Go Retro: How to Discover Past Life Secrets in Retrograde Transits

Posted on August 18, 2015
Updated on September 28, 2020

We’ve been talking a lot about retrograde planets lately, and that’s largely because we have two retrogrades in play right now, and we’ve just come out of another. Retrograde periods are often cause for a groan or two, all across the Universe. Most of the time planets are moving forward and exerting their influences outwardly with an energy that is palpable, and productive for Earthlings. But every once in a while, they slow down so much, they look like they have stopped completely. They haven’t. That’s impossible. But it just looks that way. And, it also feels that way. When a planet is retrograde, everything it rules comes to an often screeching halt. How many times has your computer crashed during a Mercury retrograde? Many Earthlings find retrograde planet energy troublesome, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, everything that we experience from and within Universe is connected, and for a purpose. So when a planet goes retrograde, it’s the cue from the Universe to stop, look, and listen to the themes and qualities this particular retrograde is offering right now. Retrograde planets are so slow in fact they appear as if they are going back in time. And when you look at a retrograde transit that way, you gain a new perspective at the blessing that any retrograde transit can offer. During any retrograde transit you too can go back in time, in the area of the themes and qualities that planet rules. And, if you play your cards right, you can even go back lifetimes. In fact, that’s one of the greatest blessings you can get during a retrograde transit. When you harness retrograde energy to its fullest potential, you harness the potential of untapping karma from past lives, and karmic connections in this life, and using the past to bless your future destiny. It’s all about the lessons we have learned, right? And sometimes it is about the lessons we have yet to learn.

So, instead of groaning when your favorite planet goes retrograde, learn how to use the past life energy from these transits to your advantage. And when it comes to going retro, that means, using information from your past lives for your best possible current lifetime potential. You will find many times that the planets throw past life surprises your way to point you in just that direction. We currently have a few planets retrograde right now, Venus retrograde and Uranus retrograde. Saturn has just come out of retrograde and is about to give Scorpio a break. This is all critical energy leading you or showing you critical past life events or energy that you can use to change or impact your current lifetime. And so if too want to go retro and use retrograde transits to untap the secrets of your past lives, here’s what to expect during these transits.

Venus Retrograde: Blasts from all possible pasts….

Venus takes approximately 225 days to make her journey through the zodiac signs. This means she stays in each zodiac sign for a few weeks, unless she is taking a break on one of her retrograde periods. Venus really only goes retrograde about once every calendar year for Earthlings, and it lasts about six weeks, but in some rare years, a little bit longer. Worry not, we will always give you a heads up when it’s on its way, as we recently did when discussing Venus retrograde and her 50 shades of karmic connections. Yes, we are in a Venus retrograde zone right now, which may be causing some pauses and delay in love or money for some Earthlings. And that’s okay.

If you are using your synchronicities and intuition wisely, you can use Venus retrograde the way she wants you to. To learn from past life experiences in order to enrich current lifetime love situations. And although Venus is in Virgo right now, it really doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you are in, as Venus and her past life magic is in play, right now, for all zodiac signs. What does this mean for YOU?

• Retrograde periods of any planet are always about review and reflection, as well other re-themes such as remembering and reunion are possible. Expect nostalgia to come to you in storms. And most of this will be in the area of relationships. If one person keeps coming up, pay attention. And if someone from the past only makes a brief appearance, know you are being pointed to a lesson you may still need to learn. Re-themes such as re-evaluate, review, reflect, recollect, remember, and more, are all themes that all re-lationships are going to experience under Venus retrograde.

• This bodes true in money situations as well. Hold off on major investments or partnerships or in making any major changes on the financial front for a few weeks. Pay attention to issues from the past that crop up, they are coming up for a reason. It could be something or someone from a past life showing you an opportunity that could enhance your financial future. Inheritances or learning of a long lost income stream are possible during a Venus retrograde period. But moves forward, are not favored. Hold off on major career or money decisions until the Fall.

• A withdrawal period will naturally occur between lovers and also business partners during this period. This is the natural effect of Venus retrograde, don’t let it freak you out or it could lead to disaster. Take it for what it is, and use the time wisely in reflection as well. This time is necessary. Being insecure in relationships will backfire, it is exactly the opposite of what Venus wants.

• Past lovers will come up, past soul mates will as well, you and your current partner will undergo a reflection period, as will you. All relationships from all times are under scrutiny right now. Nobody is exempt, regardless of what your current relationship status is. You may even meet someone brand spanking new from this lifetime, that was an old friend in a past one. Love is retrograde right now! Blasts from all pasts are not possible, they are probable.

• Re-straint is another re-theme you want to practice during Venus retrograde. This is restraint in both money and love. Just ease back and let things percolate. They will. Energy is slow moving so it will feel like they aren’t, but they are. Practice restraint and Venus will reward you with past life blessings that could impact your current lifetime.

Saturn: Karma is a game changer.

Saturn is the planet of karma and responsibility, so when Saturn is retrograde you have powerful energy to tap into your past life karma, and your areas of responsibility. Saturn is also the taskmaster, so if you have left something unfinished, in either work or love, that karma will appear under a Saturn retrograde. Thankfully, we have just come out of a Saturn retrograde and so most of this energy is behind us. But as we discussed, when Saturn goes direct, karma is a game changer. Some past life energy that may still impact us in August and moving into the Fall can still be very helpful when ensuring your own karmic boomerang lands precisely where you want it to.

• During August and into Fall, take time to perform actions right. Do not do shortcuts in either work or love, or Saturn the taskmaster will come back after September 6 with his reminders.

• If you had any issues with authority or father figures in your past lives, these issues may crop up through the early Fall. If this sounds familiar to you, then take these lessons as they come and just nip them in the bud now. The sooner you take care of business, the sooner Saturn leaves you alone.

• If you played someone in love in a past life, or in the past in this life, that could come back to haunt you now. And the same goes for work. These loose ends will need to be taken care of either when Saturn is retrograde, or when just coming out of a retrograde cycle as Saturn did on August 2.

• Take deadlines as they come and expect delays on deadlines on all fronts until September. Don’t give someone an ultimatum in love either, or you will send them packing. The same for work. You will be asked for extensions and you will need extensions on key areas of responsibility, in both love and money, for a little while. Treat others as you want to be treated, and that karmic kindness will bless you in return. In other words, don’t get impatient if things aren’t happening at your desired pace. There’s a purpose to all of it, hang in there and be patient, as Saturn will pay that off in kind for you.

• If Saturn is retrograde in your birth chart, some astrologers believe this to be a sign that you are re-doing a lifetime. And this is very possible. Have a look at your birth chart and see if themes keep repeating themselves in this life time. You may be surprised at how many Ah Hah moments you have. Alternatively you can ask any of us to do the same for you. If you are repeating a lifetime, there is a very good chance your current birth chart gives clues on how to make it the most abundant lifetime possible.

• If you are Saturn retrograde in your natal chart, it is also an indication that you are an “old soul.” Do people tell you that a lot? This is a sign that you have gone far on the path of enlightenment, have likely experienced many past lives, and have a lot to offer this world. You will feel the impact of a Saturn retrograde period this month even more than others, and be in constant question about your past lives. If this rings true, then know your past life is heavily influencing this life, and you can expect many more past life blessings to appear in this life. Especially during all of these retrograde transits. Know that if you are redoing a life time in this lifetime, this knowledge comes with the blessing that in this lifetime, you are determined to get it right.

Uranus Retrograde: Expect the opposite of the expected….

Unlike other planets, Uranus takes 84 years to get through its journey of the zodiac signs. That means it sticks around in every sign for just over 7 years. This also means that when Uranus is retrograde, that retrograde is a bit longer too. We are in this transit right now with Uranus retrograde in Aries. While Aries will feel the past life intensity the most under this transit, nobody is immune. All zodiac signs should expect the opposite of the expected when Uranus is retrograde. And this is powerful past life information coming your way that you can use to enrich this lifetime to its fullest potential.

• Remember that Uranus is the expect the unexpected planet, and thus is also kind of the wild card of the draw. This means, anything is possible, even when Uranus is retrograde. This also means that when Uranus is forward, anything that is unconventional or out of the blue will happen. So when Uranus is retrograde, this means that the opposite of what is “normal” will happen. Expect the opposite of the expected in other words. Expect out of the blue events and people, and remember there is important past life information coming your way when it does happen. If a stranger knocks at your door for example and leaves you with a funny feeling you aren’t sure why, that is a past life whisper telling you to explore this unexpected experience.

• Uranus in Aries energy that is retrograde means, taking a pause and reflecting before you make bold moves. Freedom is your oyster, and that is what will beckon you. Take a pause and consider the consequences before you do, and if it feels good, Uranus retrograde wants you to explore it. This could be a past life desire coming up now, and as we say, there’s a reason for that. Everything is connected.

• These moments are past life moments popping up. If the straight laced PTA mom was a bit of a wild card in a past life, that “person” may crop up under this period if she’s had a few too many tequila shooters at the baby shower. Or, if you are the one that is characteristically shy in love in this lifetime, you may whip out a past lifetime and make bold unexpected moves in love under this transit.

• And know that, if your past lifetimes are coming out to play, so are everyone else’s. As usual, with Uranus, expect the unexpected. When Uranus is retrograde, expect the opposite of the expected unexpected.

• Allow freedom in love, as your partner is likely feeling the need to spread their wings. Give them a chance to have their own time, and this too gives you the same gift. Uranus needs some freedom or they run the other way. Freedom does not mean freedom to date or be with whoever, but freedom to have their own time to be who they are. When you give this, you get this, and it breathes a renewed love into your relationship that may well change it forever.

• Unexpected events in love are going to happen. Knowing that will help you prepare for it. Remember that some of this will be past life business. The sooner you take care of it, the better. And, if you want to continue something with a past life, or romance from your past in this life, doing something unconventional and unexpected for them will be a great way to manifest magic in love. Uranus wants you to be free to be who you are. When Uranus is retrograde, this energy opens up past life potential to be who you are in this life, or even from another. It’s an exciting opportunity to explore all of who you are, and your lover too!

And there you have it. How retrograde planets are not such a groan after all. And again, it doesn’t matter what zodiac sign the retrograde planet is in, or what zodiac sign you are at the time, or in any other lifetime. All zodiac signs from all lifetimes can appreciate the past life secrets that literally crop up out of nowhere when a planet is retrograde, or just coming out of a retrograde season. Don’t run from them. Embrace them, learn from them, and use them to their fullest potential, because they are happening to you for a reason. What past life secrets have you learned under any of our retrograde transits recently? Have you had any lovers come back from the past? Share your stories, we can’t wait to find out!

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