Chakra Healing: How to Cleanse and Charge Your Chakra Pendulum

Posted on March 11, 2018

You hear us talking about chakra cleansing a lot. Chakras are those little invisible energy wheels inside your body that help you keep your mind/soul/body connections in perfect harmony. You may hear about this concept a lot if you follow our health horoscopes. If you haven’t, that’s okay too.

Chakra healing is a wonderful way to just keep your systems in good working order, and in sync with each other. Chakra exercises are like oil changes to your car. They are important, but because we can’t see our chakras the way we can see our fingers or our heads, it’s not as easy to tune them as we would like. I recommend a chakra pendulum to help you do this.

A chakra pendulum is a physical tool you can hold in your hand, to help you obtain divination or answers beyond what astrology offers. It can also help you clear your chakras and keep them tuned up! This is what we are going to talk about today.

Can chakra pendulums really cleanse chakras?

Yes. Just like your chakras, the tools you use to cleanse them needs to be in good working order as well. You don’t want a mechanic making an oil change on your car with a tool he bought 50 years ago, and you don’t want a doctor using something on you that may be carrying negative energy or is just plain dirty. The same is true with your chakra pendulum.

To stay clean and pure and free of all negativity on the inside, you need clean tools to work with. This is what we are specifically looking at today. Cleansing and charging your chakra pendulum is easier than you think.

As you go into this, it is important to remember that everything in the universe is connected. It doesn′t matter what zodiac sign you are, anybody can learn how to prepare chakra pendulums so that we can use cleansed and charged divination tools whenever we need a little chakra tweak, or answers beyond astrology and horoscopes.

Pendulums require a very special preparation when it comes to making sure they are ready to give you the most precise answers that you are looking for. Here is a very simple method to cleanse and charge your pendulum divination tool so it is prepared properly every time you use it to align chakras or give you answers on simple, every day questions.

1. Salt method of pendulum cleaning.

The first step in preparing your pendulum is to cleanse it. You don′t need to cleanse your pendulum every time you use it, unless you are using it a lot and with a lot of different people. Cleansing is a very simple process but it does take approximately 8 hours to do it properly, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time.

I usually cleanse mine overnight, so that I don′t ever feel like I am without my pendulum. All you need to cleanse your pendulum is some sea salt and a glass of water. Get a small glass of water and dissolve about 1 or 2 tablespoons of sea salt, (Yes, it has to be sea salt!), then place your pendulum in the water overnight. Yes it really is that simple!

The reason this works is because salt is known to remove negative ions, or in the pendulum′s case, negative energy. Keeping your pendulum bathed in sea salt overnight will be the only trick you need to cleanse it from any negative energy that could interfere with your quest for inner peace.

2. Charge it!

Now that your pendulum is cleansed, you want to charge it! You′ve accomplished the task of removing all of the negative energy from your pendulum, now you want to fill it up with loving energy from the universe. You are going to use your favorite luminary to do this. The Sun and the Moon shine energy onto the world that we use every day.

After your pendulum has been cleansed, place it in a ray of sunlight for about 8 hours, or where moonlight can shine on it overnight. It is best to do this during a full Moon, as it is always easiest to capture Moon energy at that phase, but if you have a good Moon spot in your home any day will do.

Simply place your pendulum in the Moon or Sun spot of your choice, and let your favorite luminary do all of the work for you. Your pendulum should feel warm when you are done. That means it is fully charged up and ready for use!

3. Calibrate your pendulum.

Once your pendulum is cleansed and charged, you’ll notice right away it seems more alive to you, especially if you use it often. Now you want to calibrate it by finding out what its “Yes” and “No” answers are with some simple pendulum exercises. To calibrate your pendulum divination tool, ask the pendulum questions you already know the answers to.

I always use name questions as an easy and fast way of doing this. “Is my name Harold?” will give me the pendulum response of “No.” Now I know what “No” answers look like from my pendulum. “Am I a girl?” will give me a pendulum response of “Yes.” Now I know what “Yes” answers look like from my pendulum.

Once you have these answers, your pendulum is calibrated and you are ready to give yourself, or someone else, a full pendulum reading with this divination tool!

4. Cleansing your divination tools with sage.

The more you use your pendulum divination tool, the more often you will have to cleanse and charge it. You can cleanse and charge any divination tool using these methods, but you can′t use salt water on your Tarot unfortunately. For this we turn to sage. Sage works like salt water in that it cleanses negative energy from inanimate objects.

You may have seen someone sage a house or a room before. You can use sage on your pendulums and Tarot decks as well! Burning sage is a very therapeutic exercise for your pendulum, and for you. It’s quicker than charging with the Sun as well, although not as effective.

If I’ve had a super negative reading with someone for example, and don’t have time to cleanse the pendulum with salt water before I use it again, I will give it a quick sage. Just burn the end of the sage, and waft it around your pendulum a few times. I find this very relaxing. There is no set amount of time to do this for.

A few times will do the trick, but if you enjoy it, enjoy the moment.

As far as your pendulum divination tool is concerned, you won′t need to calibrate it every single time, but it does help after charging and cleansing to give you validation of the answers that you seek. As well, sometimes pendulums are tricky things, and like to change their answers when different people are being read.

If you use your pendulum on yourself, and then on someone else, performing a quick calibration with the querent in question will help you to make sure your pendulum is not playing tricks on you.

Concluding thoughts…

If you ever need help with your own divination tools, or are looking to purchase some of your own, let us know! Astrology Answers is home to an awesome team of experts waiting to answer your burning questions, and we have our own Astrology Answers based divination tools as well.

Divination tools can be used by any zodiac sign to get immediate answers for you or cleanse your chakras, when our experts are not available. Don’t forget to keep your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes bookmarked so you know what astrology is throwing your way on any given day.

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