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Posted on November 08, 2016

There’s some question as to the validity of the birth certificate, so take what the following astrological interpretation for Donald Trump with a grain of salt. From what I could gather, it seems that he was born June 14, 1946, at 10:54 am, in Jamaica, New York. I’m going to run with that.

Donald Trump Birth Chart Analysis

Assuming this information is correct, The Donald has quite a lot going on in his birth chart — and this year looks like a doozy for him. With a rising sign of Leo, he seeks attention, admiration, and wants to be thought of as dominant and strong. He’s not short of pride! He’s one who enjoys indulging in power and privilege, but not necessarily the responsibilities that come with that role. Many critics of his business practices are familiar with this. That also ties in with Pisces being on the cusp of his 8th house. The 8th house rules other people’s money, big business, inheritance, and attitudes towards sex, birth, and death. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of nebulousness, illusion, creativity, and transcendence. You only have to dig a little into some of his speeches to see how all of this applies — good, or not so good!

His Leo rising sign makes him enigmatic and idealistic. He’s more likely to be impressed by people who have wealth and power rather than those who are humble and compassionate. He prefers success and elegant surroundings to the wilds of nature. This is also reflected in the placement of his natal Mars.

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Survival of the Fittest

In astrology, Mars rules all things dynamic, assertive — perhaps even aggressive — and in The Donald’s chart, it’s also in Leo, and only 3 degrees away from his Ascendant. This is going to add that animal instinct, that ‘survival of the fittest,’ to his character. It brings heat to his male archetype, puts more fire into his libido, and shortens his fuse when it comes to temper and patience. Like him or loathe him, you have to admit that he’s a pretty fiery guy!

His chart’s also interesting because he was born during a lunar eclipse, with his natal Sun in Gemini making an exact opposition to his Moon in Sagittarius.

Let me explain this very clearly: Trump’s ego (the sun) is outshining his emotions (the moon). His feelings are pushed back, that his sense of self might shine through even stronger — and the Leo rising sign highlights this. There’s an intensity here, but it usually only emerges when backed into a corner or confronted. Are we seeing this in the election campaigns, maybe? The Uranus / Sun conjunction only emphasizes his need to be a strong individual, which means that a Uranus / Moon opposition can make personal relationships hard work.

This doesn’t negate his sensitivity — with three natal planets in Cancer, he’s very attentive to his children and his family’s traditions. This is in the 11th house, though, so he may see them as extensions of himself, assets to his goals; after all, he does have his kids working with him. Saturn in Cancer drives him toward emotional security, and he may be worried that those on whom he depends might let him down in the future. He’s not one to lose his control when it comes to his feelings, either. Yes, he’s very passionate about what he believes in, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever see an emotional breakdown from The Donald.

The (10th) House That Donald Built

Continuing with the astrological interpretation for Donald Trump, his natal Sun, North Node, and Uranus are all clustered together in Gemini in the 10th house. This is the house that rules social standing and career. He’s definitely destined to do something different! However, Taurus is the ruler of this house, which brings a love of wealth, and of the finer things in life. Taurus is a hard worker — but it’s ruled by Venus, which sometimes brings a streak of laziness, and more than a touch of obstinacy. You’ve heard the saying ‘bull in a china shop?’ That can apply to Taurus, and if you look at the manner in which Trump runs his businesses and his campaign, you’ll see how it applies. There’s certainly conviction here!

The North Node placement is interesting. It reveals an above average element of luck — and in the 10th house, that luck will apply to his career. It’s pretty evident that he’s been fortunate when it comes to the rise (and falls and subsequent risings) of his businesses. Whether he’s been successful or not, he’s managed to pick himself up, dust himself off, and start over again — which is part of that Taurean determination, too.

The North Node also brings power with it. The downside of this is that the South Node in Sagittarius is often a bit power hungry, and if these two are not brought into balance, then there’s a discord that makes problems probable. Caution could be thrown out of the window, and replaced by overconfidence — something which that Leo ascendant is going to feed. There’s more than one hint in this chart that communication could be a problem. How many times have we seen Mr T inadvertently stick his foot right into his mouth? Impertinence, and impatience — just as his chart reveals.

Comfort With the Spotlight

Uranus in the 10th house adds disruption to all of that restless energy brought on by the Gemini factor there. This brings a strong influence to his career choices, making certain that he’s never going to be stuck in a dead end job. He’ll either find his dream job, or he’ll make his own. He’s never going to be happy with something mundane or conventional. Uranus rules technology, so it’s little surprise that he’s been behind the camera so much, especially recently as the transiting Uranus has been bouncing off the Leo energy which so strongly influences him. It’s certainly putting him in the spotlight, no matter which side of his campaign you’re on! It also adds to that confident personality, so that he really doesn’t care what people say about him.

The placement of Uranus gives The Donald a need for freedom and a disdain for authority and restrictions and adds to his impatience. However, this alignment points to someone who’s created their own career, who’s inspired and inventive and very individual. This is supported by his natal Jupiter, which brings expansion and growth to his career and his personal income, and it magnifies any good luck that is inherent here. It’s hardly surprising that Trump can rise out of the ashes again and again when it comes to his career and his income.

The transiting Jupiter will soon leave Virgo and enter into Libra, which means that it will enter into Trump’s second house, the house of income, in addition to making a very favorable aspect to his house of career and social standing. He’ll have the good luck, optimism, and the creative visualization that this transit heralds. Opportunities for growth and improvement present themselves, and there’s the potential here for him to see very favorable results when it comes to his career and his income. Life’s not going to be dull, that’s for sure!

Money in Trump’s Stars

So, let’s look at his money. His natal Neptune in his 2nd house might make him a bit dreamy when it comes to his own income. He may even have some kind of a ‘savior complex’ there, thinking that his income and his wealth will solve all of his issues. Of course, as well as being inspiring and a bit glamorous, it can also be escapist and confusing — which may well be why Trump has a trail of bankruptcies behind him, especially as this house is ruled by Virgo. He may well pay attention to the minutiae but overlook the bigger picture. It’s interesting to note that his natal Sun is in Gemini, which is ruled by the planet Mercury — same as Virgo. Mercury is the planet of communications and travel. It will be very easy for the Donald to say what people want to hear, and perhaps even convince himself that it’s the truth, especially if it stands to increase his own wealth.

Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces — and remember, this is the sign that’s on the cusp of 8th house of his natal chart. He may have worries about joint finances, but his confidence will soon put them to rest. He’s got a strong intuition when it comes to investing. He doesn’t have many reservations when it comes to dealing with other people’s money. However, the Neptune influence kicks back here. He may be deluded about his competence when it comes to his investments and securities. He may have debt with which to deal, and he may try to escape this, for those are both Piscean qualities.

The 8th house is sometimes referred to as ‘the house of sex,’ and you have to admit, that Donald isn’t quiet on this topic either. He’s on his third marriage, and all of his wives have been headline news in some way. He’s outspoken about his views on marriage, about gender equality, about sexual preference, and more. All of this — positive and negative — is reflected in his chart.

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Putting it All Together

There’s much much more to the astrological interpretation for Donald Trump, but we’d be here until election day if I went over every detail! However, one influence in his chart that I did find rather interesting was that the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) have no planets in them. This displays a lack of grounding, and maybe even a lack of practicality, around him. He’s very much a blend of ‘vim and vigor,’ of passion and punch and pugnacity. He’ll come up with new ideas, and he’ll be able to turn on the charm to motivate the masses, but it will be up to others to put the foundation under him. He’s an ideas man, and whether you love or loathe Donald John Trump Sr, he’s made an impact on this election that’s sure to go down in the history books.

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