Dream Interpretation: The Symbolism of Teeth in Your Dreams

Posted on May 10, 2019

Have you ever had a dream about your teeth that stood out to you in some way - whether good or bad?

Dreaming about teeth, especially dreaming about your own teeth falling out, is incredibly common. If you’ve been dreaming about your teeth falling out, you don’t necessarily have to panic and get on the phone with your dentist. Today, we’re going to dive into the symbolism of teeth and what dreaming about your teeth falling out really means.

Yes, some dreams can be a foretelling of the future, but most of the time dreams simply contain healing messages communicated symbolically from your subconscious, your intuition. Your intuition speaks to you through your dreams to help you resolve trauma and negative patterns of thinking that need to be healed so you can be happier.

Most of your dreams are actively working to serve you, not to scare you! So let’s take a closer look at dreams about your teeth falling out to understand what your intuition is really trying to tell you.

Teeth, Dreams, & Your Throat Chakra

The good news is, the teeth falling out dream doesn’t mean you will soon lose any of your teeth! Typically, this dream is actually a clear indicator of a problem with your Throat chakra. Since the Throat chakra is about communication and self-expression, more likely than not, if your teeth are falling out in your dreams, you may have a problem in these areas.

Our words create energy. If your teeth are falling out while you sleep, you may be unknowingly casting negative spells on yourself by way of harsh language without loving intentions, or even by stuffing down the things you ought to say that may be starting to negatively affect your health.

For example, perhaps someone you work for is making you work long hours without a break, browbeating you with pressure every day that makes your life stressful, and doesn’t allow you to have time to take care of your health. You’re effectively giving your power away to this person by not speaking up for yourself. Your teeth falling out in your dreams, which could represent the passage of time, is trying to warn you that not speaking up for yourself is actually depleting your physical health.

Teeth can also be linked to the Earth element because teeth are solid, material objects. Teeth falling out in your dreams could very well be an attempt to clue you into an unresolved issue relating to your material possessions.

How to Interpret the Teeth Falling Out Dream

Because we each have a unique subconscious based on our past experiences, we will each have a slightly different interpretation of symbols in our dreams. We can use dream interpretation clues as a starting point to know where to look in our lives so we can heal. The subconscious is often so buried beneath our conscious mind that it can take time to decode the message. It’s important to know that everyone and everything in your dream represents you, or at least a part of your psyche.

We know that teeth falling out is permanent, leaving us with a sense of fear, embarrassment, and frustration because we know they can’t grow back. It feels like a permanent loss and a permanent change to your identity and self-image. Sometimes the communication puzzle the dream wants you to solve will show you that someone is influencing your view of yourself, or that an idea or time in your life is hurting your personal power and ability to say what you feel.

Consider the context of the dream as a whole; what other details and symbols might provide more insight and clarity as to why your teeth are falling out?

For example, let’s say you’re sitting at a table with your aunt for tea and biscuits, but then your teeth start to fall out. Perhaps you can look at how your aunt’s behaviors and world views shaped your own at a young age and how that may be affecting your views and self-esteem in the present. Perhaps the dream is even showing you that her views could help you out of the trap of your own mental conditioning.

You can sense how you feel to know if there is freedom or pain being shown to you. This is something that takes time and practice and it’s all a grey process. You’ll know though when you find an accurate interpretation because it will feel right and you’ll stop having the dream. It’s always going to help you become more empowered and feel lighter and less fearful.

A Dream Journal Exercise to Interpret the Meaning of Your Dreams:

To help you in this process of interpretation, do this simple dream journaling exercise.

First, write down as many details you can recall from your dream, no matter how random they may seem. Next, write down anything you feel afraid of in your life right now, no matter how big or small. For example, you could be nervous about a date or about a huge move to a new state.

Finally, brainstorm about how the details of the dream and your current fears could be linked by your communication and ability to express yourself. You can even draw a Venn diagram, the one with two circles that overlap in the middle. That centre overlap represents the healing messages about your current fears that this dream is helping you uncover.

If there’s one thing we know for certain, a dream about your teeth falling out is speaking to a fear of yours (unless being toothless comes into fashion and somehow makes life easier, but that’s doubtful!).

Concluding Thoughts…

Know that you’re on your way to understanding the language of dreams just by spending time studying possible dream interpretations and dream journaling. That said, only you can truly interpret your dreams. The more energy you put into dream journaling and reading about dream interpretation with an open mind, the more the symbolic language of dreams will become clear. Interpreting dreams gets easier with practice!

Remember, there are technically no “bad dreams,” so don’t panic if you have a dream about your teeth falling out! It’s almost certain dreams like this don’t mean you’re in imminent danger. The stronger the reaction you have to any dream, the more important the lesson, and the bigger the blessing is that is waiting to come forward to help you heal.

Check out our dream dictionary for more clues into the things people often see in dreams. You’ll also likely notice that your dreams are more vivid and realistic when the Moon is in one of the Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio). Dreams are often particularly potent on New and Full Moons as well.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re struggling to remember your dreams. Working with a dream journal can help you recall your dreams more and more over time. Be sure to check out our other articles on dream interpretation so you can continue to heal and release your deepest fears.

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