Happy Thanksgiving Gratitude Horoscopes

Posted on November 21, 2019
Updated on October 29, 2020

Ah, the holidays. They start out full of excitement and joy, but then the To-Do lists start piling up like crazy and we get annoyed. Fast.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t find the joy even on those days when you have 100 things to do. And when you find that joy, that joy multiplies. That joy is also called “gratitude.” The Law of Attraction says that what you focus on grows. With both the Sun and Jupiter in adventurous Sagittarius, our minds are going to be wandering far and wide. But Jupiter rules Sagittarius and so our minds are going to be lifting a little higher than usual. It feels wonderful because that’s what Jupiter does. When we are in that happy and uplifted place we usually feel gratitude.

In this last month of the year, we want to multiply that joy so that we have little room for stress. Maybe you want to harness the power of 11 during November to find your soul mate or twin flame, or maybe you want to land your dream job. Maybe you want both to have a Happy Thanksgiving. Start with gratitude. Stay in the happy place of gratitude by choosing it. It’s that simple, and a little bit lucky with Jupiter in Sagittarius until next month. So let’s find out how you can tap into that joy we call gratitude. It’s all laid out for every zodiac sign right here. Pair this with your Daily Horoscopes and you are all set for having the Happiest Thanksgiving, ever.

Happy Thanksgiving: Here’s Your Attitude of Gratitude, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Thanksgiving 2019 Horoscopes:

Aries – Be Thankful for the Big Picture

Aries, you have Jupiter and the Sun in your ninth house of foreign affairs and adventures right now, and the Sun is going to be here almost until the end of the month.

Your mind is wandering far. Gratitude comes easily to you when you think Big Picture, and think big in general. It’s time to expand your mind a little bit and be flexible. You get what you give. And when you give big, you get big, and the Law of Attraction works its magic. It works if you work it. Happy Thanksgiving, Aries!

Taurus – Sharing is Caring

With the Sun and Jupiter both in Sagittarius for a bit longer and through Thanksgiving, Taurus, your eighth house of shared resources is being lit up.

This is a transformational time for you, a moment of rebirth so to speak. Sharing is the way to win during this holiday season, Taurus. It’s where you will find your most luck and love. It has to come from a place of joy and love. When that kind of sharing happens, the Law of Attraction tingles for you. Don’t be afraid to make the first move here. Lead with love, Taurus. Happy Thanksgiving, Taurus!

Gemini – Love is Thankful

It’s time to start appreciating what you do or don’t have in love, Gemini.

The Sun and Jupiter are both in Sagittarius during Thanksgiving and partnerships will be high on your mind. Don’t try to change your current situation. Rather embrace it and be grateful for it. When you do, you find that love multiplies. If attached and unsure of it, be thankful for what brought you here and show your partner a little more appreciation. If single, honor how it gives you freedom. Be thankful for that. When you are, the Law of Attraction multiplies. Happy Thanksgiving, Gemini!

Cancer – The Joy is in the Details

You have the Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius working your sixth house of details, Cancer.

This is also your house of work, routine, schedules, etc. You are going to be the queen of organization in the holiday season, Cancer. You find joy in the little things. And when you do, you find a way to be grateful for the little things. Cherish the little things in your partner or around the home. Or in your pile of lists. It’s all about those little details that make joy spread. Little notes in lunch boxes or work bags, spread the little love and watch that gratitude grow into miracles. Happy Thanksgiving, Cancer!

Leo – Grateful Pleasures

It’s time to let that inner free spirit shine, Leo, and be grateful that you can.

Just have fun! Your joy and gratitude multiply. You have your ruler the Sun and Jupiter in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius, and they are both sending you strokes of luck in your fifth house of pleasures and true love. This love will multiply when you don’t take it for granted, and instead embrace the joy in every little thing. You can’t be judgmental now, Leo. Embrace the joy and find grateful pleasures, and luck and love multiply! Happy Thanksgiving, Leo!

Virgo – Home & Family are Everything

You’ve got Jupiter and the Sun in your fourth house of foundation and roots, Virgo, and so the Sun and luck are shining on you now, you’ve got to take advantage of this.

Find gratitude in the little things at home. Work on your home, go crazy with the holiday decorations, and just concentrate on the roots that really matter in your life. And be grateful for every single twinkling light or twinkling family tree. It’s all about finding gratitude in the people and roots that matter, no matter how much they are annoying you today. Be grateful for what you have and don’t think about what you haven’t. Luck magically arrives! Happy Thanksgiving, Virgo!

Libra – Reach Out & Touch Someone

It’s time to get your chatty Cathy on, Libra!

Both the Sun and lucky Jupiter are going to be in your third house of communication for a few more weeks, and so the gift of communication is going to be very important when it comes to gratitude and multiplying the joy of the holiday season. Say thank you more, that’s all. Show a little more appreciation to the people around you and you find that gratitude turns into something so special. Make the first move. Embrace appreciation. Happy Thanksgiving, Libra!

Scorpio – Creative Self-Esteem

With Jupiter and the Sun in your second house of earned income, Scorpio, you are nurturing your own sense of self and creativity. And when you do, you earn some money in the process!

Your second house is all about Self-esteem and staying true to you in order to be successful in life. So it’s time to be grateful for you, Scorpio! Tap into a creative outlet that makes your soul sing, and be grateful for it. Do you like punching yeast down during baking? Do you like to dance your heart out to old tunes? Do it. And don’t apologize for it. Thank yourself for it.

Sagittarius – You Do You, Baby

You have the Sun and Jupiter in your sign and your first house of self, Sagittarius, and so you are feeling particularly uplifted and lucky at this time.

You are ready to shine in the world, and you can. You do you, baby. And this time, be grateful that you can, instead of guilty for doing so. You need new beginnings and you deserve them. So launch them!! Keep your Free Daily Tarot reading close by for extra daily tips on how to manifest luck at this time. It’s time to be grateful for new beginnings. Happy Thanksgiving, Sagittarius!

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Capricorn – Gratitude in Solitude

You’ve got the Sun and Jupiter in your twelfth house of self, Capricorn, and this is going to be sending a lot of alone time your way.

Or if not, this is also your house of endings and you may be feeling like closing a chapter or two. Either way, endings, transformations, and karma are key under these transits. It can be easy to get stuck in some wallowing if you aren’t as social as usual. Don’t. Alone time that is sent your way through the holidays is there for a reason. Don’t complain about it. Embrace it! Your twelfth house guardian angel is with you through both of these transits. That’s one more thing to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving, Capricorn!

Aquarius – Be Human

The glorious Sun and lucky and optimistic Jupiter are in your eleventh house of social circles, Aquarius.

But this is also your house of big dreams. It’s time for you to focus on your work that connects you to humanity at large, but also chase some big dreams of yours. This is a comfortable placement for you since your zodiac sign rules the eleventh house. You are already thinking big in your every day living anyway. Now when you follow that flow you are going to be sent little miracles that can connect you to those big dreams. Be grateful for those miracles and they will multiply. You can save the world, Aquarius! And that is your biggest dream. Thank the opportunities that come your way. Happy Thanksgiving, Aquarius!

Pisces – Your Star Will Rise

It’s time to look out for those public admirations, Pisces!

Don’t retreat to your cave, embrace them. It’s time to be grateful for the love and appreciation, because it’s coming. And when you find gratitude in the joy of those moments, those miracles multiply. It’s the Law. The Law of Attraction that is. The Sun and lucky Jupiter are in your tenth house of career and public image. All eyes are on you, Pisces! It’s time to appreciate those moments, come out of the cave, and be grateful for these opportunities. When you do, your star shines even brighter. Embrace it all, you’ve earned it! Happy Thanksgiving, Pisces!

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