February 2016 Love Horoscopes: When Jupiter and Venus Create Destiny

Posted on February 02, 2016

When Venus trines Jupiter this month, all zodiac signs will be very excited when their love horoscopes come true!
When Venus trines Jupiter this month, all zodiac signs will be very excited when their love horoscopes come true!

It’s the most wonderful trine of the year. Think of all of the things that you love, and seek answers from astrology about, and whip them all up into one big happy lucky transit and you get the Venus Jupiter transit that is going to bring you luck. That is the Venus trine Jupiter transit, which is happening on February 10, and will bring magic and wishes coming true to all zodiac signs. Why? Because it is the planet of love and money, Venus, forming a happy dance with the god of gods, the planet of luck and optimism, Jupiter. And when trines happen in astrology, they are a little gift from Universe to say all is going right in your world right now.

When it comes to love compatibility, or a little bit of extra cash coming in, or a surprise gift that changes your entire month, these are the kinds of things that the Venus trine Jupiter transit is all about. And it’s happening next week, right before Valentine’s Day! This is obviously a very lucky omen for all Earthlings, but especially for lovers. So no matter what zodiac sign you are, expect to get a little wave of luck or relief next week in some way or other. We expect most zodiac signs are going to see that in the areas of love and romance. Want to know more? Of course you do. So here are your February 2016 love horoscopes under the Venus and Jupiter trine, the most wonderful trine of the year. Don’t forget to guage your love compatibility by checking out your partner’s zodiac sign next! Happy loving, lovelies!

Aries love horoscopes suggest that bold moves light sparks that keep passion burning all month long.
Aries love horoscopes suggest that bold moves light sparks that keep passion burning all month long.

Aries – Your soul lights the match of passion…

You are fairly intuitive on a good day, Aries, but you don’t always listen to yourself. Change that. Aries love horoscopes reveal that soul urges are going to play a big role in your love matters this month. You will feel gravitated to a certain person, or a certain action, and you should follow those urges to wherever they go. They are the real deal and will keep you smiling for many moons to come. All things “new” are important to you right now, whether you are single or attached. If you are single, trying new experiences will send out the signals to Universe to send someone seriously aligned with your soul urges your way. If you are attached, try the new experiences with your partner instead.

Taurus – You take the lead in all the right ways.

You are pretty antsy with the Winter blahs, Taurus, and you are ready for a change. Taurus love horoscopes for this month and beyond show you taking a more assertive role on the love front. Whether you are single or attached, Venus your ruling planet has basically put a magic wand in your hand on the love front. Use it wisely, and be sure you use it at all! Love is easy for you this month no matter what your relationship status is. There is little confrontation and many sparks flying. If you have a big ask of a partner in love right now, this is the perfect month to do it. And if it’s time for a talk, lay on the charm. Turn the lights low and cook their favorite and plan a saucy night in. The conversation rolls naturally and luck is your lady Taurus when you take control.

Gemini – Use your head when making choices, not your heart.

You are never short of choices in almost any area of your life, Gemini. And Gemini love horoscopes for February 2016 are really not that much different. There are some big choices on the horizon, and if you make the right ones, you will be golden in both love and money this year, Gemini. This is true whether you are single or attached. Mercury retrograde still has an issue from your past that could be the clue to all of this. It’s time to put petty emotional stuff aside and just do the right, logical thing. It could even mean more money for you, as very often love connections do ease the pathway to fortune. So when choices come your way during your Gemini love horoscopes this month, Gemini, make the right one. Even if it means pretending to be the bigger person. You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. And you never hate that. And your love affairs will be feeling pretty sparkly too! Funny how that always happens with you.

Cancer – Oh you are a social butterfly this month, aren’t you?

You are going to be whirling this month, Cancer, as the world has you in high demand. And you love it. You also are going to be making some extra money under the Venus and Jupiter trine, so expect to see a nice surprise, bonus, or gift the week of February 10. It is going to make you glow, and will have a lovely impact on Cancer love horoscopes whether you are single or attached. The energy from Jupiter has you feeling optimistic all month long, generous as well, as you normally look on the darker side of things. This happy generous spirit is going to come back to you this month. So don’t say no to social invitations or a chance to be a social butterfly. Your loving nature will prove very rewarding for you if you do.

Leo love horoscopes suggest taking that leap with your most loyal and brave heart companions pays off.
Leo love horoscopes suggest taking that leap with your most loyal and brave heart companions pays off.

Leo – It’s time to take that leap.

You’ve been sitting on the fence on a love matter haven’t you, Leo? Or at least you have been in a low key status quo situation when it comes to love. Whether you are single or attached, there’s nothing wrong with coasting through romance in life, but you do love to have fun. And you haven’t had enough! So it’s time you really treated yourself in that area. Leo love horoscopes indicate that Leos that are the leapers this month will be purring like one happy lion by month’s end. All you gotta do is make that jump, to whatever person or activity makes your heart sing and your eyes smile ,and the Venus and Jupiter trine will reward you. The person that has been the most loyal is the most deserving of your passionate energy this month, Leo. So use the magic of the Jupiter and Venus transit to do something that shows them just how grateful you are. They won’t be suspecting it and will be ready to return in kind. And when you do, you’ll be feeling grateful too by the end of it all!

Virgo – Digging deep pays off.

The Venus and Jupiter trine has a lucky effect on your romantic affairs, Virgo. The Virgo love horoscopes this month show an abundance of excitement and you will feel very passionate and happy all month long. This is true whether you are single or attached. Your love mission this month then will be to keep things on an even playing field. That means no games. The deeper you dig with your romantic affairs this month, the more long term your rewards in love. So just be real, and stop worrying about what others think about your emotions. Yours are pretty sexy and saucy and so worth showing off. Whether that is to someone new, or someone golden and olden in your life, share that side of you and watch the Jupiter magic spring to life in your romantic affairs.

Libra – Leading by example is your super power.

As an initiator and a Cardinal Sign, Libra, you are very good at starting things to begin with. And it really pays off in February and in Libra love horoscopes because Venus is your ruling planet. So whatever you make a big move on this month, whether that is love or money, you are likely to be very successful at it. If you are single you will find more folks aligned with your relationship mission if you socialize in the great wide world. Opportunities are abundant and Jupiter is anxious to send some your way. The attached Libra love horoscopes suggest that splurging on your lover or partner is a very romantic way to have some of your own love wishes coming true. Just be careful what you wish for, because you are going to get it. So word your wishes wisely!

Scorpio – Secrets carry more meaning than usual.

Scorpio never has a problem when it comes to lovers and partners, and February is no exception. Scorpio love horoscopes reveal that secrets are going to play a role in your love matters this month. And there is also a bit of confusion in play as well, but this is fun confusion for you. You will need to use your detective skills to get to the bottom of it! This is along the lines of a gift or surprise coming your way, that you think is from one person but is really from someone else. And getting to the bottom of things, no matter what gets thrown your way, comes in very handy for Scorpio this month. It may be time for you to dig a little deeper than usual emotionally. As handy as secrets can be to you, letting some out of the bag will deepen bonds in a way that you have been waiting for, for a very long time. So whether you are single or attached this month, Scorpio, use secrets wisely and the Venus Jupiter transit will bring great luck, and relief!

An optimistic nature and an open mind wins big in love according to Sagittarius love horoscopes this month.
An optimistic nature and an open mind wins big in love according to Sagittarius love horoscopes this month.

Sagittarius – Luck will be your lady.

Since Jupiter is your ruling planet, Sagittarius, the Venus and Jupiter trine is going to be a very lucky one for you indeed. This will bode well in both love and money, but your love horoscopes reflect that having the mindset of Jupiter will pay off in your romantic affairs. This is true whether you are doing so with a current partner, or looking for a new one. To think like Jupiter does, you need to be open minded, and let go of any ideas that you have about what love “should” look like. It looks like what it looks like, and when you accept that, Sagittarius love horoscopes show that mindset pays off in big ways for you this month. And mostly in the month of love!

Capricorns – New beginnings breathe new energy….

The month of February for Capricorn is a month of new beginnings. There could be some in work or in love, and this is true if you are single or attached. Under the Venus Jupiter trine however, the new beginnings are going to be very lucky and auspicious ones. So don’t do what you usually do and stay safe in your little rut, because Capricorn love horoscopes say that when you take the reins in love this month, you finish the month feeling very happy. For a successful Valentine’s Day make plans that you actually want to do. Not something that you think will impress someone. It’s about having fun. Trying something new. And embracing the spirit of new beginnings for you, Capricorn.

Aquarius – Complexity intrigues and rewards you…

When it comes to life in general, Aquarius, the more complex for you the better. You are a thinker and an intellect, ruled by Uranus you like life on the farthest side of normal. So when you hear Venus Jupiter trine, you are hoping for things and experiences that some people don’t even know exist. And this mindset is going to manifest in Aquarius love horoscopes this month, whether you are single or attached. Romantic experiences you can expect are unconventional, complex, and sometimes complicated, just like you. So it may be someone of the same sex, or that lives far away, that sets your heart on fire this month. And that’s okay. Complexity turns you on and rewards you in spades this month! Act on this urge to be different, and it has an impact on your romantic affairs that could last right through to the end of 2016.

Pisces – The past pulls your heartstrings…

February is always Pisces favorite month of the year. You are the biggest romantic of the zodiac and this month is no exception. Pisces love horoscopes for February 2016 show there is lots of romance and fantasy in your day to day life. And this is true whether you are single or attached. You may have some leftover Mercury retrograde energy creeping into romantic affairs this month. Some issues with a past lover could be the reason. Your best bet in order to either put it all behind you, or forge forward with a smile, is to forgive no matter what. It’s what you would want if the shoe were on the other foot. And when you have an open heart and a forgiving spirit this month February, all of your fantasies and wishes are going to feel like very lucky ones. Because many are coming true just for you!

And there you have it Earthlings! All that you need to know from your February 2016 love horoscopes to get your motors running for the most romantic month of the year. You can thank lucky Venus trine Jupiter for that. We don’t get this much feel good energy in our lives often enough. And we don’t even get the Venus Jupiter transit too many times in a year either. So….use it wisely. What wishes are you hoping come true under this transit? What astrology answers are you hoping your own love horoscopes will provide in your own love compatibility situation? Spill the details and share your love compatibility stories in the comments below. And, have a love filled month of love!

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