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Posted on July 20, 2016
Updated on June 25, 2020

venus uranus escape from reality

Venus is making another short-lived but influential aspect over the next couple of days, this time with Uranus. It’s noteworthy because Venus is the planet of love and beauty and harmony, and any aspect with Uranus will add an element of impulsive energy and unanticipated changes.

This can put an unexpected strain on all your relationships — romantic, platonic, and even your relationship with money. The next couple of days present an escape from reality, and that can be either a blessing or a challenge, depending on how you approach things. It’s best to expect the unexpected because things are about to get interesting.

Keep Your Head On Straight

This alignment can make it hard for you to discern fact from flattery, especially when it comes to love. You’ll believe what you want to believe, whether it is truth or not, without even realizing that you’ve bought into your own deception. You may be wooed by someone’s sweet talk, or be tempted not to balance your budget and just wing it, hoping it will all come out right in the end.

It will be easy for you to avoid things that are uncomfortable or difficult. You may even feel that you need an escape from reality during this period. A bit of isolation is one thing, but try to keep your feet on the ground. It’s not always practical for you to shut yourself off from others, especially if you have to be among colleagues or family at this time. The more realistic you can be during this brief transit, the less ruffled you’ll be after it passes. If you buy into too much illusion, then you could well feel very uncomfortable and disappointed when reality breaks through to burst your bubble.

Check your Vulnerability

Your vulnerability could increase as this transit passes. It will be easy for others to suddenly take advantage of you. The more you focus on being rooted in the real world, the less likely this is to happen. You might not want to stand up for yourself or to voice your opinions, but make sure that you’re not letting others get the upper hand.

Watch your moods, too, because you could easily experience unexpected—and unexplained—mood swings. Pay close attention to your emotions, but if you do find that you start to wobble, make a point to get off by yourself for a while and regroup, otherwise there may well be a bit of a mess to clear up later. Remember, this is a fleeting thing and will pass within a day or three, so don’t allow situations to turn into a drama simply because you weren’t prepared for them.

Save the Money Matters for Another Time

This is not a good time to deal with financial matters, either. It’s possible you’ll be very disorganized, or have misconceptions about the state of your money. Also, remember that this transit can highlight your vulnerability, and that makes it easy for others to take advantage of not just your good nature, but also your assets. People might not be completely honest, simply because they’re buying into their own illusions at this time. Tread carefully.

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Look for New Opportunities

Even though all of this might sound like doom and gloom, this aspect is actually quite favorable for creative pursuits. An unexpected new idea can be very stimulating, or a new project may suddenly take your fancy. This is a good time for letting your imagination run riot and expressing yourself through some kind of originality. While this isn’t the best energy for reason and logic, taking an escape from reality in this way is wonderfully inspiring for inspiration, and a bit of planned escape into your own imagination could turn out to be very advantageous for you indeed.

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