February Soul Note - Is Love a Verb?

Posted on February 07, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

Hello wonderful Astrology Answers friends. It’s Patti, your Spiritual Guide, and Soul Space Facilitator here to talk all things love for February.

You only have to look at the divorce rate in North America to know; as a nation we are failing miserably at love.

Love and relationships typically go hand in hand. Since time immemorial, we have searched for love and in doing so we inadvertently place this enormous task on others. We go seeking for that which we are longing for outside ourselves, and all too often in another, who is longing for the same thing.

At our essence, we are love. This is of paramount importance. I’m not referring to the kind of love that is flowery, sentimental and filled with unfulfilled promises. I am speaking of the kind of love that is fluid, which can move effortlessly from one aspect of our life to another, and from one person to another.

This love has the mysterious power to unlock doors that can lead you from fear and suffering to complete and unfaltering solace.

Love is an energetic vibration that sends a signal out to the world. It can be used to attract the ideal mate; it can be used for intentional work and as the saying goes, “love can move mountains,” but love can have many a disguise.

When we look to attract our soul mate, love’s purpose ideally is to bring us that person who can mirror everything, not just our love and light but also the shadow, our darkness.

Our sadness, guilt, shame, and anger—all those emotions we deem unlovable, are calling for our attention to ultimately be loved and accepted. This is love moving. Love becomes fluid and gets to infuse all parts of our lives.

When we learn to embrace the darkness in ourselves first, we can offer it up to others. The man or woman standing before you, the child who is screaming, running amok in the park, the teller at the bank lacking the smile, each and every individual is love dressed up as that person, an individuated piece of love.

When we can fall completely and madly in love with all parts of ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly we are in true harmonious relationship with who we are, LOVE.

For many of us this can be mind blowing. This is a good thing. True love and relationships are about the heart, not the mind. When we can accept what is being triggered needs to be LOVED, accepted and resolved we begin to create peace within our own hearts, we begin the most important love affair of all—we fall in love with our SELF.

If love is who we are then why not allow love to do what it must? Love wants to love. Period.

Our life is a gift. This planet is infused with LOVE. Every person, place and experience is an invitation to see love.

When we look at life through a lens of love we have an opportunity to see LOVE everywhere, in everything and in everyone.

When we bring this love to the world, we are in unity with everyone who crosses our path.

Being at peace with all aspects of self allows us to expand in LOVE and our light within is ignited. When we shine that light out to the world we attract more light.

Until next time, go ahead and fall in love with yourself and watch your life become love in action.

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