Full Moon in Virgo: Get Grounded & Organized

Posted on March 08, 2020

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We arrive again under the influence and energy of the Full Moon - a guiding force in life that can help us make sense of the world around us. This Full Moon occurs in sensible, hard-working Virgo, which brings its own set of strengths and challenges.

The Full Moon is a time of reflection and introspection, asking us to turn inward and explore our internal being and connect to our higher selves. When the Moon is Full, we may feel like our bodies are overflowing with emotions are wishes for the future. What are your Full Moon wishes?

It doesn’t matter which sign you are, you’ll still feel the effects of this Full Moon in Virgo. However, when Virgo dances with the Moon, it reminds us to be cautious in our actions. If you want to know more about how to best approach this transit, keep reading this guide, which will tell you how the Full Moon in Virgo will affect each sign!

What is the Full Moon in Virgo?

Each Full Moon contains 2 aspects that influence the overall energy of the transit - the sign that the Moon is in and your own zodiac sign.

These components each possess their own set of themes that connect to a certain Moon’s effect on you.

Full Moons represent the completion of a cycle, moving towards rebirth and the refreshing feeling of new beginnings approaching. Full Moons may indicate that a chapter in your life is closing, making room for new opportunities and connections. This may also be a time that encourages you to think about what you want to start manifesting in the upcoming chapters of your life.

The Full Moon always connects to the New Moon that proceeds it - in this case, the New Moon in Pisces that occurred on February 23rd. The projects and manifestation that you began working with during that Full Moon may begin seeing resolution during this Full Moon in Virgo. The cycle, and the events and experiences within this lunar cycle, is now coming to completion.

While you may feel drawn towards the idea of Full Moon wishes, this is also a time of letting go, of releasing emotions and patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you. This is the time to forgive those who have harmed you and let go of the negativity that you may have been clinging to. Think about the Full Moon as a cup of tea that is full to the brim - it seems like it’s going to spill over. Choosing to release emotions and resentments allows you to pour from your cup without causing a mess.

With this Full Moon in Virgo, there is a focus on hard work, routine, and health. Virgo rules the sixth house, the house that is concerned with physical health, hygiene, daily rituals, and responsibilities. Therefore, this Moon asks us to concentrate on these areas and observe which of them need improvement. Virgo is an Earth sign which is also Mutable, pointing to a grounded yet flexible energy that we will all feel.

Now that we know more about what a Virgo Full Moon represents, let’s see how it will affect you and explore rituals that will make this a pleasant, transforming experience.

How Will the Full Moon in Virgo Affect Me?

Aries: A Focus on the Details

The Full Moon in Virgo draws your attention to your everyday life and routines. Focusing, on the whole, may be difficult right now, with your mind drawn to the small pieces of life’s puzzle. Intense attention to detail can lead to frustrations and criticism, making it important that you try to see the big picture right now. While it may seem impossible to bring your focus away from small details, expanding your point of view will make introspective practices flow more smoothly. Try not to get bogged down with over-analyzation or obsession.

Rituals that involve the concepts of letting go and moving forward are favored right now. Make a list of the people you want to forgive and the feelings you want to let go of. Fold the piece of paper in equal portions and take it outside under the light of the Full Moon. Burn the paper while imagining your body releasing negative energy and emotions, and then safely extinguish the flame by placing the burning paper in a bowl of water.

Releasing these negative emotions and upsets will make room in your heart and body the love connection, and fortunate experiences that are flowing in your direction.

Taurus: Embracing Your Inner Child

This Full Moon connects to the Earth sign Virgo, who shares your ruling element. While this Virgo energy might urge others towards hard work, it may increase your desire to play - especially in nature. You feel more sensual when in the presence of Mother Nature, whose influence on your energy is strong. This Virgo Full Moon also asks you to pay attention to detail, noting the sensations that you experience during this time. Your connection to your physical body can tell you a lot about your internal state of being. Cherishing and paying attention to your inner child may encourage transformation.

Your ideal Full Moon ritual takes place in nature, soaking up the Earth’s vibrations. Take a journal outdoors under the Full Moon and just start writing. Note the sensations that your body experiences during this ritual - does a certain thought make your stomach churn? Does a specific idea or desire give you happy butterflies? Your body is ready to let you know what it needs right now. Follow your intuition during this ritual and do what feels right. Are you called to practice yoga under the Full Moon’s glow?

Listening to your body will increase your connection to your needs and desires, giving you ammunition for the following New Moon and the intentions that you want to set during that time.

Gemini: Big Decisions

Virgo is a Mutable sign, like yours, Gemini. This mutability allows you to go with the flow, but an amplification of it can bring stress and restlessness. It may be difficult for you to focus during this Full Moon. You aren’t always comfortable making quick decisions, and this influence may make it feel even more difficult - but there is a good chance that a tough decision is coming your way. Your intellect asks you to do research during this time, weighing the options and trusting your intuition. Confidence-building practices, like positive affirmations and chakra balancing, can help you feel more capable, allowing you to trust your instincts.

A great ritual for you might include weighing your options under the guidance of the Full Moon. When the Moon is Full, make a list of pros and cons for each of the options before you. Then, close your eyes and let the glow of the Moon wash over you, soaking in its wisdom. Ask yourself what you most desire and what option your intuition feels will bring the most fruitful results. When you wake the next morning, write down what your gut feelings are telling you.

Remember, you may enjoy the process of analyzing and thinking about things - but you’ll have to follow your heart.

Cancer: Sharing Your Feelings

This Full Moon in Virgo encourages you to find your truth and connect to the center of your being, where balance reigns supreme. Communication is a great way to come closer to your truth - talking through your issues or problems with others helps you feel more connected to the Universe and your spiritual self. This influence can also stir the emotions, causing intense feelings. Talking with others about these feelings can help you release them while gathering strength from connection. Your loved ones and their opinions are important to you, so don’t hold yourself back during this time. Just make sure to share with compassion and empathy in mind.

Perhaps there is a certain person whose attention you’d like to draw towards you, or a special somebody that you are hoping will reach out to you. Or maybe you’re waiting for certain news to arrive, perhaps regarding a promotion or fortunate circumstance. Why not make a Full Moon ritual out of this desire? Write down the name of the person you’d like to hear from or the date on which you need good news on a piece of paper. Now place that paper in your purse, wallet, desk, or journal - wherever you feel called to keep it safe. When your wish comes true, you can bring your attention back to your ritual and feel grateful for your skills of manifestation.

Keep your heart open and ready to receive good news!

Leo: Focusing on Your Desires

The Full Moon can bring out our desires, while Virgo may encourage you to focus on the work or projects that will bring you closer to these desires. You may have felt frustrated or stuck within your career lately, but you must remember that there are things in life that we can’t control - but you can’t let it dull your sparkle. Momentum and motivation are the keys to success, and Virgo is here to remind you of this. It’s time to give up control and let the Universe work for you. Staying positive and focusing on manifestation will help you move closer to your career goals.

A manifestation ritual is a great idea during this Full Moon in Virgo. Sitting under the Full Moon’s glow, make a list of everything you want to achieve in life, especially in your work. Get as detailed and creative as you can - knowing exactly what you want is the best way to start manifesting it. Write the exact number that you want to see in your bank account, the exact position that you want in your field. The sky, with its glowing Moon, is the limit!

Making an announcement to the Universe can signal a chain reaction of blessings and fortune.

Virgo: Embracing Self-Care

With the Moon dancing around in your size, you will feel a call to address your habits surrounding self-care. Have you been focusing on the attention that your body and mind need? Or have you been so focused on hard work that you’ve neglected your needs? Neglecting your self-care routines can lead to physical and mental exhaustion, as well as emotional turbulence. If you’re feeling overly emotional during this Full Moon, take it as a sign to take time for your self-care routines. You have to give your body and your mind a chance to relax so that you can maintain momentum and motivation. Self-care practices also help you release negative or intense emotions.

The best Full Moon ritual for you is one that involves these practices. You may take the day to celebrate yourself and all the hard work that your body allows you to accomplish. Take a bubble bath. Practice soothing yoga. Write in your journal. Listen to your favorite album while dancing around the living room. Sing a song or paint a picture. Express yourself creatively and emotionally. Meditation is a great idea under the Full Moon, allowing you to connect to the healing lunar energy.

Embracing your needs will give you the strength it takes to move towards your goals and ultimate success. Let the Moon lead the way.

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Libra: Following Your Instincts

Introspection and a focus on spirituality are likely under this Full Moon, encouraging you to explore your internal world. Getting in touch with your feelings can feel foreign to you, but this Moon urges you to do just that. Understanding your emotions and your spiritual approach to life can help you make decisions and follow paths that will lead to your ultimate goals. If you can connect to your higher self, you may just receive some wisdom from your guides above. It’s important to keep your eyes and ears open for messages from the Universe at this time.

Working with tools that increase your intuition are very useful during this Full Moon. Follow your instincts to create your own ritual using the metaphysical tools that are known to connect you to the spiritual realm. The tarot cards provide answers during this time, and performing a reading under the light of the Full Moon may illuminate the answers the deck provides. Labradorite is an intuitive, spiritual stone that can amplify your reading. Place a piece of cloth on the ground, with a piece of labradorite on a corner that calls to you. Then, hold the cards in your hands, infusing them with your intention and asking them for the answers you need.

Listening to your own inner wisdom and following your instincts will shine the light on your path.

Scorpio: Spiritual Connections

Something magical seems to happen when you encounter a Full Moon, almost like a certain part of you comes to life. You like the wade in the depths of emotions and the hidden mysteries of life’s waters, and the Full Moon in Virgo amplifies this aspect. You may experience an increase in visions, insights, and a connection to your desires for the future. This influence brings inspiration and encourages reflection, making it a great day to participate in practices that connect to these ideas. Sharing your emotions with others is encouraged during this time. Don’t keep your big dreams and emotions to yourself!

Your Full Moon ritual may benefit from the addition of like-minded individuals who share a similar vibration to yourself. This would be an excellent transit under which to host a drum circle, inviting those with seeking, spiritual energy into your lunar activities. This is also a great time to reflect, so don’t neglect your journal. Jotting down your ideas is important now because you may have a flash of brilliance.

Above all else, allow yourself room to grow and sparkle with the light of the Moon.

Sagittarius: Aiming Your Arrow

This is a time to dream big, shoot for the stars, and release any emotions that may be holding you back. You’ve always had big dreams for the future, Sag, but current upsets or emotional turbulence may be preventing you from seeing the big picture. Releasing negative emotions and resentments will help you make space for your big ideas and lofty goals. The Full Moon can make feelings seem more intense, making it even more important to find an outlet for them. Embrace your creativity and the support you have in your life as outlets for your big feelings. Expressing yourself will give you a sense of relief and strength. After all, there is strength and courage in vulnerability.

Incorporating creativity into your Full Moon ritual is the best way to connect to this magical lunar vibe. You don’t necessarily need words to express yourself; you can find an emotional release in activities like painting, singing, dancing, or coloring. Take your favorite notebook outside, light a candle under the Full Moon, open your heart, and let it pour out onto the page. You may even receive a flash of insight or a brilliant idea.

Basking in the Moon’s glow will shine a light on the things you need to let go of and the mystical path ahead.

Capricorn: Enjoying the Present Moment

You may have spent the last few weeks analyzing and perhaps obsessing over the little things. The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to take a step back and try to see things from another perspective. The Moon’s light illuminates the aspects of your life that need your attention, and Virgo is asking you to look at the big picture. You’re better able to focus on the trajectory that you want your life to take, and the emotions that need to be released to get there. You may be drawn towards philosophical ideas that help you see your world from a new point of view, allowing you to feel gratitude for your life as it is. Remember that the future and your success is not the only important thing to focus on. Take time to feel gratitude and appreciation for the present moment.

In fact, making a list of the things that you’re grateful for is a great idea to include in your Full Moon ritual. Sit comfortably beneath the Moon and write down everything that makes you happy, from your fluffy dog to a strong cup of coffee with cinnamon. Practice gratitude for the little things that bring a smile to your face. Expressing gratitude helps you feel happier about your life as it is while also making room for even more blessings and chance encounters.

While success continues to flow your way, let the Moon remind you of the things that you currently feel passionate about.

Aquarius: The Transformation Station

This Full Moon in Virgo brings changes that may transform your life. When the Moon is at its fullest, its light is at its brightest, shining down on the patterns of behavior or relationships that are no longer serving you. While letting go can be scary, it is necessary for transcendence and arrival at your own personal enlightenment. Relationships may experience turbulence or conflict, bringing strong relationships closer together and showing you those from which you may need to disconnect. It is likely that the changes ahead will be your own choice, so let the Moon guide you towards wisdom and intuition. You may wish to sit with the information you receive right now, allowing it to digest. Big decisions made under the Full Moon can lead to drastic consequences.

Your ideal Full Moon ritual involves activities that connect you to your instincts, like meditation and crystal healing. Labradorite and aquamarine are excellent stones to include in your routine. Labradorite is spiritual and intuitive, while aquamarine is associated with Aquarius and will help you find your inner truth and wisdom. Place a crystal in each hand while sitting comfortably beneath the Full Moon, meditating and setting your intentions.

The Moon relates to emotions and intuition, so dig deep into its fullness and guiding energy.

Pisces: Going with the Flow

Full Moons aren’t necessarily known as an easy, breezy kind of time. Emotional intensity and turbulence are likely during any Full Moon; however, when Virgo’s energy comes into play, you may feel more like being of service than usual. Things that would normally annoy you may have little-to-no effect on you under this influence. Virgo is the sign of service, interacting with your ruling planet, Neptune - who increases empathy and compassion. This is not, however, a call to ignore your own feelings and desires. Share your emotions and needs with your loved ones! And don’t forget to take care of yourself first, so that you have the energy and the balance to take care of those you love.

This Full Moon ritual can be done alone or with a partner. Sit for a moment during the Full Moon to really think about what it is you want to get out of romance. What does your ideal love look like? Then, write a love letter to yourself or your partner, detailing a plan of action. Sharing your intent with the Universe will magnify the results. Put your heart into it, including every detail of your most perfect love life on the page. Manifestation is made easier when you are detailed, honest, and open to receiving.

Let the Moon guide the way!

Basking in the Moon’s Glow

While changes and emotional intensity are possible during any Full Moon, it’s an important part of the lunar cycle that brings us closer to our most evolved, successful, compassionate selves.

Enjoy this transit as much as possible, and don’t forget to check out your Daily Horoscopes for even more celestial guidance!

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