Expect the Unexpected: Freedom Reigns With Uranus Retrograde in Aries

Posted on July 28, 2015
Updated on September 28, 2020

We’ve been saying all Summer long that this Summer will be one for the books. You can thank many transits from astrology coming your way for that. Venus has been sprinkling her magic in your love affairs…we hope. And Jupiter is waving his magic wand in all areas of work and play. Mercury and Mars also have been getting their flirt on in emotionally centered transits that will fill your heart with a glow. And if you need one more bolt from the Universe to make this Summer one to remember, Uranus is going to chime in and do just that.

Have you been feeling like you need a little more freedom in your life? Or even in one small area of your life? If so, you won’t need to wait much longer. On July 26, Uranus moves into another expect the unexpected transit that will help you free yourself from the things that have been weighing you down. And this is the case, even if you don’t know what those things are! On July 26, Uranus goes retrograde for a period that lasts until the end of the year. Time to examine your life from a renewed position, and truly cut out what no longer serves you. And be careful, if you don’t make those choices now, Uranus may well make them for you. That’s not a bad thing!

Retrograde periods can be uncomfortable but as we have been saying all summer long, they will pave and provide the way for healing and growth…if you let them. Are you ready to stretch your wings and fly? Here’s how to use Uranus retrograde to help you!

1. Baby steps….it’s the little things.

Uranus is the rebellious planet in a manner of speaking. He breaks from tradition and does things outside the box. Sometimes this can be liberating. But if you are the type of person that likes things normal and structured, then baby steps are recommended. You don’t need to free yourself from all toxic things in your life at once. Reflection during retrogrades will prove fruitful. Reflect, review, and take baby steps on the things that you slowly cut out of your life, one by one, that are no longer serving you. You know what they are. You may be clinging to those things out of fear. The longer you do that, the more you will stunt your own progress. Let go of those fears, in baby steps, my dear.

2. Freedom is calling….how will you answer?

When you let freedom ring in your life, it can be the most liberating feeling in the world. Freedom feels like not being chained to things that are weighing you down. It’s a breaking loose of all that is toxic and ugly in your life. Maybe it’s a bad relationship, or maybe it’s the wrong job. It could even be the house you are living in, if you feel like that is stunting your growth. Where are you the most unhappy in your life? Is it love? Work? Family? That is where you need to do some work. Freedom is calling you to make some changes. How will you answer?

3. Let’s be real.

Uranus is one planet that is more true to itself than any other. Uranus cuts to the chase and works outside the box, and cuts out the toxicity like no other planet does. And you can’t hide from Uranus, no matter how much you love those fears of yours. If you don’t cut it out first, Uranus will do that for you. And when Uranus does that work for you, it will always be more painful than when you make those moves for your soul’s growth your Self. Time to be brave and honest about what you want your life to look like. Do you enjoy feeling restricted and confined? If so, then keep hugging those fears at night until Uranus takes care of them for you. Otherwise, be honest about what is not working in your life, and Uranus retrograde in Aries will find a magical way to help you find…what WILL work. But you gotta be honest. Pretending it’s all okay when it soooo isn’t, is going to cause more harm than good. For you! And nobody wants that!

4. Expect the unexpected.

Uranus is the planet that surprises us. It could be a party out of the blue, an invitation from a quirky soul mate we weren’t expecting, a move that uproots us and shakes us. When these things happen, there are lessons in the madness. But if you avoid those lessons and pretend they aren’t there, guess what? Uranus will return to remind you of those lessons…until you DO get it. Nobody is immune from unexpected events. The only way you can prepare for them is to…expect the unexpected. When you do, you will be more open to the lessons that Uranus has for you. And when you learn those lessons and apply them in your life, that’s when the rewards begin to come. Soul growth and miracles arrive with lessons learned. What lessons are you ready for? Don’t say none, or you can expect a shakeup from Uranus to remind you otherwise.

5. Check your temper.

There is no place for anger in soul growth. Uranus retrograde in Aries is going to test this. Here we have the feisty and rebellious planet in the zodiac sign that is known for fiery explosions. It will be very easy to fly off the handle from now until the end of the year! Try not to do that. When you do, you will be reminded, and perhaps not so gently, why you shouldn’t have. Under most transits we say, pick your battles. Under this one we say, choose not to battle at all. The bigger person always wins with Uranus retrograde in Aries.

6. Tweak your master plan.

No soul on this planet has a perfect life. But we all feel like we have a perfect master plan. Guess what? You don’t. Uranus is chiming in right now to help you find creative solutions to current problems and situations. Take a bold and inventive approach to the area of your life that is no longer working for you. It may not mean an ending, just a creative solution to make the situation work for all parties involved. Invent something, literally, as Uranus is the planet of inventions. It could mean inventing a new schedule at home, a new commitment with your lover, anything! You know what needs work. How will you tweak your master plan?

Many Earthlings fear transits like Uranus retrograde in Aries. Try not to! Embrace this opportunity for revolutionary change. Then, when Uranus waves its unexpected magic in your life, you will be prepared. But to get there, you will need to let go of your fears, embrace the freedom that is on its way, and check your temper at the door. How will you re-invent your master plan during this period?

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