Everything Is Energy: The Invisible Force that Heals

Posted on December 17, 2014

Did you know there’s an invisible force that powers everything? And when you understand how to “harness” it ... you can bring about powerful healing for yourself or others! So let’s explore the invisible world of Energy Healing, shall we? ...

Most people have at least heard of one of the world’s most powerful and widespread Energy Healing techniques: Reiki. But did you know there are many different Energy Healing systems helping people all over the world?

See, it’s all about frequencies. Let me explain ...

Good Vibrations: Why You Instantly Connect With Some People!

Have you ever walked into a room and met someone for the first time you felt instantly connected to? Like you were ready to be new besties in moments. That’s because your energy vibration and their energy vibration were a match. You resonated and complemented each other’s frequencies.

This kind of experience shows us that, despite the fact that energy is invisible to the naked eye ... it is real.

The Meeting Place of Your Physical & Energy Bodies

The same is true for not-so-great experiences ...

Have you ever known you were in danger around a certain person or situation? It may have even felt like you could feel it physically. That physical sensation related to an energy situation is the place where your energetic body and physical body meet.

And it’s this same “meeting place” that Energy Healers use to heal their clients. They simply tap the power of this invisible force all around us.

Energy Healing can work wonders on physical issues like chronic pain. It can also heal emotional and psychological issues when used in combination with other therapies. Energy Healing is perfect for you if you’re looking for noninvasive medical care and enjoy having your own space.

Hands On – Hands Off

Energy Healing is effective both with or without physical touch. When combined with physical touch, it is used in practices ranging from massage therapy, reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, and even chiropractic work.

But practices like Reiki, shamanic healing, and quantum healing don’t require a “physical” partner. They can all be done purely with energy ... not touching involved! With pure Energy Work, the Healer simply channels energy through themselves into the person they’re working on.

In the case of Shamanic Healing, the Shaman intentionally connects with the spirit world in order to provide healing and guidance for their clients.

Whether hands-on or hands-off, keep in mind that a great Healer doesn’t claim to generate these powers themselves, but understand they are acting as a conduit for healing forces.

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Long Distance Healing

Yes, for real! Since energy literally is everything, Energetic Healing works equally well when applied from a distance. All it takes is an experienced practitioner and a client who is open to receive the healing.

If you could have an energy healing session right now, what would you use it to heal in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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