Happy Birthday Leo! Here’s 7 Amazing Things You’ll See This Year…

Posted on July 18, 2015
Updated on July 13, 2020

It’s birthday time again! Happy birthday, Leo! Are you ready for an amazing year, Leo? If not, start getting excited! Leo’s year starts off with a glorious, and lucky, bang, with Jupiter in Leo energy still kicking around for another month. This is a very lucky transit that only comes around for Leo once every 12 years. You’ve spent most of the past year under this transit, and your next birthday begins with this energy too! And that’s only one of the many, many amazing things happening for Leo this year. If you’ve been feeling lucky all year you can thank Jupiter for that. And that energy from the planet of luck is going to kick off this birthday for you as well. But that’s not the only amazing thing that is going to happen to Leo this year. In addition to Jupiter waving his magic wand of luck, Leo has many other exciting surprises in store. So whether you are a Leo about to have a special day, or know someone who is, here is the astrological forecast for Leo for 2015! Tuck this into someone’s card, or use it for yourself if you are a Leo and want a reminder of all of the glorious things you will see this year. Are you ready? Happy birthday, Leo!

1. It’s a win win all year long!

Jupiter is going to be weaving some luck into your life for the first half of 2015. You probably already know this. Suddenly it seems like so many things that went so wrong last year, have all come together or found their resolution. You can thank Jupiter in your zodiac sign for that. But that’s not the only magic Jupiter is waving. Jupiter in Leo made sure you had plenty of fun this year. When Jupiter moves into Virgo, shortly after your birthday, you can expect to see some major gains in the financial department. Maybe work or money hasn’t been going so well? By mid-August, the seeds you have been planting are going to take hold and the money situation is going to work itself out for you too.

2. Family gets fun again!

Saturn has been giving you the grind over the last few years, hasn’t it, Leo? This energy is starting to lift and it’s not just in your head. Since 2012 you have been feeling very heavy in the way of responsibilities with the family. It may have even caused somewhat of a depression or serious anxiety for you. Lately you’ve been starting to see that lift though, haven’t you? There’s a reason for that. Saturn is easing up and you are finally feeling good again about family. Things just feel easier this year in the way of family, and that brings relief for Leo this year that you have not seen in many years.

3. Love gets serious.

For awhile now, Leo, you’ve been enjoying the party and the attention in love. This year that is going to change. The summer has been an exciting one for you when it comes to love, and you can expect this energy to continue. As the summer closes however, this energy takes on a more serious tone for you. You’ll spend the summer spoiling your lovers and your romantic partners, and come the Fall, you will start to understand why. If you’ve been neglecting things, or people, in the game of love, Saturn is going to change that for you and bring these issues to a head. The word ‘serious’ in love is difficult for you, Leo, you just want to have fun. But you also want to be fulfilled and that is going to mean choosing one. This year will be about getting your romantic priorities into a perspective that you both are comfortable with. And you’ll be pretty excited about that, Leo! Finally, all of your dreams are coming true.

4. Communication is fated.

When it comes to all matters, Leo, and especially matters of the heart, what you say and what you mean are going to take on more seriousness and importance this year. You are learning lessons this year about how what you say can have disastrous, or amazing, consequences if you aren’t being sincere. As summer closes, this seriousness is going to weigh more heavy on your heart. Suddenly your communications aren’t going to be so frivolous, and you will begin to take those you communicate with more seriously. The North Node of Fate is in this corner for you and will help you communicate what you need, what you want, without hurting anyone’s feelings. This will show up in romance more than anywhere else. You’ve had a flair for being a little too casual in love, and this may have hurt someone you care for deeply. You are going to unwind that karma and repair it with words that will rock someone’s world. This year will be about putting pride to bed, and taking care of the people you love.

5. An old flame may return…

Venus action this summer will be retrograde for a spell, and this means the past is going to play a role in your love life, Leo. If you start thinking about an old flame, you can thank Venus for that. Or, if one just appears, thank Venus for that too. Between mid to late July, and through September 2015, you are going to be sorting all of this out. You may even become obsessed with learning how to be the best mate for them. That’s a good thing! The last time it didn’t work out with this person was…sort of your fault, no? That’s okay, Leo, you are about as forgivable as they come and your partners have let it go. And so should you! Saturn has been helping you put in the work, and manage those responsibilities in love. And if you have done that, love will come back to find you. And if you want it to, this time it will be for good.

6. Career gets a blast off!

The past couple of years you have been in planning and research mode in the work department, Leo. All of this planning is going to pay off for you this year. You are coming out of your cave so to speak and are ready to show the world your awesomeness. You are the proverbial caged lion ready to make your mark on this world! And you will! You have enough creative ideas to go around for everyone, and if you get out into the world and show those off, you are going to have some serious star power. The more you put yourself out there with your dreams and plans you have been working on, the more you get yourself in front of the eyes that can actually do something for you. The eclipse in April was a powerful game changer for you this year. You are going to take this energy, and run with it through to December in a way that will blow your mind. Follow your creative hunches on this one, Leo! They are leading you in the right direction!

7. Money won’t be a problem.

When it comes to money, Leo, you like to have a lot. You have big dreams and big people to spoil, and you love your luxury items. And there is nothing wrong with that! Maybe you’ve been feeling like you have been coming up short in this department over the last few years, but all of that is going to change this Fall. By mid-September and into October we see Mars in your money zone along with lucky Jupiter, and this will give you everything you need to finish the year. You won’t just have enough, you will have enough to raise some serious stakes in some part of your life. Maybe it will be a marriage, maybe it will be a new business. Either way, the money that comes your way this Fall is going to be about helping you find your way. It’s not for splurging. It’s for creating bigger things. So whether that is bigger things in love, work, or play, go for it Leo. And you will certainly have the bank to do so.

For the past two years you have been in exile thanks to Saturn. Not this year, Leo. So if you have been feeling like all of your dreams are finally starting to transpire, it’s not in your head. It is happening! Enjoy every delicious and well deserved minute. And come back to tell us how that goes! Happy Birthday, Leo! What surprises are you hoping for this year?

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