Endings and Beginnings:  5 Key Transits in Your 2016 Forecast for All Zodiac Signs

Posted on December 19, 2015
Updated on July 03, 2020

As we wind down another year, we look ahead to a new one. It’s the same cycle of endings and beginnings that we experience every year. In fact we experience different cycles of endings and beginnings all year long. Some are more epic than others. The end of the year always seems to be an epic ending, and an epic beginning for all Earthlings. And it’s an exciting one too! A brand new year stretching out before us like the clean blank slate that it is. With this blank slate, you can write whatever you want on it! What do you want to write on your tabula rasa of 2016?

Of course you may pause at the very mention. We all do. And the reason for that is uncertainty. So many questions lie before us with a brand new year. And as you know, when it comes to uncertainty, that’s where we come in. We want to be sure that you have the most spectacular ending to 2015, that paves the way for a very bright and happy spectacular beginning to 2016. And the way to do that is through of course, answers from astrology. That is what we do! That is why we get up in the mornings every single morning of every single year. And we know there is a LOT on tap for 2016 for all Earthlings. There is no way that we could fit into one blog feature everything that you need to know to banish uncertainty for 2016. So once again, we are going to do our year-end wrap up in two blog features. Today will be part one, and we will talk about the transits from astrology that are going to be in play for all zodiac signs in the year ahead. There are some big ones as usual! Next time we talk about helping you prepare for 2016, we will make sure that every single zodiac sign has their own special road map. Are you ready to say goodbye to the uncertainty of 2016? Here we go! A Happy New Year is ON! Bring it, 2016, we are ready to help you face anything!

1. Jupiter in Virgo inspires the health fanatic.

Have you been putting off health matters? If so, it’s time to switch gears on that. If it’s a little thing or if it’s a big thing, just deal with it before September 9, 2016 and you will be in good shape. Literally! We don’t comment too much on health matters here at Astrology Answers. We prefer to leave that to your medical professionals as they have the real expertise. We are not medical professionals and although we can give you a lot of answers, we can’t make anybody healthy again. Sorry for that report! The truth is though, we can help you empower yourself to make the best and the healthiest choices of 2016. And the astrology transit of Jupiter in Virgo can help you do just that. We’ve already talked a little bit about this one as it began in August 2015. It’s a year long transit that lasts until September 9, 2016, and one where you can use to catch up on all of your health stuff.

Make sure your immunizations are in check, make sure you are eating well. Of course it is okay to binge a little over the holidays, we all do it. That’s what the holidays are for! But when it comes down to the nitty gritty once 2016 hits, start taking care of the nitty gritty. Jupiter in Virgo will help tremendously here. Remember that your soul may be in fantastic shape. But your physical body that is used to carry that soul in this lifetime needs to be taken care of tool. Make sure you are getting your rest, and getting in whatever activity that you can. With Jupiter in Virgo, it’s time to work smart, not hard. And your body will thank you for it. You can’t conquer the world when you have the flu or an ailment that takes you out for a few days. So make sure that you don’t. Take care of all those details like washing your hands regularly, eating right, and getting a full night’s sleep. That will take you farther towards success than burning any midnight oil ever will. And, if you are waiting for some health answers this year, Jupiter in Virgo will help you clear all of that up! Say no to stress and take care of you and the rest will fall into place.

2. Mars in Scorpio reaps financial booms!

Money is looking good for all zodiac signs this year, especially if you are following your hidden drives, passions, and motivations. Mars in Scorpio is the reason for this. This is the planet of drive and passion located in the zodiac sign that is fixated to the point of obsession on success. Scorpios in particular are in for a boom year when it comes to money, as are other Fixed Signs, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus. You can ensure this financial boom finds its way to you by taking care of details early in the year. Mars in Scorpio runs from February 20 to September 17, 2016. That means between January 1 and February 20, line up some ducks for yourself.

Balance the checkbook, make some investments if you can, and put in the time to do some networking. As well the more you educate yourself on finances, through self help books or by consulting a professional, the more you will learn some money savvy secrets. Scorpio is all about the secrets. So expect a few money surprises to make themselves known to you this year! Those will manifest in ways you are not expecting, and will be big ones if you start laying the groundwork now. Try finishing December 2015 with some money still in the bank. I know, it’s Christmas, and easier said than done. But if you can start 2016 with a little bit in the wallet, you are already off to a great start. How will you prepare for this financial boom?

3. Travel is a must, thank you Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn entered Sagittarius and left the intensity of Scorpio earlier this Fall. Scorpio was pretty happy about that one! Scorpio is finally feeling some relief there as are all Earthlings with Saturn in Sagittarius. This is an exciting transit where the planet of responsibilities and restrictions enters the zodiac sign of fun, fire, and adventure. Travelling is always favored when Sagittarius energy is in play. And so this transit is telling you to take at least one vacation this year. Start saving for it now before you rebut me. It doesn’t take a lot of money to do a road trip or a fun summer vacation. And for some, travel will reap financial rewards and connections that you never expected. You may even land a job or get a job offer while you are taking that awesome vacation. With Saturn in Sagittarius, rewards are yours for the taking with travel. So travel you must! Where do you think you are going to go?

4. Mercury retrograde says, just the facts ma’am, just the facts.

We are starting 2016 off on a crusty note with a Mercury retrograde chiming in right on January 5. Mark these Mercury retrograde dates down as there will be 4 this year, and they are all hitting the Earth Signs.

• January 5, 2016 to January 25, 2016: Capricorn

• April 28, 2016 to May 22, 2016: Taurus

• August 30, 2016 to September 22, 2016: Virgo

• December 19, 2016 to January 7, 2017: Capricorn

Remember that Mercury is the planet of communication. He handles paperwork, short journeys, travel, and all gadgets related to all of these things. When retrograde, all of these areas slow down. So January is going to start off slow, and you shouldn’t be pushing too hard for too many things like contracts, legal matters, travel plans, or the investment of any gadgets that manage these things. Get those all done before January 5! And then relax for a bit in January resting up from the holidays. Remember that forcing anything during a retrograde is going to work against you. Instead use these periods to reflect, review, and remember all of the wonderful things in your life that are working or have worked well. Then, when Mercury goes direct again after these dates, it will be all systems go. We will cover these in more detail in features next year, but this is your heads up to get them on the calendar to remind you now!

5. Eclipses that shake the status quo.

We have two months where eclipse season will be in full gear in 2016. Those are March 2016 and September 2016. Big news and big shakeups will be arriving to all zodiac signs during these periods. There’s not really a whole lot you can do to expect the unexpected this year, but prepare by having all emotional matters handled well when this comes. And if you are hoping for a big change in your life next year, now you know what months that is most likely to happen. Eclipses are about information coming to light that help you reach abundance. They are very closely tied with karma. So if you have been sowing your karmic oats well, then these are going to be some very lucrative periods for you!

In March, Pisces will be the zodiac sign that feels this the most, but fellow Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio will also reap the benefits of this eclipse. No matter what zodiac sign you are though, we all are going to feel it. This eclipse season in March will be fantasy fueled with Pisces in play. Many Earthlings are going to have their biggest dreams come true! In September it will be Virgo’s turn to feel the eclipse change. And Virgo is the opposite of Pisces by being more reality based. So the fantasies from March eclipse season will manifest into realistic opportunities come the Fall. Dream a little dream this March and watch it turn into something big and beautiful by September! What are your biggest dreams for 2016?

And these are really the only 5 key transits you need to be aware of before 2016. At the end of 2016 we are going to see Jupiter switch gears and move into Libra. 2016 then will end on a high note for lovers all across the globe. We’ll cover that and all of these transits in more detail when the time comes. For now, all you need to do is begin taking care of your health, prepare for a financial boom, and expect some big changes in the way of your biggest dreams and love affairs this year. Not bad for a blank slate of 2016, huh? We wish you all the very best in 2016. Be sure you stay tuned to see how these transits are going to impact all zodiac signs in our next 2016 forecast! What are your biggest dreams of 2016?

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