Heart Chakra Healing for Family Drama

Posted on October 20, 2019
Updated on October 05, 2020

If you have been around the Sun for a few decades, chances are, you’ve had some family drama.

It’s normal to go through difficult things within your family and these challenges affect our emotions long term. Today we are going to work to free ourselves from the emotional energy we may be storing from past pain we have experienced in our family whether it’s conscious or unconscious.

You can start with this simple meditation to help heal your Heart chakra, which is where we store grief and sadness. Then you can use our other tips this week to continue your Heart chakra healing so your family drama will no longer hold you back from growth and deeply loving relationships.

If you’re new to the concept of a chakra, basically, it’s an energy center in your body that holds the emotions. The Heart chakra is one of seven main energy centers and is linked to our physical heart, lungs, and shoulders. Pain from family drama can actually cause health complications with our lungs, immune system, and heart. Using the breathing technique and visualization in this meditation, you will be able to start to release old stuck energy and feel a renewed sense of excitement for the future. Chakra healing is a life-long journey, but the more you practice it, the more you will experience the benefits and find relief from lower vibrations.

Let’s be real, family drama can hurt a lot, and that is why we need to deal with that energy and not bury it. It may be something you haven’t thought of since it happened or something you barely remember that is still weighing on your heart. Energy cannot be destroyed, only moved. When we give this energy a direction, it allows it to be recognized and released to be used in a more positive way in the Universe somewhere else.

Meditation to Heal Your Heart Chakra from Family Drama:

To start, we will set our intention to heal this chakra from pain related to your family. By making an intention like this, it’s like setting a theme for your mind. Your mind can redirect your energy and help move the stuck energy in your Heart chakra. By starting to visualize healing, we are kickstarting the chakra to function in a more harmonious way. Take a moment to set your intention now as you recite this affirmation three times, “I intend to heal my Heart chakra of negative family energy right now.”

Sit tall with a straight spine. Take slow deep breaths in and out of your nose during this meditation. Now feel a gentle but powerful white light start to enter the top of your head. It is coming from a very pure place to help release the lower vibrations in your Heart chakra. This healing light comes into your heart area and becomes brighter with each breath. As you breathe, visualize the most painful family memories leaving you. Each breath leaves you lighter and more free of the past.

Now start to remember the fun times and the moments you laughed so hard you cried. Think of the kind gestures between you and your family and feel the love that is there. Feel the healing energy getting any remaining heaviness from your heart as you take one more deep cleansing breath.

Envision a tree in front of you now. This is your family tree. You sit on one of the branches and notice that you are in a forest of trees. Each tree is using the same air, Sun, soil, and water. You are connected to the forest and a part of the tree. There is a renewed sense of growth in this wise old tree now that you have given it some of your love and healing. You can see new buds beginning to grow on the branches. This tree has lasted through many natural storms and it is resilient.

Now envision the sky watering the tree and the soil giving it nutrients. Feel the Sun giving it life and feel that this is a part of the natural cycle of the Universe. Feel the peace and strength of this tree.

Now take three deep breaths to come back to the room where you are sitting. Notice if you feel a shift in your energy after this meditation. For the remainder of the week, you can do this meditation as much as you want as well as look at the tips below for more chakra healing. The Heart chakra resonates with the color green so any way you would like to incorporate that color into your life will help. Be gentle with yourself during this intentional healing process and drink lots of water to help cleanse your emotional and physical body of old energy. Allow yourself to rest or process emotions as they come up and know your intentions are already helping you heal.

3 Crystals for Heart Chakra Healing:

Crystals work with your energy to gently lift your vibration. These crystals are known to help the Heart chakra but if you feel called to work with another one, listen to your intuition. You can hold them in meditation and carry them with you throughout the day. They will also help remind you of your intention.

1. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite helps lift depression and open the heart. It is good for grief, relieves stress, and promotes a positive outlook.

2. Malachite

Malachite helps you communicate in a more loving way as well as provides transformation in the form of deep energetic healing. It is known to help the Heart chakra with emotional wounds.

3. Amethyst

The soothing amethyst crystal can help with anxiety we may have about family issues or because we want to help someone. It will help you find a more positive perspective and protect your energy field.

3 Foods for Heart Chakra Healing:

Green foods are a great way to help stimulate and heal your Heart chakra. The unconditional love I mean us to feel is generated by the Heart chakra so acts of love such as eating clean will generate more of this healing self-love which can mend your own relationship with your soul which is where true healing begins. Eating healthy also improves the function of your physical body, allowing you to feel good and raise your vibration.

1. Cucumber

This plant has a high magnesium content which helps us feel calm and allows us to have restful sleep. It is very hydrating which helps us maintain emotional balance.

2. Honeydew

This hydrating melon has natural sugar which can help us maintain healthy blood sugar levels which is what makes it a great snack. It can help replace unhealthy forms of refined sugar as a self-love ritual.

3. Green Apple

This can help you feel energized and has a cleansing effect on your blood. The niacin in green apple is purifying and aids in detox.

3 Scents for Heart Chakra Healing:

All things in nature have a natural resonance and aromatherapy is a long-standing form of chakra healing you can use in tandem with the meditation. These scents are known to help the Heart chakra and you can use them in the form of essential oil or incense.

1. Geranium

This is used for heartache to lift the mood and even helps reduce inflammation that can cause pain. If you feel your emotions aren’t stable, this is a great scent for you.

2. Jasmine

This gentle scent provides a sense of peace and calmness. If you struggle with anger, this can help you channel that energy in a positive way.

3. Vanilla

This soothing scent helps us feel safe and invites feelings of love into our energy field. This can help raise your frequency if you feel stuck in negativity or feel like a victim.

3 Yoga Poses for Heart Chakra Healing

Yoga is a time tested practice that involves physical postures that target the energy centers in our body to help our energy flow. These three poses are not hard and will help the energy flow in your Heart chakra. Be sure to breathe slowly and deeply through your nose as you do them to send more energy to the muscles as you stretch them.

1. Cobra

Lay on your stomach and place your palms on the ground under your shoulders. Gentle press into your hands to lift your chest and straighten your arms. Bring your shoulders down away from your ears and hold the pose for three breaths.

2. Bridge

Lay on your back and bend your knees placing your feet on the ground with heels to your backside. Lift your hips and see if your chest will touch your chin. Maybe interlace your hands underneath you as you take three deep breaths in the pose.

3. Seated Forward Fold

Sit with your legs out in front of you and reach forward for your toes. Breathing gently through your nose, relax into the pose as you let the weight of your head lengthen your neck and spine. Stay in the pose for about a minute without forcing and relax as much as possible.

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If you didn’t feel a sense of relief just yet, you may have another chakra that is blocked. You can scan your energy and see if there is a place that feels heavy in your body. Just as we sent healing white light to our Heart chakra, you can send that same healing white light to the area that feels murky or out of sync with the rest of your body. You have the intuition to sense where energy is stuck and you can use your intention to send healing energy.

This is something that each person can do regardless of past experience. Breathe slowly and deeply as you do this process and sense the energy starting to break apart so the light can heal you.

One way to check if your chakras are blocked is to use a Chakra Pendulum. The pendulum allows you to ask it to swing in one direction for yes and one direction for no. You can use it to help interpret your intuition and aid in your healing process. You can also combine your chakra healing with a Free Daily Tarot Reading to help unlock your intuition which can always guide you to your inner path of healing.

The stronger your relationship with your intuition, the more clear your own healing journey will become. Finally, you can further work on healing your Heart chakra by taking time to do things for yourself. Any act of self-love will be time well spent on your healing journey.

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