answer is at the tip of your fingers,” or “you hold your fate in your own hands.” Even though these statements may be old and tired, they’re also true! Palmistry (also known as palm reading or chiromancy) is the art of foretelling or prediction through the study of the lines on the palms of your hands and is extremely popular with people seeking answers on the topic of relationships. If you’re stuck in love and don’t know who to look for or where to find romance, palmistry could hold the answer. With a little bit of knowledge about this ancient art, you could find that your love destiny is in the palm of your hand — and then take actions to make things happen!

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Your Love Line

There are many places when examining your palms that you can look for love. Of course, the most obvious one is going to be the love line. This is the line that runs from just under your little finger across your palm. It’s the topmost main line on your hand, and it’s pretty easy to spot. This line can reveal much about how you express your emotions — which of course, provides you with a lot of insight to your love life.

This line tells you why you love what you do, and what kind of people you’re likely to get along with. If you’re right-handed, the line on your left-hand shows the potential that you brought into this lifetime. The line on your right-hand shows you how this is likely to manifest in your destiny. If you’re left-handed, it works the other way around, with your right hand showing you your potential, and your left hand showing you how you can make it happen.

It makes sense, then, that you need to look at the lines on both hands to get the full story. To understand how to find the romance you want, you have to understand why you want it and how to get it. Discrepancies in these lines — where one hand is vastly different than the other — can show you that you’ve had some incarnations where you’re not learning what you need to learn in order to find emotional and spiritual compatibility with someone. Extensive differences in these lines can indicate that there’s karma here, too, and if the karmic lessons are not being learned, then that will carry over from lifetime to lifetime. That can be real soul mate stuff once you start working with it.

Analyzing Your Dominant Hand

Now look at your dominant hand, and see whether your heart line is set high up towards your fingers, or lower down towards the center of your hand. The closer it is to your fingers, the more your head rules your heart. Also, look at how straight that line is. It should have a natural curve to it, and if it’s unusually straight, then you may have trouble recognizing and filling your emotional needs.

Is this line forked? You could be forgiven for thinking that if the line splits in two then you are going to have two great loves in your life — and that is indeed one interpretation. However, this split can also indicate that there are other factors that influence your choice when it comes to lovers, such as their financial status, for example. We’ve all heard about people ‘marrying for the money’, or out of a sense of obligation.

How deep is that line in your hand? Is it etched well into your flesh, or does it seem to only just scratch the surface? The deeper the line, the deeper your emotions run. That may or may not be a good thing. If your line is deep, you’re going to have to watch for jealousy. If the line is shallow and short, then maybe other factors of your life are more interesting to you than romance. If the line is deep and wide, you may have had some emotional issues to deal with in your life; this can point to either neglect or maybe someone who loved you so much that they made you feel stifled in some way. This doesn’t have to be a lover, either. A parent or friend can create that kind of impact, too.

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Your Destiny is in the Palm of Your Hand

So you see, your love destiny is in the palm of your hand — or maybe more accurately, the palms of your hands. There’s so much more to this than just your heart line, though. An experienced palm reader will also examine the mounts of the Moon to learn more about your emotional health, and guide you through how to find someone who’s best suited for you when it comes to choosing a romantic partner. There are also all the other markings to consider, such as crosses, stars and more. Even the whorls on the ends of your fingertips can tell you about yourself, and what kind of lover to look for — imagine what their hand can reveal to you.

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