A Tarot Card Spread for Quick & Easy Insight

Posted on March 02, 2021

A woman deals Tarot cards on a table in her sunroom.

When life is at its most complicated, the Tarot can be one of the avenues for answers that can seem to simplify things down to their core.

Whether it’s about love, finance, our most personal relationships, or the deepest questions about our soul path and journey, divination is often a gateway to understanding. When we open our hearts and mind to it, our intuition and the Tarot can create a beautiful world of new perspectives.

For all of the talk of complicated situations and deep dives into the intuition, sometimes a simple spread is needed to gain the most insight.

Let’s uncover the importance of how we frame our Tarot spreads and Tarot questions and find some power in simplicity in the process!

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Why Do We Need Easy Tarot Spreads?

There are various Tarot spreads in existence that can accommodate… well, a variety of situations and themes!

For example, tried and true Tarot spreads like the Celtic Cross are well-known amongst many Tarot readers. Or, maybe if you’re looking for something a little more modern or specific, you can find Tarot spreads online specifically targeting concepts like self-love or even soul mates.

You get the picture!

Tarot spreads may range anywhere from a few to dozens of cards, and at times, the idea of approaching them might be even a little intimidating because of this. And while the large-scale Tarot spreads constantly at our disposal are important and valuable in their own way, the Tarot is also more than capable of offering insight with one or two cards.

For this reason, sometimes it’s ideal to have a small Tarot spread break down your question, as you may also avoid overcomplicating your answer this way.

You may find that you deepen your understanding of a Tarot card in the process as you are forced to spend more time with it!

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A Tarot Card Spread for Quick & Easy Insight

Now, with all that in mind, let’s consider a short, simple, and still powerful Tarot spread as an example of how you can access quick and easy insight with only a couple of Tarot cards.

A general spread with a question or problem already in mind may look like this:

  • Card One: What do I need to know right now about (my situation, theme, or problem)?
  • Card Two: How should I approach (my situation, theme, or problem)?

With this Tarot spread, you get right into the true bones of any situation and force the spread to focus on the most important pieces of it, as well as guide you in the right direction. Rather than a dozen spread positions to pick apart at a question, you give the cards the breathing room to go where the message needs to go!

Tip: If you don’t have a question in mind, you can replace “situation, theme, or problem” with a phrase like “life in general”!

Let’s see what this might look like in action.

Example Tarot Spread for Quick & Easy Insight

Card One: What do I need to know right now about (my situation, theme, or problem)?

8 of Pentacles

As a card of progress and hard work, this message can be a great reminder that good things take time. This may be a situation where it’s impossible to skirt around the details or find shortcuts; genuine hard work and time will be necessary to achieve success.

At times, the task may even be boring, or mistakes may be made, but the 8 of Pentacles assures us that this, too, is part of the process!

Card Two: How should I approach (my situation, theme, or problem)?

The Sun

So the saying goes — when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

There is perhaps not a more optimistic or joyful card in the Tarot deck than The Sun. This card in this spread position highly encourages an optimistic approach and demands that you see the glass as half full.

As children, we are encouraged to find happiness in the little things, even if a task seems boring or unfulfilling in the regular day-to-day. Life can be good if you choose to see it!

Try This Tarot Reading For Yourself

While a Tarot spread may not be everything when it comes to getting a fulfilling or understandable reading, it’s a good place to start!

A fitting Tarot spread for the situation can make or break how effective your reading is at times, so knowing what shoe will fit will go a long way.

At the end of the day, however, you may find through your journey with Tarot that you ultimately prefer larger spreads no matter the situation, or you may find that you don’t like spreads at all. But no matter what, it’s still worth trying out a simple Tarot spread or two to see if it can deepen your personal Tarot practice.

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