Daily Horoscopes for Furbabies: How Astrology Affects Our Pets

Posted on April 04, 2018
Updated on November 03, 2020

Have you ever wished you could check your pet’s daily horoscope? Astrology can affect our furbabies just as much as it affects us, so it makes sense to see what the stars have in store for our furry friends.

Pets have their own special little birth charts, although it can sometimes be difficult for a pet owner to determine the exact information necessary to cast your furry friend’s complete chart. For instance, you may know the birthdate of your pet, but perhaps not the location or time they were born.

There is good news, however. The qualities associated with certain astrological signs may guide you toward figuring out what little Spot’s sign is most likely to be. To help you sift through the information, we’ve compiled a list of the signs and the traits likely to be displayed by an animal who falls under that sign.

Discover Your Pet’s Zodiac Sign & Check Our Your Furbaby’s Daily Horoscope!

Let’s explore the astrology of animals and see if we can better determine your fluffy feline or cuddly canine’s sign. Then, if you’re reasonably certain you’ve figured it out (or maybe you know for sure), you can start reading your pet’s daily horoscope to get some insight into how they might be feeling. Haven’t you always wished you could tell what your pet was thinking? Now you can!

Aries Pet

An Aries pet is likely to exhibit signs of bravery and leadership, often protecting the other, perhaps smaller, animals in the house—and even keeping a watchful eye on you. Aries pets want to be the boss, the alpha, and even their stride seems confident.

They let you know when they want attention and typically enjoy quite a bit of independence. They might be more territorial than other animal signs, much like their human counterparts.

Taurus Pet

Taurus humans must keep an eye on their behaviour to make sure they don’t become lazy, but Taurus animals don’t generally have job responsibilities or prior obligations, so their laziness can be indulged, and often is. These pets take frequent naps and enjoy their daily snacks, maybe even too much at times.

They simply want to enjoy their luxurious, yummy life. Make sure your Taurus pet gets some exercise, as this animal sign is known for putting on weight in their old age.

Gemini Pet

These pets contain an almost endless well of energy, and they aren’t afraid to share it. These are the pets who demand attention and go to great lengths in order to please or entertain their master. They have a formidable charm that translates even to strangers; everyone loves this animal.

Their curiosity may sometimes get the better of them, so try to keep an eye out when they’re off on their adventures.

Cancer Pet

Your little Cancer friend is likely to be as sensitive as its human counterpart. Cancers love very deeply, and this pet probably looks at you as though you’re the only human that exists. They do not like to be chastised, and might even go off to their own corner of the world to pout it out. They want your attention and they want it now!

Leo Pet

Like their Aries cousins, Leo pets tend to lead rather than follow. Think of the pride of a lion and remember that your little Leo friend possesses this level of confidence and determination. They are faithful to their owners, but they may become upset with you when you establish your dominance or scold them.

This pet sign is particularly well-behaved and loving with children, so feel free to bring the little humans around.

Virgo Pet

Have you ever met a Virgo person who wasn’t orderly and neat? Virgo pets share the same love for cleanliness and may be found grooming themselves every chance they get. This sign is representative of knowing oneself and one’s desires, and as such this can make for quite a demanding animal, perhaps more so than any other sign.

Don’t fret, silly human, this pet will let you know what they want and when they want it, whether it be attention or simply supper.

Libra Pet

These little animals can be quite chatty, or they may have sharpened their nonverbal cues enough to show you want they want simply by body language. It sometimes feels as if the Libra pet can peer into your soul. This peculiar little creature can be very affectionate, yet equally persnickety.

They are pretty much set in their ways and enjoy routine. These pets come into the world with a deserving, regal attitude.

Scorpio Pet

Do you seek loyalty in your pets? Then the Scorpio animal will win you over almost instantaneously. They love you dearly and their home even more so. This is not a pet who enjoys moving around from place to place. They enjoy their time spent alone, but will often seek you out when they want to express their love.

Their charm and loyalty will pull at all of your heartstrings.

Sagittarius Pet

The pets who fall in the sign of Sagittarius are energetic and strong-willed. They can almost be seen as the dopey, fun-loving sign of the group. Sure, they may have trouble with their balance or even act goofy at times, but they make up for their clumsiness with their ability to love.

They develop a fierce bond between themselves and their human, so if you want adoration and love, this is the sign to look for.

Capricorn Pet

Capricorn animals seem older and more dignified, regardless of their age. It is their wisdom that shines through in their personality. They enjoy napping, eating and cleanliness. Like their Taurus cousin, their love for snacks can prove problematic at an older age, so force some exercise upon this fun-loving pet.

They’re peaceful and pleasant pets to have around.

Aquarius Pet

These perceptive pets understand you in an almost eerie way. Their gentle intuition seems to follow and anticipate your every mood. They are curious and adventurous, making this one of the easiest pet signs to groom - no attitude or scratches along the way!

Like many of the signs we’ve explored today, this pet loves their snacks and should be monitored around food to avoid weight-based illnesses. This pet will always bring a smile to your face.

Pisces Pet

This is another pet sign that includes a modicum of sensitivity and perhaps moodiness. They pick up on your mood, so be careful when you’re stewing and ranting as your furry friend can sense this and it will pain them.

These animals may fall prey to impulse and indulge their curiosity in a manner that sometimes causes accidents for them, so keep an eye out when they’re on an adventure. This pet is likely to want to stay snuggled up in your lap all day.


If you know your pet’s birthday, this is a fun way to learn a little bit more about them. If your pet is a rescue and their birthday is not able to be determined, take a closer look at this list of characteristics and see if you find a description that fits with your pet. Then, go ahead and check out the Daily Horoscope for their sign so you can strengthen your bond with your pet even more.

Now that you know your pet’s zodiac sign, check out your Zodiac Pet Compatibility!

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