Happy birthday Cancer! Here’s 9 Amazing Things You’ll See This Year….

Posted on June 20, 2015
Updated on August 06, 2020

Happy Birthday, Cancer!! It’s that time of month again, and this time it’s Cancer’s turn to celebrate!! As the Cardinal Water Sign, Cancer is not just the zodiac sign that launches the season of Summer. Cancer is also a leader of the sensitive, emotional, and psychically gifted Water Signs. Symbolized by the crab and ruled by the Moon, Cancer can seem to be all over the map from one minute to the next. But those that know Cancer well, know that as turbulent as they can seem, Cancer’s emotions run deep. And if you’re ever looking for your Cancer, you never need to look far from family or home, because that’s exactly where Cancer’s heart is. This year, Cancer is going to have an abundance of birthday miracles, and not just on their special day! It’s a year full of miracles for Cancer! Do you know a Cancer who is celebrating their special day? Then tuck this into their birthday card. Or is it your special day? Happy birthday, Cancer! Here’s 9 amazing things you will see this year!

1. Home is where your heart….still is.

Being ruled by the watery and emotional Moon, Cancer too can be a little watery and emotional as well. The Moon is also the planet that rules maternal matters, motherhood, family, fertility, and women matters such as women friendships. This means that of all of the zodiac signs, Cancer is happiest when they are taking care of their near and dear ones. Every the nurturer, when Cancer is at home, they are in their bliss. This theme continues for Cancer this year. Cancer’s fourth house and tenth house are going to be touched by this energy. Cancer should expect some career changes that will help them provide better for their dear ones. But these aspects show that Cancer will be ready to put some roots down this year. It could be a physical move or relocation for Cancer, or a job change that will mean more security for the family. And with tenth house activity in play, that means that the job changes are going to make Cancer feel like ALL of your dreams are coming true at once!

2. Saturn karma is comin’ to town….

The first part of the year will be a busy one for your Cancer. And this is just busy in the way of every day life busy. Saturn has set up shop in your sixth house, your house of daily responsibilities. So the first part of the year will feel like there’s just always SOMETHING for you to attend to. And there is. But tending to these matters as quickly as you can will set the seeds of Saturn karma to flow. You will find you go through these periods where you spend days or hours taking care of the little things, and then crash from exhaustion and don’t want to leave the house for days. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just know that if you are feeling this, you can thank Saturn for that. And we know that Saturn is the planet of karma, so know that as tough and tiring as these days will be, the rewards are on the other side. So get ‘er done, get some rest, and then watch the miracles flow.

3. Luck and money go hand in hand this year….

Cancer has a lucky year ahead when it comes to money. The first part of the year, finances will be spent on Saturn responsibilities. But by March and into the Summer, some nice pushes in this regard come your way from Jupiter. It’s best for Cancer to hold off on any major purchases or financial decisions until the summer begins to come to a close. Then Cancer will feel like the burden eases a bit, and will have some more room to make those financial decisions. You will also have more room to play financially which will be a nice relief! Jupiter will also send some luck your way in the way of communications. Money and communication will go hand in hand. You may consider taking up some studies, or using money to communicate business practices like marketing, or simply spending money on communication tools. By the summer and into the Fall, Cancer will feel like they have all of the tools at their disposal to make the best decisions.

4. Love karma gets settled this summer.

Being Cancer, the emotional and sometimes intense Water Sign that you are, love is always a lot of drama for you. You don’t always love it, but you can’t always help it. Expect some of the dark drama to ease up in love and relationships this year, especially by the Summer. You will have a lot of this sorted out. Between June and September however Saturn and his hand of karma is settling on your romantic affairs. Any love scores that you need to settle will get taken care of this summer. You will also experience a lot of closure over the summer months. So you may see an old flame come back and try and take things up again. It may or may not work, but you will feel settled in the matter one way or another. You may also start a romance that has been niggling at you for years under this energy. Either way, by the time Summer is done, Cancer is going to be exactly where they want to be with love, by your own doing! Watch your love karma blossom exactly as your heart desires.

5. Free at last!

If you have been feeling like you have been weighed down by one responsibility or another, this year you will begin to feel that load lifted, especially in the way of love. Money responsibilities will peter out, love responsibilities will work themselves out, and by the close of Summer you are going to be feeling some much needed relief and freedom. If you are single you will finally feel liberated and free to go after what or who you truly want in love. And if you are in a relationship you will finally begin to feel like you have the freedom to be who you are in this relationship. It will bring a balance to your love experiences that you are not accustomed to. Don’t question your new found freedom, Cancer. Enjoy it!

6. Fate takes over, this year is where your book begins…

Cancer is a work house and spends all day every day doing what needs to be done for the family and the people that mean the most. There are some zodiac signs where work is their number one. For Cancer, it is love, but their work is in play for the people that they love. Cancer is the consummate caretaker as a result, and can get downright exhausted when they be all things to all people all the time. Fate is going to step in this year for Cancer and take a bit of that load off. By the Fall, your relationships are going to take on an equality and a sharing that will truly help you. And Cancer’s needs need to be met too. Fate will provide the opportunities for Cancer to make sure that happens. Venus will be retrograde this summer, and this will slow things down for Cancer. Don’t ask when. When Fate steps in, you will know it. Let your voice be heard, and ask for what you need, and let Fate do the rest.

7. Clarity and communication enter your partnership zone.

Fall is going to be a busy part of your year as Venus comes out of retrograde and Pluto enters your partnership zone. It’s a great time to take on a partner in work, or be asked to become a partner with somebody else. Expect major transformations in this area and you will win when you put integrity first. Also be sure that you are being clear about what you want. Whether that is in love or in work. You are allowed to want what you want, Cancer. But you spend so much time taking care of everyone else that you forget that. Ask for what you want. With Fate in play, you are going to get it!

8. Expect a career boom!

This Fall, your South Node of Fate is going to get some action, Cancer. And that is going to have an effect on your career path. There will be some big changes here and some of them are going to take you by surprise. Every change however is going to be a good one, if you play your cards right. All you need to do, Cancer is follow that big heart of yours. That and, stay true to your Cardinal Sign nature. That means stick true to your assertive nature when it comes to getting what you want, especially in work. When you take control and take charge, without being bossy, these strengths will come in handy this Fall in the work place.

9. Powerful transformations are up for grabs….

As the year comes to a close, Cancer the major transformations are going to continue. We see an intense Lunar Eclipse this Fall in your career house in the month of September. Eclipses always bring big changes as you eclipse out the things in your life that are not working, to make room for the things that will work. You are going to see this more in your line of work than you will with your love life and your family. Most of the major changes in love you will see this year will happen by or over the Summer. By Fall the big changes will come in other areas then. Particularly projects that you began in 2014, or ideas or plans creative in nature that you launched in 2014, will take on a tone of urgency and come to a sense of completion for you. And these won’t be projects that you simply finish, but projects that come to fruition and to a place that is precisely where you want them to be. It’s a period of productivity that will work in your favor. Instead of working hard, you will be working smart, and this is going to lead to some powerful and epic transformations for you by the New Year.

And there you have it Cancer! Just 9 of the many amazing things you will see happen this year in love, work, and money. What are your wishes this year as you celebrate your birthday, Cancer? Tell us how we can make them come true. Happy birthday, Cancer!

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