Happy birthday Scorpio! Here’s 9 Secrets You’ll Enjoy Unlocking This Year….

Posted on October 20, 2015
Updated on July 03, 2020

Happy Birthday Scorpio! It’s that time of year for you again, and this year you must be feeling pretty excited. Saturn has finally left the building! Can I hear a woo hoo? Woo hoo! Taskmaster Saturn has been in Scorpio for two very long years. And this Fall, Saturn takes a hike. Woo hoo! Sagittarius is in for some surprises there, but we will look at that in more detail next month. THIS month is Scorpio’s moment to shine! And boy does Scorpio ever like to shine. Sometimes. Or at least you do in your very own Scorpio way. And it’s finally your turn! Happy birthday, Scorpio! Saturn leaving your sign is only one of the awesome gifts you will receive from astrology this year. Are you ready to find out what other secrets and surprises Universe has in store for you? Of course you are. So let’s not wait a moment longer. Here’s the 9 secrets that Scorpio will enjoy unlocking this year in love, money, relationships, career, and more! What secrets are you secretly waiting for this year, Scorpio? It’s all up for grabs. Happy birthday, Scorpio!

1. Saturn has left the building.

Saturn leaving your sign and moving on into Sagittarius is a tremendous relief and a fantastic way for you to start your next birth year. Stress seems much more manageable now. One benefit to this aspect is not just stress relief, though that is a big win for you, Scorpio. You just simply feel better and more relaxed overall which is exactly what you need. Not only do you have less stress though, you also are more able to see opportunities when they arrive. When you are too stressed out just trying to get your day to day done, it’s more difficult to see these opportunities for what they are. With Saturn in Scorpio, you only had so much time in each day for so much. With Saturn now in Sagittarius, you feel more flexible and like you can finally breathe. You even feel like you have more time on your hands. What are you going to do with it? Enjoy it. And keep an eye out for opportunities because they are coming for you this year, Scorpio!

2. Kill ‘em with kindness.

Scorpio has some wonderful aspects happening with Pluto and Neptune, right through to 2024. Secrets and psychic gifts bring change to you this year, dear Scorpio. If you are considering a career change this year, something in the fields of investigative work will reap rewards. You are born detective, with the gift of the hunch, Scorpio! Pluto and Neptune will help you nurture this gift over the next many years. You can and should use it to make money if you need a change with work. Keep in mind that Neptune is humanitarian planet of kindness. Thus, you will need to use compassion when following those hunches and following your heart, every single time. Unlocking secrets using anything that isn’t founded in integrity will cost you. Don’t go there. You are Scorpio. Kill ‘em with kindness and you win. Every time. How will you use your investigative gifts and psychic gifts to reap change this year, Scorpio?

3. Luck is your lady this Fall!

With Saturn giving you the grind over the past couple of years, Scorpio, the very last thing you have felt in a while is lucky. Guess what? That is about to change. Not only is Saturn cutting you a break, but Jupiter is going to be chiming in this Fall to bring you some pretty awesome karmic rewards for being as gracious as you have been the past couple of years. Okay, some days that has been a little bit harder than others. I get it. But you’ve been tossed a couple of wrenches and you may not have had some pretty days, but that’s behind you now. Remember to kill ‘em with kindness! When you do, Jupiter is going to be popping by with some wonderful aspects with your Sun that proffers some very lucky opportunities in the way of growth. You may see your client list grow, you may see your love life blossom. What seeds have you planted, Scorpio? Jupiter is arriving this Fall to help them grow.

4. Health is wealth, Scorpio.

A bit of a workaholic you are, no? Well, you almost can’t be blamed with everything that Saturn has put you through. We keep saying that a lot for a reason. It’s a heavy transit from last year that has more than a trickle effect this year, when it comes to a close for you. Saturn has been grinding you and you have basically been all work and no play. This is not healthy. You probably have a few health signs that you have been brushing off and ignoring over the past few years. It’s time to stop ignoring those, or you are going to have some secrets unlocked in this area that slow you down to a halt. You don’t like going to the doctor because you don’t have time for it. I get it. But, you will have even less time for work later if you don’t pay attention to your health now. Your health is your wealth, Scorpio. Take care of it, and it will take care of you. Also be sure to find that critical balance between work and play this year. You really do need it for your mind, soul, and body to be at peace and ready to take on the world.

5. Seek growth, and it will manifest.

Scorpio is predicted to have a fantastic year of growth, if you put your mind to it. I know, I just told you to relax, and now you think I’m telling you to work hard. Wrong. Relax, yes. Find the balance though. Relaxing all the time is not going to get you anywhere but up to speed on Netflix. Nothing wrong with a few binge days here and there but that’s what weekends are for. If you want growth in an area of your life, be that at work or in relationships, you have to tend to that garden this year. But you don’t need to be a Picasso. Simply working towards goals will reap opportunities this year. The best way to see growth this year in any area is to set goals. Maybe you want your business to be in the black by March 2016. Maybe you want to have your own business by then. Maybe you want to know for sure where you stand in your relationship, one way or another, by Christmas. Nothing wrong with any of these goals. But you do have to make them. So make goals in the area that you want to experience growth, and this year it is projected to happen.

6. Using your intuition could be profitable.

If there is any one sign that can make using their intuitive gifts into a lucrative business, it would be you, Scorpio. As a Fixed Sign, once you set your sights on something your intuition has pointed out to you, you are unstoppable. That’s why we say detective work could be so profitable for you. Any kind of investigative work would be. You are the zodiac sign that solves cases, and stays up at night tossing about clues and secrets until you have got it all figured out. These are going to be very lucrative skills for you this year. Most other signs are given the advice to follow their head in business and work, but you are not one of those signs. Follow your heart, and your intuition, when you are making any kind of decision at all this year. Your spidey senses, Scorpio, are never wrong. Sometimes you let them lead you astray, Scorpio. There’s a very fine line between intuition and paranoia. Stay off the paranoid path, and simply follow your hunches this year. Your bank may improve as a result!

7. Pay attention to peak work periods.

There are some ebbs and flows for you in the way of work this year, Scorpio, most of them are good ones. Remember to follow your heart and your hunches, and they will pay off. That can’t be said enough, Neptune is on your side with this one, all year long. Some key dates you want to keep in mind when it comes to major work or career bumps are January 11 to February 20, 2016, and June 23, 2016 to August 11, 2016. Both Neptune and Jupiter are waving their magic wands for you then. And, if you need to make a major work decision such as starting a new job or business, get all your ducks in a row but hold off on major decisions until the period of July 26 to September 6, 2016. There are some lucky strikes happening in those few weeks, and decisions you make on the work and money front on these dates will pay off. Big time. Resist the impulse to rush in and hold off until the Summer and early Fall if you can.

8. Pluto is granting your love wishes.

It’s a big year for Scorpio in the name of love, and this is true whether you are single or attached. All Scorpios are going to have some profound and out of the blue changes in the romance department this year, and they are going to be oh so loverly. Finally all of the work you have been doing on your soul connections, and your desires to have unconditional love in your life are going to pay off. There are going to be some changes, Scorpio, that’s a good thing. You being so Fixed get so uncomfortable with change. You can’t want a different love life though, and resist change at the same time. You have to choose one. This year Universe has some gifts for you that will make the transition of change oh so comfortable for you. Don’t resist them. They are what you want and what you wished for, Scorpio, so accept these love gifts from Universe as they come. They will feel like they are so big you can’t accept them. You can. And you must. And love is going to an all new level for you. Is it possible? Yes. It’s happening. Enjoy it. Some of you lovely Scorpios have already begun to experience these shifts. Do share those experiences with you and how those love shifts manifested in real life!

9. Soul mate confessions and twin flame reunions….oh my!

When we say that Scorpio is in for a big year with love, we mean it. And that’s saying something. Because Scorpio always has the opportunity for a literal banquet of love, anytime they want it. But Scorpio is a picky one, and despite how attractive you are to the world, you don’t want the world. You want The One. And you being so gifted in psychic senses knows more than almost anyone, The One is out there. The One that is your other half known as your twin flame. Being a Scorpio you probably even know who your twin flame is, or who the next soul mate is that will cross your path. Don’t question it if this is you. I know that you do, and I am saying, don’t. The gift of unconditional love is coming to Scorpio this year, and the worst thing you can do is turn it down. Intimacy bonds are deepening in Scorpio relationships this year, and it is going to take both you and your partner to a spiritual high and romantic high like you have never imagined. Congratulations. All of the hard work you have been doing for this moment is about to pay off. If you aren’t quite there yet with your soul mates and twin flames, Scorpio, expand your social circle and begin to put yourself out there a little bit more. It’s not a matter of if. It is happening. Be sure you are there, and plugged in, when it does. From December 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015, January 5, 2016 to February 20, 2016, and May 11 to June 10, 2016 are your most romantic dates of the year. Use them well, and report back!

And there you have it, Scorpio! Looks like a pretty exciting year for you, for a change. It’s been a rough couple of them, no? That’s all behind you, beloveds. This is your year, in work, love, and play. Happy birthday, Scorpio! What are your birthday wishes this year?

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